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Management 540 Trains CSUF MBAs for the Real World


Before the start of every semester, students begin the process of picking and choosing their classes. Almost all of these classes have students reading textbooks and taking exams but there is one class that is designed to give MBA students an immersive experience by having them put to practice what they learn with a real business.

Management 540 is this class and it exposes students to the skills needed in order to be successful business leaders of tomorrow and if they have any room in their schedules they should definitely add this class. In order to achieve this audacious goal, Cal State Fullerton has selected Dr. Atul Teckchandani to lead this class. What makes this class so valuable is that Dr. Teckchandani demonstrates superior academic skills while also using the experiences he gained while working in the technology industry to provide lessons that focus on real-world situations.

“This class is very practical. Rather than focusing on academic theories of leadership, this class focuses on skills that leaders need to be successful. Leaders influence others to help achieve a vision or set of goals. To be an effective leader, you must have a mastery of the ‘soft’ skills. This course has a number of modules on how to be a more effective leader by learning how to build professional relationships, how to persuade others, how to make decisions while minimizing the negative effects of biases, and how to improve your emotional intelligence. It also discusses how to create an organization where employees are productive and feel like they are thriving.

“In addition to the practical skills, this class also offers a consulting project. Students will work in teams to help a local business address a leadership/HR challenge. While the consulting projects are a fair amount of work, they are an invaluable learning opportunity. Being able to examine a real-world problem and devise recommendations is something all employers want their employees to do. MGMT 540 is one of only two classes in the MBA program that allows students to become more proficient in this area,” said Teckchandani.

And the businesses students consult with in this class are very diverse.

“The businesses we work with can vary widely. To give you an idea of how wide-ranging our clients are, in the past couple of years we’ve had retail stores, restaurants, technology firms, auto mechanics, non-profits, restaurant supply firms and boutique consulting firms as clients. Most of the clients are small firms where we work directly with the owner or founder,” said Teckchandani

Upon completion of this course, students will be more prepared for what lays ahead for them in their careers, which makes them more appealing to employers looking for those with concrete skills and experience. With this course on a resume, students have the opportunity to stand out among the growing amount of applicants that are applying for the same job. In essence, the experience and knowledge from this course could mean the difference between getting the job over someone else.

“The consulting project is a great addition to the resume and makes for an excellent talking point during an interview. As mentioned earlier, most bosses want to hire someone who can look at a problem, analyze it and come up with realistic and actionable solutions,” said Teckchandani.

With the competition for jobs growing more fierce every year, it is abundantly clear why CSUF MBAs should enroll in Management 540 for the spring 2017 semester. The skills and experiences provided by this class not only help build the foundation of a good worker but ultimately sculpt students into the business leaders of the future.

Kevin Emery is the author of this post. Travis Lindsay edited it.

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Search Marketing Intern @ Ron Wave Design

search-marketing-intern-positionCSUF alum Jason Khoo and his company, Ron Wave Design, are looking for a search marketing intern to help them grow their business. Ron Wave Design is experiencing a substantial amount of growth right now so there should be a lot of opportunities for personal growth for this intern and it would look nice on a resume as well.

The info for the position is reproduced below. If you would like to apply make sure to go to the official page for this position to enter your info.

Are you interested?

Position Type: Part Time Intern
Job Schedule: 15-20 Hours per Week
Salary Level: $12/Hour

After a successful first year, Ron Wave Design is looking for a 6 month, part time Search Marketing Intern who can be an integral part of our company’s growing team. The search marketing intern will receive an immersive experience in modern search marketing. This includes learning the new trends and nuances of search rankings, developing and executing strategies in addition to learning how to grow a business.

We are not looking to have someone to just get us coffee or do our dirty work. We want a team member who can bring a passion for marketing, drive to be better and a personality that can complement our fun loving, yet determined team. Ron Wave Design is a startup that is moving full speed ahead and if you’d like a look at what it is like to grow a business, then you’ll want to come work with us.


Duties of the Search Marketing Intern will revolve around 2 major responsibilities.

1.       Account Management:

  • Researching Clients, Competitors and Industries
  • Developing and Executing Strategies
  • Analyzing and Reporting Results

2.       Company Growth

  • Pitch New Strategies and Ideas
  • Investigate More Efficient Company Operations
  • Strategize New Markets or Deeper Market Penetration

At the end of the day we want this intern to be an integral part to our team. Our company is growing and we need ideas and the talent of the next generation of thinkers and marketers.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Pursuing Degree or Recent Graduate in Business, Communications, English, PR, Design, Advertising or any relevant academic study

Skills We’re Looking For:

  • Demonstration of Leadership and Self-Direction
  • Strong Interest in Online Marketing (Search and PPC)
  • Advanced Computer Skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Ability to Speak and Write Clearly
  • Experience with Web and Graphic Design is a plus; Not Mandatory

If you are interested please go to this page and submit your information

About Ron Wave Design

Ron Wave Design is a search marketing firm led by two partners. Ron Arellano and Jason Khoo have created an agency that is poised to make major contributions to the ever evolving industry of Marketing and Search. After a successful first year, Ron Wave Design is looking for the best young talent to be a part of the company. The person we are looking for is someone who has an inherent curiosity and drive for marketing. We’re a young firm that operates very much like a startup. This means no cubicles, orders from upper management or companywide memo’s. At Ron Wave Design, you’ll be an integral part of strategy meetings, internal company decisions and of course our music!

