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CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumnus Turns Tragedy into Something Magical

Candace and Brayv

Candace and Brayv

Turning tragedy into something beyond sadness is a hard feat to accomplish, but that’s exactly what Cal State Fullerton graduate, Candace Thome-Hopson, did. After the 2011 drowning death of her younger brother, Brayv, Candace used her grief to start the Swim Brayv Foundation.

Swim Brayv is a non-profit organization that was created to raise awareness for drowning prevention. Each event lays out steps to prevent drowning accidents as well  as teaches water safety to its participants. The idea for the organization came to Candace shortly after Brayv’s passing as she was going through her grieving process which consisted of studying drowning statistics. During that time Candace wasn’t sure if her idea to educate others on water safety would ever come to life, and she wasn’t sure if she had the emotional strength to put it all together.

But after finishing college and with the support of family and friends, she prevailed.

Swim Brayv Team

Swim Brayv Team

Every Swim Brayv event includes professionally trained mer-models and cause ambassadors. “Our volunteers are trained in water safety, brand ambassadorship, and drowning prevention advocacy,” says Candace. Volunteers speak to families about water safety and pass out advocacy cards to the public that have the acronym B.R.A.Y.V.

The public is asked to memorize the acronym. They are then asked to hold onto the card, and when the time is right pass it onto another person so they too can share in the message.

The acronym B.R.A.Y.V. is five tips to be safe around the water and prevent further drowning deaths.

B – be aware…

Save a life by being more aware of your surroundings when near water. Things to Know: who can swim well vs. who cannot, where flotation devices are kept, and the water depth/temp etc.

R – rest…

Without rest injury or drowning is more likely to occur. Swimming is a life-saving skill 1st, a sport 2nd, & lastly a fun play activity. Be sure to not overexert energy; rest when needed.

A – act fast…

If you see someone struggling or hurt in water (or if a drowning has occurred), act fast to save a life. Remain calm and help them! When needed call 911 and begin performing CPR.

Y – you can help…

Advocating – publicly standing up for water safety – can help lower drowning statistics over time. Take the Swim B.R.A.Y.V. Pledge and help us advocate.

V – victims of drowning didn’t expect it…Prepare yourself!

Proactively prepare yourself/loved ones to be around water; Drowning can happen to anyone. Take swimming lessons, become CPR certified, and always have a water-watcher present.

As recognized by health and safety organizations, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury and death worldwide for all ages. In the United States of America: drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death in children aged 1–14 years; it is The Leading Cause of unintentional injury and death for kids under 5 years old in the US. More specifically in our home state of California, the drowning rate for children 14 and under is higher than the national average. Making drowning a much higher risk in CA for kids under 15 years of age. These facts, along with her brother’s death is what pushed Candace forward in launching the Swim Brayv Foundation.

Swim Brayv mer-models talking with child about water safety

Swim Brayv mer-models talking with child about water safety

Candace is a Cal State Fullerton graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurship. She was able to take what she learned as a student and put those lessons, coupled with her hard work and passion, to create such a memorable organization. Candace was able to take what she learned at CSUF in order to help her grow her organization.

I was able to sit down with Candace after one of her events, in Garden Grove, CA, and discuss how she believed her education has helped her grow and where she wants to take Swim Brayv in the future. “I learned how to gather primary research and because of that I know how to go around talking to people, and do my surveys to a useful extent,” said Candace. She went on to explain that being able to do her own research helps her build her knowledge and her organization, and lead Swim Brayv in a positive direction.  “If what we’re saying isn’t helpful, if it’s not impacting… we need know so we can change that.”

Candace said that they were on a 5-year plan and in the end they would expand to other states as well as internationally. “After we dominate the United States in the next three years, we do have an international plan, a five year plan to attend events [globally] and start building partners overseas, so we can make a global difference.”  Swim Brayv already has cause ambassadors in several different states that are ready to take up the banner to spread the message.

