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We Inspire Womens Leadership Summit

We Inspire SummitWe are frequently impressed with what our students are doing and an upcoming event that one of our students, Vanessa Ganaden, has organized is very impressive. Through a partnership with Stiletto Gal there will be a We Inspire Womens Leadership Summit at CSUF’s Titan Student Union this Thursday, September 8 starting at 1:30pm!

In what is being touted as a “First of its kind” event, they will have two extraordinary female speakers talking about their entrepreneurial journeys and a panel with three more stellar female entrepreneurs. This event is designed to inspire female students to follow their passion and become entrepreneurs. This is definitely the kind of event we think every female student should attend!

This event is free and you can get your ticket and find some more information about the day by going to the event page.

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Embracing Change: Lessons in Leadership

All CSUF students are invited to meet Julie Greiner, ’75, Macy’s retired Senior Vice President.  She will present Embracing Change: Lessons in Leadership at 11:30am on March 21 in the O’Brien Innovation Center, followed by a luncheon and networking.

Students are to RSVP by March 15.  This event is a first come, first serve event.

With the RSVP, please give your FIRST and LAST NAMES, Expected Grad Year, and Student Affiliation. This information will be used for Name Tags and a participant listing that will be shared with Julie.

Just click on the picture below to email Alice Rodriguez so that you can RSVP to this event.

Julie Greiner Event

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Event Highlights: Successful Women and how they Think about Business Differently

IMG_0254The other day we posted the full audio of our recent panel titled: “Successful Women and how they Think about Business Differently.” It’s a great listen and while we do recommend listening to the whole panel discussion we now also have video highlights from the event. Enjoy!

Successful Women and how they Think about Business Differently

Successful Women and how they Think about Business DifferentlyA couple of weeks ago we were delighted to co-host a panel discussion with Richard Franzi’s Critical Mass for Business. As part of their Speaker Series, present was a panel of distinguished business women (and Director John Bradley Jackson) to discuss the topic of “Successful Women and how they Think about Business Differently”. The panel included:

Darcie Harris, Trainer & Speaker for Women Entrepreneurs

John Bradley Jackson, Director at Cal State Fullerton Center of Entrepreneurship

France Helfer, Entrepreneur & CEO at Halo Healthcare Inc.

Tomilee Gill, President at Executives Unlimited

It was a very educational event that discussed topics like:

  • Can women have a career and a family?
  • What roadblocks are there for women in the business world?
  • The outlook for women in business

Of course, many more topics were discussed and, most poignant to me and the rest of the audience were the panelists’ personal stories about how they have found success in business. The whole panel discussion can be listened to below or, if that’s not working, you can click here.

I am sure that we will have many more events just like this for our community so please keep in touch with us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to keep your finger on CSUF’s Entrepreneurial pulse. Continue reading

Event: Successful Women and How They Think Differently in Business

Women on Building & Thriving in Business - CSUF Entrepreneurship EventOn January 14, 2015 the Center for Entrepreneurship is proud to host the Critical Mass for Business program as they discuss the topic “Successful Women and How They Think Differently in Business.” Richard Franzi, the CEO for Critical Mass for Business, will moderate a panel comprised of the following people:

John Bradley Jackson (Director, Center for Entrepreneurship)

France Helfer (Entrepreneur & CEO Hal Healthcare, Inc.)

Darcie Harris (Trainer & Speaker for Women Entrepreneurs)

Tomilee Gill (President Executives Unlimited)

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Kickstarter: Project Natalia

Kickstarter is a company that we have written about before. Basically, what it does is connects people who want to do a project with people who are willing to help fund that project. That’s where Project Natalia comes in.

Our film will introduce the world to a young woman [Natalia] who exudes passion, enthusiasm and positivity in everything she pursues. An ultimate survivor, Natalia uses the extreme challenges of her life to fuel her insatiable desire to help others. She may be a victim of CP [Cerebral Palsy], but she is not a victim.

This project will follow Natalia’s journey from travel to treatment, through recovery and its life-changing effect…. The procedures will be performed at a world-renowned hospital in Shanghai, China. Each treatment requires a four-month stay at the hospital’s recovery facility.

We are aware that asking for $500,000 to fund Project Natalia is a hefty sum for a documentary. Please keep in mind there are multiple laws for filmmaking in China that significantly increase production costs. Accompanied with travel expenses that come with spending four months overseas, the total cost of this project will most likely exceed our goal.

Project Natalia

Here is a picture of Natalia from her video on the Kickstarter website

This is an audacious goal but it looks like it is worth doing. She is an immigrant, heading off to China for cutting-edge treatment of a debilitating disease; that’s compelling fodder for a documentary. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay $25 to see how this all ends up?

Actually, you can. That’s basically how Kickstarter works. Somebody or some team, like Natalia and her team, have an idea, post it on Kickstarter and ask for funding. In exchange for certain levels of funding the donor will get something in return somewhere down the line as long as the project gets completed.

In this instance, if you donated $25 to Project Natalia you would receive a DVD of the documentary when (and if) it gets completed. If you really wanted to support this project and donate $5,000 you would get a role in the documentary.

As of the writing of this post Project Natalia has not raised much money. Their goal is to raise $500,000 and they have only raised $1,435 to date and they only have 39 days to go before the funding window closes. Raising the rest of that money is a tall order but with a little help she might just be able to make her documentary.

Women and Entrepreneurship

Despite the rapid growth of women-owned businesses, the average size of women-owned businesses is smaller compared to the average size of businesses owned by men, according to Sharon G. Hardy, in the article “Why Are Women-Owned Firms Smaller Than Men-Owned Ones?”  According to the same article, the average revenues of majority women-owned businesses are nevertheless dwarfed by the revenues of majority men-owned businesses.

Though many of the businesses owned by women are thriving, the numbers suggest that something is holding women back.

Hardy believes some of the disparity stems from the goals women set for themselves, or the goals others set for them.  Women tend to set lower goals for growth than men.  Many workshops and seminars designed for women focus heavily on the start-up aspect of running a business, and don’t focus enough on long-term planning.  Limited access to capital, markets, and networks can be a result of some women failing to be assertive and capitalize on relationships, but can also be the result of limiting mindsets of people in the community.

In “Overcoming the Gender Gap: Women Entrepreneurs as Economic Drivers”, a paper from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, more reasons for the lower numbers of successful female entrepreneurs are discussed.  Women seem to stay with large companies or in structured academic settings, rather than pursue opportunities in private industry.

Both articles talk about the influence of many women’s desire to achieve a work/life balance, and how this may affect the scale of women’s goals when it comes to the size of her business.  Many women like to oversee every aspect of her business, something she loses in a larger business setting.

To encourage female entrepreneurship, there are few steps we can take.  We can challenge the existing belief structure that women-owned businesses do not have the capacity or potential of men-owned businesses.  We can encourage female entrepreneurs and business leaders to act as mentors for other women who are considering entrepreneurship.  We can support programs that encourage female entrepreneurship and setting big goals for growth.

John Bradley Jackson
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship