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Color Sets the Stage

Color is the first and most important element of an image whether it is a logo, website, brochure, or direct mailer. Color is the stage where the images and words perform. Sometimes, color can say it all.

According to The Kabbalah Circle, “The colors of nature have had their influence on us, and these influences are deep-seated in our physiological and psychological make-up – but there they are, whether we like them or not. In the case of the things we buy, however, we are free to choose, to exercise our own likes and dislikes, our tastes and our conventions. Airlines hire color consultant to choose the colors in the cabin, hence to reduce the tensions which are associated with flying. A preference for one color and a dislike for another may reflect an existing state of mind, of balance, or of both.”

Color evokes mood and speaks louder than words.

Diego Jaramillo
Entrepreneurship Student

The C’s of Entrerpreneurship

Author Mitch Joel wrote in his book, “Six Pixels of Separation”, about the 5 C’s of Entrepreneurship 2.0. He describes them as follows:

1. Connecting- Reach out now to people that matter.
2. Creating- Create content with text, images, audio, and video to grow the business
3. Conversations- It is an online world and everybody is talking how the best (and newest) way to grow your business is to start a conversation, join a conversation, and/or be a conversation.
4. Community- Community is the newest audience and the new currency. Community is the newest mass media.
5. Commerce- There is nothing wrong with making money and you should not be shy about it. You should also not try to trick people into thinking that you are interested in a conversation and building community if all you really want is a quick sale. Don’t push a sale on people. Building community is way more about “pull” than “push”. By adding value to the community and building trust, you will grow your sales because people will come to you, instead of you pushing yourself ( and your wares) on them.

Thanks to student Diego Jaramillo for submitting this.