Swim Brayv currently has 70 plus volunteers and is looking for interns for their spring/summer events. Intern positions will include, online/visual marketing, event operations and fundraising. If you would like to apply to become an intern for Swim Brayv please contact the Swim Brayv Foundation through their website


Teaching children about water safety

Teaching children about water safety


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Marketing Position Opportunity at Local Law Firm

One of the members of the CSUF Entrepreneurship community is looking to hire a passionate student or recent graduate who is looking to get their start in marketing. The company is the Jafari Law Group and they are specifically looking for someone who can turbocharge their social media marketing efforts. Here’s a synopsis of who they are looking for:

Jafari Law Group, a boutique Intellectual Property Law firm established in 2005 and located in Irvine, CA is looking for a digital media and marketing specialist. The ideal candidate will have a strong working knowledge of social media platforms, content creation including video and a degree in business, finance, or marketing. If you are a highly motivated individual, and are ready to use your judgment and creativity to help us become most visible on the digital media platform, we want to speak with you. Please send resume and cover letter to


E-commerce website looking for students interested in a Startup, Academic Internship

aidtreeAidtree is an e-commerce site that helps causes fundraise.  We compare ourselves slightly to Groupon (instead of purchasing a whole transaction you purchase a discount coupon) but up to 90% of the coupon purchases go to your cause or charity.

The interns will focus on 3 aspects:

1) Website and user review and analysis:  The website is finished for release 1.0 but the interns should be able to review customer feedback and prioritize logic and UX errors.  This will entail full knowledge of the Aidtree website.

2) User organization registration flow and creation of a user issue response matrix.  Will entail interviews with organization leaders and businesses around campus.

3) Blog content creation with emphasis on philanthropic/e-commerce sector.  The integration of transaction based, digital giving (sharing a percent of purchase to a cause) is the hot sector on the Internet.

Please go to the CICE Fullerton Internship site, under the Student Section for more information.  Look up to see more about us.

Search Marketing Intern @ Ron Wave Design

search-marketing-intern-positionCSUF alum Jason Khoo and his company, Ron Wave Design, are looking for a search marketing intern to help them grow their business. Ron Wave Design is experiencing a substantial amount of growth right now so there should be a lot of opportunities for personal growth for this intern and it would look nice on a resume as well.

The info for the position is reproduced below. If you would like to apply make sure to go to the official page for this position to enter your info.

Are you interested?

Position Type: Part Time Intern
Job Schedule: 15-20 Hours per Week
Salary Level: $12/Hour

After a successful first year, Ron Wave Design is looking for a 6 month, part time Search Marketing Intern who can be an integral part of our company’s growing team. The search marketing intern will receive an immersive experience in modern search marketing. This includes learning the new trends and nuances of search rankings, developing and executing strategies in addition to learning how to grow a business.

We are not looking to have someone to just get us coffee or do our dirty work. We want a team member who can bring a passion for marketing, drive to be better and a personality that can complement our fun loving, yet determined team. Ron Wave Design is a startup that is moving full speed ahead and if you’d like a look at what it is like to grow a business, then you’ll want to come work with us.


Duties of the Search Marketing Intern will revolve around 2 major responsibilities.

1.       Account Management:

  • Researching Clients, Competitors and Industries
  • Developing and Executing Strategies
  • Analyzing and Reporting Results

2.       Company Growth

  • Pitch New Strategies and Ideas
  • Investigate More Efficient Company Operations
  • Strategize New Markets or Deeper Market Penetration

At the end of the day we want this intern to be an integral part to our team. Our company is growing and we need ideas and the talent of the next generation of thinkers and marketers.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Pursuing Degree or Recent Graduate in Business, Communications, English, PR, Design, Advertising or any relevant academic study

Skills We’re Looking For:

  • Demonstration of Leadership and Self-Direction
  • Strong Interest in Online Marketing (Search and PPC)
  • Advanced Computer Skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Ability to Speak and Write Clearly
  • Experience with Web and Graphic Design is a plus; Not Mandatory