The company is going through an exciting period of growth and we can’t wait to look for the next generation of great marketers. If you’re a person who loves to crank out hours in front of your laptop, bobbing your head to music and impromptu strategy sessions, then Ron Wave Design may just be the firm for you.

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Steve Mihaylo: Competition Info Session

steve-mihayloSteve Mihaylo’s company, Crexendo, is launching a new product and he wants CSUF students to be an integral part of the launch! Not only that, the best performing students have the chance to win thousands of dollars and even a position working with Mr. Mihaylo! Get your tickets for this special event now!

At this introductory meeting, Mr. Mihaylo and his team will lay the groundwork for this competition. They will give an overview of the product that is being launched, explain how students can compete, and there will be time to join in an intimate conversation with Mr. Mihaylo, one of Cal State Fullerton’s most successful businessmen.

This information session starts at 1pm on Monday, September 26 in the O’Brien Center (third floor, room 3230) in the Mihaylo building. Food and beverages will be served.

So come for lunch, the opportunity to have a conversation with Steve Mihaylo, to learn about how you can win thousands of dollars by competing, and maybe even to start your first career with one of the most respected companies and businessmen in America!

We hope to see you there!

Marketing Intern Position at Thoro Packaging

Thoro Packaging LogoJob Title: Marketing Intern
Department: Marketing
Reports to: Marketing Liaison

Position Summary
Primary responsibilities include providing administrative support to the Sales and Marketing departments by maintaining accurate database of prospect and customer information, and managing inventory of marketing materials. Work with Sales and Marketing departments to coordinate marketing material packages and presentations to educate customers and prospects about Thoro Packaging. Assist in content development for digital and social assets.

Customer Satisfaction
Support strategic plan for serving current customers and the development of customers and new markets.
Consistently make decisions demonstrating regard for our customer.

Marketing Administrative Support
Maintain accurate databases of leads and prospective customers and companies.
Maintain an organized library of Thoro production samples and update display cabinets and showroom.
Manage inventory of Thoro promotional marketing materials. Compile samples and marketing material packages for customer/prospect meetings and mailings.
Proofread marketing materials and presentations.
Assist in assembly of promotional materials.
Assist in the coordination for trade show exhibition, including scheduling of trade show vendor services, pulling samples for display, and packing/shipping exhibit materials.
Administrative support to Marketing and Sales departments as needed (including letters, presentations, mailing, etc.).

Marketing Research
Research and evaluate leads to qualify prospective customers.
Conduct competitive research and analysis.
Find creative solutions to customer issues.

Social Media & Digital Content
Update social media profiles in line with company brand guidelines.
Update online directory listings with current branding and messaging.
Create engaging content and post on social media and company blog.
Updated 9/1/16
Create updates to website content to match current marketing materials and messaging.
Utilize best practices to improve SEO on company blog posts.

ISO/Documentation/Continuous Improvement
Ability to properly construct a grammatically correct letter with proper spelling.
Communicate clearly and concisely with respect, to all Thoro Packaging’s personnel at all levels in addition to customers and suppliers.
Initiates involvement in creative solutions and implements improvements to team quality processes.

Essential Job Functions
Learn and follow all safety rules.
Ability to work in a high stress environment to meet customer delivery dates.
These Essential Job Functions are not intended, and should not be construed, to be an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with this job. While these Essential Job Functions are intended to be an accurate reflection of the job requirements, management reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties from particular jobs and to assign other duties as necessary.

Physical Requirements
Distinguish colors accurately and consistently.
Ability to stand/sit/bend/walk and manual dexterity for duration of work period.
Moderate lifting up to 35 lbs. as necessary to perform sales and marketing functions.

Job Requirements
Required Qualifications:

High school degree with some college
Able to communicate effectively with internal and external customers
Ability to focus on strategic plan to ensure results
Detail oriented, trouble shooter, resourceful
Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Excellent people skills and phone etiquette
Ability to work in a collaborative, fast paced, team environment
Must have strong written and verbal communication skills
Self-starter with the ability to work independently as needed

Preferred Qualifications:

College Junior or Senior with major in Marketing or related field
High attention to detail
Experience with SEO, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and beginning graphic design
Previous experience in administrative or customer service type roles

Andrea Percy

The Future of Business with Andrew Carroll at CSUF Startup Incubator

Andrew Carroll on the future of work

Andrew Carroll on the future of work

Last Wednesday, it was our pleasure to welcome Andrew Carroll in to speak about the future of business. Andrew is a CSUF alumni, a freelance CEO, and a member of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Board of Directors.  His talk was fascinating and hit on some major topics, especially how the way we work is dramatically changing to more of a freelance economy.

Andrew’s talk focused on how you can take advantage of these changes and we are happy to share his talk below. You can click on the picture below to watch the video and below that is his PowerPoint. And please also check out Andrew’s website at and on Twitter @cfoandrew to see more of his cutting edge thought leadership and to get in touch with him as your next freelance CFO. Continue reading

Why I Quit My Job! @ CSUF Startup Incubator

Andrew Carroll on the future of work

Andrew Carroll on the future of work. Click the picture to register for this event on Wednesday, June 8 at 6pm at the CSUF Startup Incubator in Placentia.

Register now for the Wednesday, June 8 at 6pm at the CSUF Startup Incubator in Placentia talk by Andrew Carroll!

How an epiphany about the revolutionary changes coming for how we do work led a well respected executive to quit his job

Andrew Carroll is a CFO and a member of the CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship’s Board of Directors. We have known him for a long time and are delighted to have him come to the CSUF Startup Incubator to talk about some difficult choices that he has had to face recently. Specifically, him quitting his job as an executive in a financial firm.

That was a big move by Andrew and his reasons make for a compelling story. Andrew will talk about the revelotionary changes that he sees in the economy and how that convinced him that he needed to change as well. The way he sees things is that most people, especially Millenials and Generation X’ers, are gravitating more towards freelancing or taking on contract work than seeking traditional jobs. These kinds of changes should not be feared but rather seen as opportunities to the clever entrepreneur.

Come hear about Andrew’s personal entrepreneurial story and what he is projecting for the future of business and how startup entrepreneurs can position themselves to take advantage of these changes.

We hope to see you there!

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CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: James Parr ’15

James Parr hard at work implementing an online marketing strategy his CSUF Student-led Business Consulting Team developed for Green Thumb Nurseries. After the completion of their project, Green Thumb Nurseries hired James to implement the recommendations that his team made.

James Parr hard at work implementing an online marketing strategy his CSUF Student-led Business Consulting Team developed for Green Thumb. After the completion of their project, Green Thumb hired James to implement the recommendations that his team made.

James Parr ’15 is currently finishing his double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Cal State Fullerton and he is also currently working for one of our Student-led Business Consulting clients: Green Thumb. As you might expect, the project that James and his group did for Green Thumb directly led to his being hired by them.

Bud Bergquist was the client’s point person for this project as he is the Vice President of Green Thumb. According to Mr. Bergquist, he “engaged the [CSUF Student-led Consulting Program] to get an overview of Social media and Web based marketing. With the rapid changes in technology I thought it important to understand and improve our presence on the Internet.”

With this as their objective, James helped his team develop a strategy around a few different key topics such as:

  • Merchandising
  • Brand Identification and Development
  • Social Media Development
  • Website Development
  • Customer Cultivation and Retention Planning
  • Competitive Analysis

Speaking from personal experience I can tell you how audacious a project this is for any consulting firm. Honestly, social media development could have constituted a full project and would have resulted in extremely valuable recommendations for the client in and of itself. For a project with so many goals keeping focus is of the utmost importance and James was able to help his team in that area.

Green Thumb Nursery LogoJames commented to me that he “organized a lot of our ideas into action [items] and came up with the structure to our report. I was constantly in contact with Mr. Bergquist and worked consistently on improving my section of the report [and helping others with theirs] throughout the semester.”

Frequent contact with the client and diligently working on improving the project are cornerstones of our program and James epitomized this ethos with the project his team did for Green Thumb. All of our students have their unique abilities but what tends to make a good student great is the willingness to put in the time and effort; the results from this particular project proved that out.

Mr. Bergquist was gracious enough to comment further on this project and on James in particular:

We are implementing a number of the recommendations currently. These include building a website as well as developing an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Because of the content in the team’s report we have hired James to spearhead our Social Media campaign.

I thought it was a high value report and would recommend your consulting program to anyone that might ask.

That is definitely high praise and, as Mr. Bergquist alluded to, James is currently employed by Green Thumb to oversee their social media strategy and development planning, a position that he has had since May of this year. This position is absolutely critical to Green Thumb’s strategic goal of having a more robust online presence that will lead to increased sales and customer engagement. From James, his responsibilities include:

I manage all of the companies 5 location’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. I designed the company a new logo. I rebuilt their corporate website from the ground up and have implemented many new things that were not in place before such as Garden Blogging, implemented ecommerce for sod, fountains and gift cards (much of the entire store is planned to be online within the next year), a plant library which showcases information on all of the company’s plants online, so customer’s can input specific criteria and find the perfect plant for their garden, and much more. SEO strategy with tagging, keyword planner, etc. I have also been busy organizing new events for the stores to improve business during the slow seasons, I design the flyers for the events, I design the signage for the store. I could probably go on forever on what I have planned for this business so I think I’ll stop there just for time sake. I really look forward to working with this company and assisting them on their journey online. 

We are very happy for James and Green Thumb. Every semester we complete approximately sixty such projects at the undergraduate and MBA levels for our clients. Our clients have many great things to say about their experiences with our student-consultants and we are always looking for new clients to join our program. If you are interested in our Student-led Business Consulting Program please click here for more information or get in touch with us at and we’ll be delighted to give you more information about how our program can help your company.