OC Startups Now – Director Jackson Opinion Piece

Director John Bradley Jackson

Director John Bradley Jackson

The OC startup scene just got a little more interesting with the launch of OC Startups Now, a site founded with the mission to cover all of the startup activity in the Orange County area. Founded by Deirdre Newman, previously of the OC Business Journal, this website will also bring together some of the thought leaders in the community to share and discuss new ideas. Their first in-person networking event is on April 5 (details).

Also, from time to time they invite leaders in the startup community to share their thoughts with readers and one of the first was Cal State Fullerton Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson. In his article The Current State of OC’s Startup Ecosystem (subscription required and recommended), he grades the various areas constituting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Orange County. Here’s a taste:

How entrepreneurial is Orange County? It is widely acknowledged that Orange County has a growing startup ecosystem. But, who really cares? The answer is we all should care deeply about nurturing of the Orange County startup ecosystem.

It’s great that Ms. Newman has taken the plunge into her own startup and we look forward to the scoops she is able to get going forward!

March 7 @ 5:30pm update: In a previous version of this post we stated that the subscription was free. A subscription is actually $5/month. We still think it’s worth it. The body of this post has been updated to reflect that.


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