Remembering Steve Forell

Steve Forell

Steve Forell ’75

Long time client and guest speaker of the CSUF Entrepreneurship program and active member of the CSUF community, Steve Forell ’75 passed away earlier this week from a  heart attack. This news shocked everyone who knew Steve and he will be missed by his family and friends.

Steve was the life of the party. He was a raconteur of the highest order regaling everyone he was around with stories from his career, sports, and his family. A few years back, we hosted a cigar party fundraiser at his home and man cave with a couple dozen fellow cigar smokers. He was the host, cook, cigar aficionado, and bartender; he served and entertained us all.

But my main memories of Steve will be about how friendly and generous he was. No one was a stranger when they were around him. He was extroverted and fun. He was always available to others. He knew no strangers since everyone was soon to be his friend. He returned all phone calls and emails and was always available to help. If you asked him for help, he would say yes before you could finish your sentence.

Steve was devoted to his lovely wife Sheri and his beautiful family, his community in Yorba Linda and his alma mater CSUF. He was an active member of YMCA Indian Princesses and Indian Guides with his three kids; we would go on weekend camp outs where Steve would teach the young boys and girls the fine art and philosophy of water balloon throwing at our fellow tribe members. He was a leader in Job’s Daughters and DeMolay. Steve was always in perpetual motion, whether as a business owner or volunteering for a local cause. To say he was high energy, is a vast understatement. He gave selflessly to others and asked nothing in return; he was a “giver.” He was my loyal friend since high school and for that I will always be grateful.

Steve Forell is survived by his wife, Sheri, and three children: Megan Forell, Randy Forell, and Crystal Tousignant.

The world will not the same without Steve. We love you forever Steve Forell.


John Bradley Jackson

2 thoughts on “Remembering Steve Forell

  1. Gil Davila

    Rest in peace my friend the memories I have of you will never be forgotten.
    Cheyenne’s forever Indian princess dad