CSUF Entrepreneurship Students Pitch Concepts

CSUF Entrepreneurship students practicing their pitch to investors

CSUF Entrepreneurship students practicing their pitch to investors

At the end of every semester, our students pitch their business concepts to a group of judges comprised of investors, entrepreneurs, executives, bankers, and experts of all kinds. This semester, the concepts ran the gamut from a monthly book subscription box, a startup focusing on nanotechnology, to a safety app. These pitches are tremendous learning experiences as our panel of judges provides our students with excellent feedback as well as grades.

This panel happened a little over a week ago and since then the students have been hard at work incorporating their learning from their pitches into their plans and, for those who are actively launching their startups, into their actual operations.

Some of the feedback received centered on the students’ need to more fully analyze and project their financials, specifically the capital required to launch their startups. Other comments focused on the need to maintain eye contact with the audience and the need to create projections from the ground up.

For most students, these panels are not only great learning experiences but rather another step on their way to becoming better entrepreneurs.

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