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CSUF Entrepreneurship Director Jackson Profiled in VoyageLA

John Bradley Jackson talks EntrepreneurshipRecently, Cal State Fullerton’s Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship John Bradley Jackson, was profiled by VoyageLA. Here’s one of the many interesting parts from the profile:

Director Jackson said “For me, opportunity has trumped strategy. I have found that being in the right place at the right time has helped, but I have needed to be open to new adventures and options. These unplanned adventures and options have been the most satisfying choices in my life.

“Knowing my own core values has helped me make the right decisions. These values include making my family my first priority, giving to others unconditionally, and always being truthful.

“This has meant saying no to things that are not consistent with my core values regardless of the financial gain or other rewards that I might get.”

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CSUF Entrepreneurship Students Making a Difference – CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider


(Left: John Bradley Jackson, SINC’s Faculty Advisor Right: Yumi Liang, SINC’s Co-Founder/President)

Is entrepreneurship all about raising money and launching businesses? As you’ll find out in this edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider you will see that while those are very important aspects of entrepreneurship they’re not the only thing that entrepreneurship is about.

One of the things about entrepreneurship that too many people do not understand is that being entrepreneurial does not have to be about making money; anyone can be entrepreneurial. A fantastic example of this was the competition that was held late last year at Cal State Fullerton that challenged students from Southern California to find innovative solutions to the homelessness crisis that has stricken far too many people in our community.

Yesterday, we published a synopsis from Cal State Fullerton student Yumi Liang ’18 on her experience from participating in this competition. Yumi is the President of a CSUF student club called Student Innovation Collective (SINC) whose mission fits very nicely with the challenge set forth in the competition described above: Use design thinking to develop solutions for the most challenging societal problems.

Yes, a big and important part of entrepreneurship is about launching businesses (you can find my PowerPoint from the seminar I hosted last week at our CSUF Startup Incubator (Irvine) office by going here), but it’s also about making the world a better place in everything that we do. And I cannot put into words how proud I am of Yumi and all of the other students, judges, hosts, and volunteers who participated in this competition. I am confident that good things will come out of it!

John Bradley Jackson
Director and Professor
CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship, CSUF Consulting,
& CSUF Startup Incubator

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Presenting to an Investment Panel – CSUF Startup

Last week, Director John Bradley Jackson hosted a seminar on “Presenting to an Investment Panel” at the CSUF Startup Incubator (Irvine). This was a special event, not only because the director was presenting, but because it was the first event at the newly opened CSUF Startup Incubator office at the Cal State Fullerton Irvine campus!

We will be publishing some video clips from this seminar but, until then, here’s the copy of JJ’s presentation.

And here are some pictures from the event.

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How Does CSUF Stem Inc. Teach Kids STEM and Entrepreneurship?

We have been working with local middle schools for a couple of years now in an attempt to bring STEM and entrepreneurship to students to help them better prepare for the real world. To start this program, called Stem Inc., we used a $1M grant from the National Science Foundation that we won in partnership with the CSUF College of Engineering and Computer Science and we have been using those resources to help teach middle schoolers 21st century skills.

If you haven’t had a chance to see this program in action here’s a great video made by CSUF Stem Inc. mentor Amerika Bernal that explains the important work that she, Director Jackson, and the rest of the Stem Inc. team are doing.

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Financing the Startup – CSUF Startup Incubator Event

Click to RSVP For the Financing the Startup Event

Click to RSVP For the Financing the Startup Event

Whenever we host an event at the CSUF Startup Incubator our goal is to educate all in attendance. After working with entrepreneurs for years I can safely say that the area of raising investment capital is one of those areas that entrepreneurs need the most education on.

Many of the entrepreneurs I have talked with think that they need to get funded by an Angel or a VC before they can start their company. That’s absolutely true for some companies and other companies will need investments along the way to fund growth. But the vast (vast, vast, vast, vast, vast…) majority of companies do not receive funding from Angels or VCs. As Director Jackson would put it, “That’s rarefied air.” That’s certainly true.

So, what is a budding entrepreneur to do? Fear not, we’re hosting an event this Wednesday at 6pm at the Incubator in Placentia that deals with this subject. Titled “Financing the Startup” (I think someone thought that it sounded like the movie title “Romancing the Stone” and that similarity was funny), Director John Bradley Jackson will give an overview of the financing landscape for startup entrepreneurs and provide some insights into how best to raise money.

This event, like all of our others (so far… we have to put that little bit in there for legal reasons, I think) will be free. Come and join us and maybe you’ll learn how to fund your startup! What do you have to lose?


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CSUF Campus Authors Recognized

150226 Socially Close - Book CoverAnd one of those authors was none other than Director John Bradley Jackson. Last year, Director Jackson published Socially Close: Social Media Marketing for Small Business, which is about how businesses should be using social media in their marketing campaigns.

Here’s a description of the book from Director Jackson’s website:

  • Frustrated with social media at your small business?
  • Confused by the stampede of new social networks and their ever-changing features?
  • Not getting the return on investment that you expected?

If that sounds familiar, then this is the book for you. For most small businesses, the promise of social media is to get found on the web, build brand awareness, create a dialog, nurture relationships, establish trust, and encourage people to buy your products and services. Making that promise a reality requires a vibrant social media strategy, an intimate knowledge of the brand, and a disciplined social media effort.

The title, “Socially Close”, describes the desired end-game of using social media. With so many choices on the web today, buyers are increasingly sophisticated and need more than a succinct description of your products and services. While it is true that the web provides some customers an auction like atmosphere with low price and quickest delivery, this type of customer relationship is short-lived since there is always a lower price or a quicker lead-time offered by a competitor.

It is my opinion that many customers prefer to establish a trust-based relationship with their providers. The customer who trusts your business is much more likely to do business with you again and to recommend you to others. This is the type of customer that you want to have a close relationship with and keep for the long term. This nurturing of relationships, whether they are new or sustained, is how social media can help the small business.

Unlike the large business which may have substantial resources for managing social media, the small firm may have few resources. Yet, the small firm may receive the best return on investment due to the scaling impact of social media. Thus, social media can greatly accelerate the relationship growth rate between customer and small firm which this book describes as being socially close.

For a full list of the authors honored at the event click HERE.

Event Highlights: Successful Women and how they Think about Business Differently

IMG_0254The other day we posted the full audio of our recent panel titled: “Successful Women and how they Think about Business Differently.” It’s a great listen and while we do recommend listening to the whole panel discussion we now also have video highlights from the event. Enjoy!