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2014 CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals

Each year the CSUF Business Plan Competition seems to get bigger and better and 2014 was no different (Although the 2013 and 2012 Finals were awesome as well). In addition to three great teams presenting, more on them later, we had an engaged audience comprised of students, faculty, staff and friends of the University.

The setup for this event was pretty straightforward, each team had:

  • Five minutes to setup
  • Fifteen minutes to present
  • Ten minutes to answer questions from the judges

The first team to present was Cordomi Rentals. Founded by Quinn Royston, Cordomi Rentals will help pet owners find rental homes or apartments based on their pet policy, i.e. some place will accept small dogs but not larger ones. To do this, Cordomi will provide an easy to use website that displays pet-friendly rental listings and allows users to filter by type of pet policy (i.e. breed and weight restrictions). Continue reading