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Titan Innovation Student Club needs Business Student Officers

Titan InnovationTitan Innovation is about to enter its second year of operation! This program commits to the undergraduate experience that students of all disciplines aspire for. Currently, entrepreneur, business, marketing, and engineering students are implementing their extraneous hours of classroom study and examinations to the real environment. Needless to say, Titan Innovation brings the classroom to the conference table/workbench. Discipline specific theories are put into practice as students collaborate on uniting business strategies and product development. A business cannot exist without a product or service and vice versa. Titan Innovation is CSUF’s dynamic group for real time innovation.

Positions for the 2016-2017 academic year are currently available. Elected officer will have the chance attend council meetings held at BOEING for an aerospace committee where modern operation practices can be learned. Vacant positions consists of:
  • operations
  • finance
  • marketing
  • leadership
  • business relations
  • event/media coordinators
Please email/contact Director John Bradley Jackson, Travis Lindsay, or Pablo Vazquez Golden to reserve a position that best interest you, your personal goals, or a friend’s goals.
Deadline to reserve is APRIL 29 @ 5pm.


SCORE Calendar of Events for May 2016

SCORE Orange CountyJohn Rau is one of our great mentors at CSUF Entrepreneurship and he is also a member of SCORE, which is a group of retired executives and entrepreneurs who selflessly give of their time to help entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and more successfully run businesses. SCORE is a wonderful organization that offers free one-on-one mentoring and they also host a number of very relevant seminars for entrepreneurs.

Every month John drops off paper copies of the monthly SCORE events for our campus office and for the CSUF Startup Incubator. I know visitors frequently take these calendars with them but I wanted to broadcast this information to a larger audience, hence this post.

For May they have a number of interesting events including: Continue reading

Startup Slam LA

Startup Slam LAWhat’s your story? #StartupSlamLA

Make us laugh, make us cry, tell us your startup story during open mic night! Fashioned after poetry slam events, each entrepreneur will have five minutes to tell a story.

  • Inspire us with your greatest success
  • Relive your most epic fail, live on stage
  • Share your passion that sparked the startup

Presenting a pitch is all about telling a compelling tale. Here’s your opportunity to practice among friends and have fun. At the end of the evening, audience members vote and prizes will be awarded for the best stories.

  • $5 suggested donation at the door
  • $5 refreshments
  • $5 per vote – vote early, vote often!
  • Sponsorships available – only $100

Information 310.519.1801 |

Thursday, April 28, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT)
Grand Annex – 434 West 6th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

We Will be at Tomorrow’s Centerchella in Mihaylo Courtyard

160419 CenterchellaCharlesetta will be the main person there for the majority of the event but JJ is also scheduled to make an appearance.

Basically, Centerchella is designed so that CSUF students can get to know the various Centers in Mihaylo better and learn how to get involved. For more information please refer to the following: Continue reading

CSUF Entrepreneurship Update from Director Jackson


Here are a few hundred words from Director John Bradley Jackson:

Jerry Conrey is a tremendous supporter of the CSUF Entrepreneurship program and he will be joining us this Wednesday at 6pm for his talk/Q&A titled Insurance and Risk Management Questions Answered!

This is a tremendous opportunity to find out what kinds of insurance your business needs, how much coverage is necessary, and learn powerful strategies for managing your company’s risk portfolio. Mr. Conrey will give a brief talk starting at 6pm and then will field questions from the audience for at least an hour. We hope to see you there!

If you have a spare five minutes, I would appreciate it if you could answer some survey questions about banking. With the results of this survey, our students will get the opportunity to apply the lessons they have learned in class and their analysis will be used to assist a local business in determining their marketing strategy. Consulting projects are a central part of the CSUF Entrepreneurship curriculum and your assistance here is a tremendous help.

Also, following up on my last email to you a couple of weeks ago, I am happy to tell you that the CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals were a big hit! Over 150 people were there to see our finalists present their concepts. A huge “Thank you!” to everyone who made this possible and to read about the Finals (and to find out who won) please read: CSUF Business Plan Competition 2016

To see the other talks we have planned for the future please go to: you for your time and we hope to see you at Insurance and Risk Management Questions Answered! and the events that we have listed below!

Continue reading

Do you have any questions about Insurance or Risk Management for your company?

Robert Gates receives his Scholarship Certificate from donors Vicki and Jerry Conrey

Robert Gates receives his Scholarship Certificate from donors Vicki and Jerry Conrey

If so, we have the perfect event for you! CSUF Entrepreneur in Residence Jerry Conrey, founder and Agency Principal at Conrey Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers, will be giving a brief talk and answering all audience questions at the CSUF Startup Incubator in Placentia at 6pm this Wednesday, April 20. This event is called Insurance and Risk Management Questions Answered!

This is a great opportunity to learn about insurance and risk management in general and to also get questions answered about specific issues you and your business are facing. Jerry is a very intelligent man who is an expert in the insurance and risk management industries and he is graciously giving his time to help our community members.

We hope to see you there! Continue reading

CSUF Business Plan Competition 2016

Starting in January, approximately 100 student-entrepreneurs entered the CSUF Business Plan Competition to see if their idea was the best on campus. After months of submitting business concepts, presenting in front of judges, and more than 150 attendees at the Finals we can now announce the winner…

But first, lets do a brief recap of the event. Surprisingly, there was a bit of rain that accompanied this competition but it in no way dampened the crowd’s enthusiasm for this year’s Innovation Fair. Our Innovation Fair gives student-entrepreneurs, engineering students, student clubs, CSUF Startup Incubator Residents, and other partner organizations the opportunity to showcase the cool projects and work that they are doing. This year we were proud to welcome CSUF Titan Baja racing team, CSUF Mars Rover team, KIDnetics Energy Labs, Sigma Upsilon Mu, SCORE, and some others as well.

After the Innovation Fair ended and all the attendees, including students and teachers from Charter Oak High School, took their seats Director Jackson welcomed the audience by introducing the Center for Entrepreneurship, explaining how the competition works, and giving a brief description of each competitor.

In particular, much thanks was given to the cash sponsors of this competition, including:

  • The Dan Black Family Foundation
  • France Helfer
  • Union Bank
  • The Ed Huizinga Innovative Idea Fund

We also had a number of in-kind service sponsors including:

The presentations came next with each lasting thirty minutes including a Q&A and setup. These are nerve racking experiences for the student-entrepreneurs because not only are they presenting for scholarships, in-kind services, and in front of more than 150 people but also because of our powerhouse judging panel.

The judges included: Michael Sawitz of, Kelly Anderson of CSuite Financial Partners, France Helfer of TinyKicks LLC, Myles Kovacs of Dub Magazine, Karl Freels of the Dan Black Family Foundation, and Dan Black served as an alternate. It was fun watching these experienced entrepreneurs and investors question our competitors and I’m sure these questions helped the competitors learn a lot about their businesses.

After all the presentations finished and judges had concluded their deliberations we were able to announce that Continue reading