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Greg Nelson Arts

This is another post showcasing a business created by an Entrepreneurship student at California State University, Fullerton.

The marketing tactics used by real-estate agents is ripe for innovation. Yes, many agents have a website where a prospective buyer can go to look at available properties and learn more about them. But these sites do little to truly showcase a property. The pictures do not convey the true sizes of the rooms. The videos (if available) are of someone walking through the house, going from room to room. These videos are shaky and grainy, and are more likely to induce headaches than to make anyone want to view the property.

Greg Nelson is at the forefront of a movement that wants to change all that. Like some other real-estate photographers, he uses special equipment and technology that produces pictures that better showcase the true size and lighting of a room. Greg’s true talent is to leverage his film background to create unique lifestyle videos that showcase what it would be like to actually live in the property. He has recently launched a business, called Greg Nelson Arts that offers photography, videography, and website services to real-estate agents.

Here is a recent video created by Greg: https://vimeo.com/36878576

A previous video he created was picked up by AOL and has received over 15,000 views to date.

There are significant benefits for agents who use videos like the one above. In a matter of minutes, the prospective buyer knows what it would be like to live in that house. An instant connection is created. Moreover, the video can be customized to tailor to the type of buyer. A bachelor pad can be advertised via a video that showcases the home from a bachelor’s perspective. A home in a nice suburb with good schools can be advertised to showcase the benefits of the home to buyers with families. The possibilities are endless.

The key advantage is that these videos allow prospective buyers to have a much better sense of whether this is a property they want to see in-person. This results in much better use of the real estate agent’s time since they are more likely to show the property only to serious buyers. Finally, there is certainly a reputational boost for agents who showcase their properties via a professional website with high-quality photos and lifestyle videos. From the property owner’s perspective, the commission rate is roughly the same for all agents, so why not pick the one that can sell your property quickly and at the best price? Using Greg Nelson Arts seems like a no-brainer to me.