If you are interested please go to this page and submit your information

About Ron Wave Design

Ron Wave Design is a search marketing firm led by two partners. Ron Arellano and Jason Khoo have created an agency that is poised to make major contributions to the ever evolving industry of Marketing and Search. After a successful first year, Ron Wave Design is looking for the best young talent to be a part of the company. The person we are looking for is someone who has an inherent curiosity and drive for marketing. We’re a young firm that operates very much like a startup. This means no cubicles, orders from upper management or companywide memo’s. At Ron Wave Design, you’ll be an integral part of strategy meetings, internal company decisions and of course our music!

The company is going through an exciting period of growth and we can’t wait to look for the next generation of great marketers. If you’re a person who loves to crank out hours in front of your laptop, bobbing your head to music and impromptu strategy sessions, then Ron Wave Design may just be the firm for you.

#CSUFEntrepreneur #CSUFStartup

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Sales & Operations Position @ Bio | Options

Bio OptionsBIO|OPTIONS is a biorepository company in Brea, California specializing in human biospecimen procurement solutions for molecular and genomic research, drug development, biomarker discovery and diagnostic testing.  Our clients include major biotech, big pharma and life science diagnostic companies.

We are seeking a recent college graduate with a degree or background in biology or life sciences for a full-time position.  The candidate will be trained in both the operations of the company and sales and marketing.  We anticipate that within a period of time the person will be moved into either operations or sales based on his or her aptitude and interests.  This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who is smart, a good learner and willing to try hard.

A clinical background and medical knowledge in clinical oncology is a definite plus.  The position requires that you are initially based at our offices in Brea.   Some domestic travel may be required

Other requirements:

  • Self-starter who can work independently and in a team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Expert use of MS Excel. Database experience a plus


  • Commensurate with experience
  • Health insurance

Please submit resume and cover letter to lblocher [at] biooptions [dot] com

User Acquisition Associate/Intern @ HyreCar is rapidly growing startup looking to expand our team to keep up with market demand. HyreCar is the leading carsharing platform for ridesharing drivers. We connect private car owners with drivers who need a car to use for ridesharing companies such as; Uber, Lyft, Postmates, etc… If you are wanting to begin your career with a new company or get away from your typical 9-5 corporate position, HyreCar wants you!

Our Business Development team is looking for strong, determined people to keep up with the explosive demand for cars on the HyreCar marketplace. We’re looking for a scrappy inside sales/marketing associates to further accelerate our growth by growing our driver and vehicle supply.

You’ll help develop and build our community of drivers and owners to broaden our selection of listings and increase bookings across the country. You’ll be responsible for prioritizing and executing driver and owner acquisition to our platform. As the User Acquisition Associate, you’ll help us develop and test different channels and types of messaging to drive more vehicle supply.

Those that are interested in the position please send your resumes and cover letter to

Employment Opportunity: Search Engine Optimization @ Gold Net Basketball

Gold Net BasketballSEO Specialist Responsibilities:

Day-to-day management of SEO-related tasks to support, our YouTube channel & our Google + profile:

Enhance the publishing workflow while also ensuring SEO requirements are met

Consult with web designers to improve the navigation of website to enhance our search engine ranking

Ongoing keyword research and recommendations

SEO ticket creation and execution

Ongoing monitoring and reporting on key metrics, crawl statistics and errors

Perform website & profile audits to provide on-page and technical feedback

Develop and implement effective SEO and SEM strategies that drive traffic and boost conversion:

Working with all departments for successful execution and implementation

Prepare detailed SEO strategy reports

Perform keyword analysis to find opportunities and profitable keywords

Improve the company’s organic search results

Write original, powerful SEO content for blogs and websites if needed

Implement creative SEO strategies to acquire back-links

Market Research:

Keyword strategy

SEO tool monitoring

Backlinks audits

Reporting analysis

Compile and present SEO performance reports showing weekly rankings and sales data

Stay up-to-date with the latest search engine updates Continue reading