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Millennial Marketing @ CSUF Startup

Patrick McClure

The CSUF Startup Incubator hosts events just about every Wednesday. This event, which will help you understand the millennial market and how best to reach them, is one of those events and one that cannot be missed.

On Wednesday, February 21 at 6pm at the Cal State Fullerton Irvine campus, we will be hosting Patrick McClure, a Master Sales Coach with sales of over $250 million, who will lead attendees in a seminar on the best practices for how to reach this extremely important market.

To register:

If Sales is a Dirty Word, let’s get them to Buy!

There are over 79 million Millennials today and none of them believe they can be sold to. They’re now the largest generation, and one of their most commonly-held beliefs is a conviction that salespeople are the evil spawn of the earth. They could never be persuaded into buying products they didn’t already want!

Millennials are smart as a whip, highly educated Digital Natives who know how to blend work and life together to create an impact on the world. They may not always “know best”, but they’re usually connected to someone over the internet who does! Since they can research any person or company instantly, they’ve already made key buying decisions before they connect with you. Traditional sales techniques don’t work anymore!

Key Benefits of Attending this Program:

Attend Patrick McClure’s workshop and discover an effortless system to get Millennials buying your products without any sales resistance. During this innovative seminar, he shares how to:

  1. Create unique and powerful sales messages that trigger buying decisions
  2. Ask critical questions and listen while they reveal YOUR ideal sales approach
  3. How Technology and Culture have shaped Millennials, and how you can benefit.
  4. Persuade and Influence buying decisions in today’s “Instant Everything” world
  5. Create crowds of eager buyers using Social media to build massive sales
  6. The Unique Sales technique guaranteed to triple your sales
  7. Revamp your sales process to precisely target Millennials and jumpstart your sales

Meet Patrick McClure, Master Sales Coach:

With sales of over $250 million in products and services for IBM, Digital Equipment, EDS, Hitachi Data Systems and Motorola, Patrick McClure knows exactly what it takes to close the business. Through his workshops, trainings, and consulting, he step-by-step uncovers the missteps that sabotage sales. Most importantly, he arms his clients with the firepower to forever change the way they approach a prospect.

As the author of 3 books on selling, Patrick passionately and patiently serves up his wisdom to readers, clients, and audiences through his consulting firm, The Connexia Group. He caters to both small and large firms seeking to close more business. Talk and Listen to Patrick today !
(949) 858-0755

Directions and Parking

Parking is available on the Irvine campus for a fee. For more information about parking on the CSUF Irvine campus, please go here:


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Steve Mihaylo’s Crexendo Sales Competition

steve-mihayloSteve Mihaylo is an Cal State Fullerton alum who has made himself into one of the most respected businessmen in the Titan community. Recently, he and his team unveiled a sales competition to CSUF students for his company, Crexendo. Students who compete in this competition are tasked with finding leads for Crexendo that will become customers of their cloud-based business communication solutions.

Every lead a student brings in that converts into a sale will net the student who submits the fresh lead a commission and the students who submit the most leads that convert will win extra cash bonuses and offers of employment as well!

The competition starts now and runs through May 30 and is open to all CSUF students who want to get a jump start on their careers. In order to get started, interested students must go to to sign up and that page also serves as your portal to submit leads for the duration of the competition. Steve’s and his team’s presentation that he gave to our students a little while ago is below. There is a wealth of information in this presentation that goes into detail about the product offering and tips on selling.

If you have any questions please leave a comment on this post or get in touch with us at

If you take this competition seriously this can be the start of an exciting and even lucrative career for you!

Good luck!

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Steve Mihaylo: Competition Info Session

steve-mihayloSteve Mihaylo’s company, Crexendo, is launching a new product and he wants CSUF students to be an integral part of the launch! Not only that, the best performing students have the chance to win thousands of dollars and even a position working with Mr. Mihaylo! Get your tickets for this special event now!

At this introductory meeting, Mr. Mihaylo and his team will lay the groundwork for this competition. They will give an overview of the product that is being launched, explain how students can compete, and there will be time to join in an intimate conversation with Mr. Mihaylo, one of Cal State Fullerton’s most successful businessmen.

This information session starts at 1pm on Monday, September 26 in the O’Brien Center (third floor, room 3230) in the Mihaylo building. Food and beverages will be served.

So come for lunch, the opportunity to have a conversation with Steve Mihaylo, to learn about how you can win thousands of dollars by competing, and maybe even to start your first career with one of the most respected companies and businessmen in America!

We hope to see you there!

How to Create the Perfect Sales Funnel [FULL VIDEO]

Earlier this week the CSUF Startup Incubator welcomed A-Cubed Marketing’s Joe Hines in to talk about sales funnels. It’s an important topic that can make or break a business and Joe gave a really excellent talk describing what a sales funnel is, what are the important factors going into its various components, and how to build an effective one as well.

The video is almost an hour long but it is a great primer (and then some) on how to build your own sales funnel.

Joe will also be hosting the How to Market your Small Business for Bigger Sales… on a Shoestring Budget workshop on July 16. Attendees of this workshop have this to look forward to:

This is a powerful, four-hour, hands on workshop where you’ll learn the critical skills you need to do more business in today’s ultra-competitive world!

In this fun and relaxed small group format, we’ll help you clarify what your brand stands for and guide you as you create your own branding strategy.  With that brand strategy as an anchor, we’ll then walk  you through the steps of building your own internet-based lead generation program (also called a sales funnel).

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Build the Perfect Sales Funnel! Event Later Today

Joe Hines at CSUF Startup IncubatorAs we mentioned the other day, Joe Hines will be in later this evening (6pm to be exact) to talk about how to build the perfect sales funnel for your business. Honestly, if you’re not a great sales person already then you really should attend this event. Tickets are still available here:

If you can’t make it in person, which is a bummer because that means you won’t be able to ask questions, you can watch it live on Twitter. Make sure to go to our Twitter account at around 6pm tomorrow and we should have a tweet up with a link to the stream.

Build The Perfect Sales Funnel! @ CSUF Startup Incubator

Joe Hines at CSUF Startup IncubatorSales is the lifeblood of any business and creating a robust sales funnel is the best way to make sure that your business stays healthy for the long term. But how do you create an effective sales funnel?

Joe Hines, founder of Thrive Business Directory, has more than two decade’s worth of experience managing sales for businesses ranging from startups to large international corporations. His talk will focus on the proven strategies you can use to strengthen your sales funnel from acquisition to purchasing. This talk will cover many topics, including:

  • Basics of your branding strategy
  • Your website as Ground Zero for your online marketing campaign
  • Social Media
  • Email campaigns
  • Blogging
  • Networking

Sound interesting? Good! Please RSVP by going to the Event Page.

More about Joe

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Event: Sales Symposium and Career Fair @ CSUF

Did you know that 50% of Undergraduate Business Majors begin their careers in sales?

Our partners at the CSUF Sales Leadership Center, invite you to an informative evening to learn more about various industries and the job opportunities available for students interested in exploring a professional sales career. Professional salespeople play a critical role in today’s global marketplace. Supporting nearly all industries, salespeople help consumers and businesses define their needs, understand and evaluate options, make effective purchase decisions and build enduring relationships.

The workshops, panel discussions and career fair will provide students with the opportunity to listen to informative presentations and discussions from a wide variety of industry executives. The evening will provide students with insight into what jobs may look like in an industry, company goals and culture, types of jobs available, training programs, a day in the life on the job, what defines success and potential career paths. The day will also provide students with an opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions and network with various industry representatives.

Here are the details: