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Rachel Herzog '18

Rachel Herzog ’18

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This past weekend Cal State Fullerton held its graduation ceremonies. I, along with all the professors, mentors, donors, judges, guest speakers, and staff, are proud to have had a part in the education of these graduates and I am very optimistic about their futures.
While all these graduates deserve special recognition for the work they have put in to earn their degrees I want to single out one in particular, Rachel Herzog. In addition to doing very well in the CSUF Startup Competition with her partner, Vanessa Ganaden, Rachel was a President’s Scholar and she earned additional honors at graduation, including the Mihaylo College Executive Council Outstanding Student Award and the Outstanding Senior Award from the Alumni Association. We posted an interview with her that delves into her academic career, what these awards mean to her, as well as her plans for the future. Well done Rachel!
Congratulations to all the graduates! And thank you to all of the professors, mentors, guest speakers, judges, donors, and staff that make a CSUF Entrepreneurship education special.
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