CSUF Business Plan Competition


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Once you have registered you will need to fill out a Business Concept Questionnaire and submit it to csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu & tlindsay@fullerton.edu & adbailey@fullerton.edu by March 9th. CLICK HERE TO GET THE BUSINESS CONCEPT QUESTIONNAIRE!!!!

This page is here to help people who are (or will be) contestants in the CSUF Business Plan Competition. What follows is a combination of general resources for people who are interested in starting their own business and information that is more germane to this competition of ours. We will update this page periodically as we come across valuable material for entrepreneurs and more information about the CSUF Business Plan Competition is available.

What we are looking for in your Business Concept Questionnaire Answers

This is a bit of a loaded question because everyone’s business is different and, as such, you should focus on extolling the virtues of your business idea and attempt to address, or at least minimize, any weaknesses. But, in general, we are looking for:

  • Companies that have the potential to grow big and fast
  • Companies that have an identifiable niche and a market that can sustain your business as it grows
  • The right people in place on your team (this can be people who aren’t CSUF students – although, only CSUF students can present and win money and prizes)
  • Show that customers really want your product/service (i.e. Value Proposition)

General Information

Looking for a way to improve your ideas? Want some more information than the basics that are available in the Handout? Want an edge? Check out these links below to get more information on how to be an excellent entrepreneur.

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CSUF Business Plan Competition 2014


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How to sign up for competition

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