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CSUF SUM Startup Weekend – July 2014

Our new Entrepreneurship fraternity, Sigma Upsilon Mu (SUM), is going to be hosting a Startup Weekend in July. If you are not familiar with SUM and what they do the best way to describe it is that they are dedicated to demystifying the startup process for first time-entrepreneurs. The founder, Robert Gates, has meticulously developed a system to help people get their business idea off the ground and to make a real business out of it.

The event being hosted by SUM will last a little under 24 hours starting at 12:30pm on Friday, July 11 and ending at noon the next day. Taking place at the Staybridge Suites in Lake Forest, this event promises to be a can’t miss for anyone serious about starting a business. You can purchase your ticket for this event HERE. Continue reading

Who Participated in the CSUF Business Plan Competition?

Amerika Bernal of BliviO Technologies accepting award for the Ed Huizinga Innovative Idea Award from Dorota Huizinga and John Bradley Jackson

One of our main goals in hosting the Business Plan Competition is to spread the gospel, so to speak, of Entrepreneurship across the CSUF campus. Why? Well, we all have anecdotal evidence of CSUF students who want to start their own business and while many of these students are business students there are a lot who are not. And, quite frankly, many of the Mihaylo Business students who are not concentrating in Entrepreneurship do not get enough information and support to start their own businesses in their concentration’s classes.

To put it another way: We use the Business Plan Competition (and the Fast Pitch Competition as well) to inspire students to start the process of launching their own business.

So, the big question is “How many non-Entrepreneurship students did we get to sign up for the Business Plan Competition?” Quite a few.

Here are the Majors/Concentrations (as self-reported by the students) that were represented in this year’s Business Plan Competition: Continue reading

CSUF Entrepreneurship School Year in Review: 2013-14

Another wonderful school year has come to a close and we couldn’t be prouder. This year we have accomplished many things and our students have exceeded all expectations. Recently, we hosted an Awards Celebration and I would like to take the time to give you an overview of everyone who was recognized.

Since 2011, Michael Sawitz and his incubator,, has supported CSUF student-entrepreneurs by providing full tuition to multiple student startups each year. This year, Michael (pictured right), awarded two such scholarships, one to Andre Conde’s (pictured center) White Light Medical and Quinn Royston’s Cordomi Rentals.

Michael Sawitz graciously supported two scholarships that will pay for all the tuition costs to his business incubator, Each of these scholarships is valued at $25,000 and each of the winners, incidentally, were top three finishers in this year’s CSUF Business Plan Competition.

Andre Conde’s White Light Medical was one of the recipients for this prize. White Light Medical has developed a device that will aid in spinal surgery by cutting down on the risks and time needed for this type of surgery. Continue reading

CSUF Entrepreneur Success Story: Amerika Bernal ’15

Amerika Bernal

My career at Cal State Fullerton began with an unknown path. In my first year of college I did not declare my major as I did not know what lifetime career I wanted to choose. During my third year in college, I came to the sudden realization as to what my career choice would be. That choice was to become a certified public accountant and work for a well respected company. As a 22-year-old student full of ideas and ambition to achieve something greater than myself, I always knew that I wanted to do something more with my life.

Throughout my teen and young adult years I have always had ideas, but I neither had the courage nor the motivation to act on them as far as making them something tangible. It was not until the end of the year 2013 that I decided to take a chance and compete in the 2014 Business Plan Competition at Cal State Fullerton. It was during this year that I pushed myself to make my dream of making a high quality sound reduction system for outdoor use a reality. Continue reading