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Congratulations CSUF Graduates! – CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider

Rachel Herzog '18

Rachel Herzog ’18

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This past weekend Cal State Fullerton held its graduation ceremonies. I, along with all the professors, mentors, donors, judges, guest speakers, and staff, are proud to have had a part in the education of these graduates and I am very optimistic about their futures.
While all these graduates deserve special recognition for the work they have put in to earn their degrees I want to single out one in particular, Rachel Herzog. In addition to doing very well in the CSUF Startup Competition with her partner, Vanessa Ganaden, Rachel was a President’s Scholar and she earned additional honors at graduation, including the Mihaylo College Executive Council Outstanding Student Award and the Outstanding Senior Award from the Alumni Association. We posted an interview with her that delves into her academic career, what these awards mean to her, as well as her plans for the future. Well done Rachel!
Congratulations to all the graduates! And thank you to all of the professors, mentors, guest speakers, judges, donors, and staff that make a CSUF Entrepreneurship education special.
John Bradley Jackson
Director and Professor
CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship, CSUF Consulting, & CSUF Startup Incubator

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Choosing the Optimal Go-To-Market Strategy for your Startup – CSUF Startup Event this Wednesday

The Road to SalesThe number one metric for just about every entrepreneur should be sales. Without sales, your startup will not amount to much in the long run. So, how do you start getting sales? Attend this free seminar this Wednesday at 6pm at the CSUF Startup Incubator in Irvine. To register for this event and to get parking instructions and directions please go to our event page.

Sell! Sell! Sell!


You’ve got a great product or service idea. You know the customers are going to love it! But how are you going to get in in the hands of the buyers? Do you need a salesforce, marketing budgets to drive web traffic, brand awareness campaigns or a combination of it all? In this discussion we will lay out the parameters that will help you make the proper go to market decision.

Discussion topics with relevant examples:

Are you replacing an existing solution or creating a new market?

What is your ICP and what do you say to them to make them act?

How much up-front investment will you need to generate awareness?

Are there platforms you can leverage for sales/distribution?

What is the typical sales cycle?

Who is involved in the buying process?

Is there a partner eco-system you can utilize?

Andrew Meyer will be leading this far reaching discussion by drawing on decades of experience as an entrepreneur and executive. From LinkedIn: High-impact, results-driven business leader with a proven history of leading software and tech companies through explosive growth leading to high profile exits including IPOs. Transformations have included start-ups through mature businesses in security, SaaS, CRM and mobile. Key skills in general management, marketing and sales, talent recruitment and refinement, and public relations.

We hope to see you there!

Directions and Parking

You will need to purchase a parking permit to park on this campus. Our office is located in the building at 1 Banting, which is the main building for Western State Law School. You cannot park in their parking lot, you will need to park on the Cal State Fullerton side. Information for parking, including how to purchase a parking pass for your meeting, can be found here:

CSUF Startup Incubator Resident Launches!

Ayisha Fareed and Nick Panhwar, the founders of Team Knit, a CSUF Startup Incubator Resident

Ayisha Fareed and Nick Panhwar, the founders of Team Knit, a CSUF Startup Incubator Resident

In this edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider (if you haven’t already subscribed you should!) Director Jackson talks about CSUF Startup Incubator resident TeamKnit’s launch, remembering Steve Forell, a rundown of all the events and office hours we will be hosting in the coming weeks, and links to other posts.

Let me tell you about TeamKnit, a startup that is being launched out of the CSUF Startup Incubator today.

Founded by the husband and wife team of Nick Panwhar and Ayisha Fareed, TeamKnit’s mission is to revolutionize the way that teams collaborate. Their critical insight into team communications that I think separates their offering from all the rest on the market is that they bring together all the components of collaboration into a single, seamless solution. These components are: communication, execution, engagement, and knowledge.

We go into greater detail about their startup in a post we recently published but the key takeaway for me in regards to the success they have been able to achieve so far is that they have a strong team of founders and engineers working on TeamKnit. Nick has a strong background in sales, Ayisha is a fantastic engineer, and they both have experience managing and running companies. Looking at it this way, it’s no surprise that this strong team has created a product that will help build stronger teams.

This exciting news is tempered by the fact that last week a dear friend of mine since high school and a member of our CSUF Entrepreneurship community, Steve Forell, passed away unexpectedly. Steve is survived by his wife, Sheri, and three children: Megan Forell, Randy Forell, and Crystal Tousignant.

John Bradley Jackson
Director and Professor
CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship, CSUF Consulting, & CSUF Startup Incubator

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Fullerton Sunrise Rotary Club Annual Fundraiser

Fullerton Sunsrise Rotary HoedownJoin the Fullerton Sunrise Rotary Club on Friday, May 18 at the Cal State Fullerton Arboretum to raise some funds for some very worthy causes. To register, please go to:


Join the Fullerton Sunrise Rotary to help raise money to support

¨ All the Arts for all the Kids Foundation

¨ The Fullerton Museum Center Foundation.

