School Club SINC wins $10,000 to Push Humanity Forward

Post by Yumi Liang

SINC Yumi Liang

After a year of focusing on revolutionizing the way students in different disciplines work together, Student Innovation Collective (SINC), decided to focus their efforts on using the Design Thinking Model to create social change through their community.

These ambitious young innovators stepped foot in the pavilions this past December in order to compete in Push Humanity Forward’s Fight To Solve Homelessness 2017 Competition.



“Being part of the SINC Design Thinking process was fantastic. Homelessness is a wicked problem, yet each team crafted solutions that had a unique approach to tackling the issue head-on. We love to watch SINC make the world a better place through design.” – Will Taormina CEO, Push Humanity Forward


Push Humanity Forward is a nonprofit based in Orange County that strives to solve earth’s biggest problems by developing solutions that push humanity forward. Partnered with multiple city councils and influential changemakers, their competition was focused on creating innovative solutions in order to rid the community of the homelessness situation. Currently, over 1,000 homeless people reside down by the riverbeds (and that’s just the small area in front of the Angels Stadium in Anaheim).


Within the competition from notable schools from USC and UCLA, CSUF was able to win first place in all major categories of the competition winning a grand total of over $6,000.

“Having such a great accomplishment encouraged our students to continue to pursue their ideas. Attempting to solve real-world issues like homelessness definitely challenged and humbled us. We need to have more interdisciplinary projects like this from the higher education, so the future generation is aware of their environment and the world around them.” – Yumi Liang ’18 Co-Founder/President, SINC, International Business.


(Left: John Bradley Jackson, SINC’s Faculty Advisor Right: Yumi Liang, SINC’s Co-Founder/President)

With this prize money, each team will be able to push their ideas further and truly make a difference while in college.

All four CSUF created innovative solutions including the following:

A charitable movement that allows over 500 homeless people to be provided with the access to updated resources for under $50 through the use of user-centric pamphlets.


(Team: Michael Do, Yumi Liang, Samantha Biggs, William Kim, Liren Yin)

An online platform focused on helping homeless people find jobs through a revolutionary system that creates a win-win for local businesses.


(Team: Ghazi Aryan, Chalisa Phiboolsook, Mariah Maldon, Juan Villalobos, Santa Udagawa)

A sustainable farmland ecosystem that bridges both a strengthened community and productivity from the existing homeless groups.


(Team: Vipul Dalwar, Jesse Heitman, Josh Fang, Emanuele Protano, Karen Kaur, Danielle Picard)

A newly developed type of outdoor mattress that takes on the for purpose model as a for-profit company focused on social good.


(Team: Esteban Hamilton, Johan Perez-Reyes, Jason Arano, Monica Chua, Robert Lopez)

“When we founded SINC, we never knew that these opportunities were possible. Because of the work that I’ve done here, it empowered me and made me realize that I’m not too young to start my own business, even while in college…and I did.” – Lorenzo Santos Co-Founder, SINC ‘17, Advertising

Student Innovation Collective (SINC) is an award winning student-led organization that focuses on gathering students from every single department of the campus, and empowering them to work on awesome social impact challenges together using the Design Thinking methodology. Ultimately, members of this community prove to themselves that they can make a difference while in college. If you’re a student who’s ready to make a difference, feel free to contact Yumi Liang at


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