  • Catered BBQ Dinner
  • Host Bar
  • Live Entertainment
  • Line Dancing
  • Silent & Live Auction Items

Date and Time

Fri, May 18, 2018

5:00 PM – 10:00 PM PDT


Fullerton Arboretum

1900 Associated Road

Fullerton, CA 92831

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

Organizer: Fullerton Sunrise Rotary

Organizer of Western Hoedown

World Youth is our primary focus for fundraising projects.  As such, the club places special emphasis on those efforts that will benefit young people both locally and internationally.

Our Community Activities include;

  • Support for The Fullerton Public Library Children’s Services,
  • Support for the Fullerton Museum Center
  • Support for the “All the Arts for All the Kids” Foundation
  • Ambassadorial Scholarship Sponsors,
  • Host for Group Study Exchange,
  • Family Club Relationship with Morelia Club Rotarian Morelia Universidad in Mexico

Our Youth Activities include;

  • Hosting Annual Troy Top 100 Banquet
  • The Art’s Lab Bus of the Fullerton School District
  • Student of the Month program for both La Vista High School &Troy High Endeavor Programs
  • Sponsor high school students for RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Annual high school speech and singing contest
  • Support Troy High School Interact club

Small Business Development Day

Our friends over at the Asian Business Association of Orange County will be hosting an awesome event on May 10 featuring Allison Maslan. Details are below and make sure to enter code CSUFVIP when you register at the event page.

Small Business Development Day


The Brayv Ball – CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumnus Raising Funds for Nonprofit

Teaching children about water safety

Teaching children about water safety. Swim Brayv was founded by CSUF Entrepreneurship alumnus Candace Thome to help teach children about water safety.

Fundraiser Event
EventBrite Link

Date & Time:
Sunday, May 6th 2018
from 1:30pm to 6:30pm

The Beat Box LA
11828 Teale St.
Los Angeles, CA 90230


Swim Brayv, along with Enlarge Media & The BeatBox LA, present: The Brayv Ball. An afternoon of mermaids, music and moves! Our Swim Brayv mer-models will be edu-taing attendees during the opening cocktail hour, and Ginny Cosmetics will be providing free mini mermaid and shark makeovers! Then there will be live performances by: Music artist & actress GlennEllen from Stranger Things, Versus , Timeless etc. Limitless Leaps -a program that aims to give special needs children the opportunity to gain community and confidence through dance, and many more performers!

Followed by Special Guests DJ’s… up and coming 9 year old Yello Kitty, and veteran D.J. AO spinning a variety of music you can move to. This is a family-friendly event filled with great food, a silent auction, and amazing mermaids of course! Come and contribute to saving lives by supporting our water safety outreach efforts. Your ticket cost is tax deductible.

More About Swim Brayv Foundation

Swim Brayv mer-models and cause ambassadors travel near and far educating the public on water safety; engaging land-folk to become advocates for drowning prevention. We are proud water watchers, who want to spread awareness about water safety and reduce drowning occurrences. The hope is that as a group of like-minded volunteers, working together, we can
positively influence others to become advocates for drowning prevention too!

Sadly, drowning occurs more often than people realize. Drowning is a leading cause of
death globally, especially for children 14 and under. We believe this fact is due to lack of knowledge and communication about water safety. Take the Swim B.R.A.Y.V.
Pledge along with us today and…


How Entrepreneurs Can Raise Money from Banks

There are many recurring themes to the posts on this blog and to our CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider. There are so many things that entrepreneurs need to have some fluency in and fundraising, whether for a business or a nonprofit, is one of the important ones. There are no easy answers to how entrepreneurs should raise money to fund their startup but, as is I feel is the case with everything in business and life, knowing what your options are is important.

Banks can be a good way to raise money for your startup. Getting funding from a bank won’t be easy, especially if you’re in the earliest stages of launching your startup and have no track record to speak of, but it certainly is an option that entrepreneurs need to understand. This Wednesday at 6pm at the CSUF Startup Incubator in Irvine we welcome Charlie Phillips, the AVP of South County Bank in so that he can explain how entrepreneurs should approach raising funds from a bank. Register now!

Nearly every entrepreneur that I talk with has questions about raising money to fund their startup. These conversations usually start out with exhortations to bootstrap until they start to get some traction. But bootstrapping usually isn’t enough, especially for startups that have aggressive growth plans.

One form of funding that I think entrepreneurs should give more thought to is also one of the more traditional forms of funding (at least for established businesses) and that is your local bank.

This Wednesday at our office in Irvine we welcome the AVP of South County Bank, Charlie Phillips, to walk us through the game plan that entrepreneurs should follow when approaching a bank. Debt financing is, obviously, substantially different from equity financing and there are good ways and bad ways to go about trying to secure loans from banks. Charlie will present a strategy entrepreneurs should follow in order to get their best result possible.

The talk is this Wednesday at 6pm in Irvine. Please register for this event by going to the event page.

John Bradley Jackson
Director and Professor
CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship, CSUF Consulting, & CSUF Startup Incubator

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