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CSUF Business Consulting


  • The CSUF Student Consulting Program fields approximately 70 consulting projects every semester
  • Projects can cover a range of fields including: Marketing, Operations, Finance/Accounting and/or Leadership/HR
  • Our projects have placed in the Top 10 in the National Small Business Institute‘s Student Business Consulting Competition 26 times since 1991 – LINK
  • All undergrad Student Consulting Teams have a mentor and their professor aiding them in their projects
  • We have approximately one dozen MBA Student Consulting Projects every semester and each project focuses on overall strategy
  • Our clients have wonderful things to say about us – LINK



  • These projects are amazing learning tools for our students and help them obtain a better understanding of the real world
  • As mentioned above, our students can produce amazing results for companies as well
  • Be introduced to fresh ideas
  • The fees associated with utilizing a CSUF Student Consulting Team go to fund the CSUF Entrepreneurship Program, which has been helping student entrepreneurs for decades

If you are interested in our CSUF Student Consulting Program please send an email to  asking for more information and we will get back to you ASAP. And for more information about our award winning Student Consulting Program please click HERE.

NextGen Challenge OC Funding Competition

A Startup Orange County Signature Event

NextGen Challenge OC

A “First of Its Kind” Collaborative Funding Competition

Cash Investments and Prizes for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Have you ever thought about starting a business?  Have you started a business and needed a mentor or advice to prevent you from making a mistake?  Do you have a business ready to move to the next level but need capital?  Then you need to register for the NextGen Challenge OC, the signature event for Startup Orange County, to receive guidance on the key aspects to success in obtaining funding and what venture investors look for in startup business models.


  • $75 for Early Bird Registration by December 21, 2012
  • $50 for College and University Student Early Bird Registration
  • $135 for those who register after December 21, 2012
  • $85 for College and University Students after December 21, 2012

Why you should compete:

  • Every entrepreneur will receive a “priceless” critique of their entry submission and a one-page summary from three independent venture investors.
  • A three course business accelerator program focused on the key aspects to success in obtaining funding conducted by industry leaders, and venture capitalists in partnership with the SBA, SBDC and Tri-Tech.
  • An opportunity to “pitch” your business before a panel of four venture investor judges.
  • Each startup will gain exposure with venture investors, and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, investors, local businesses and resources.

Register and mark your calendar now!  The NextGen Challenge OC is accepting applications until January 4th, 2013.  Do not miss this opportunity to take advantage of this valuable resource and mentoring from some of the leading companies in the nation. 

Contact Virginia Lorimor at or Jeff Duncombe at with questions.

2013 Quolendar

On this blog we have talked about Kickstarter a few times in the past (5 Tips for Getting Funded on Kickstarter, Project Natalia and Fund a New Business Concept with Kickstarter) and we have reason to talk about it again because another one of our alums has a project on the social funding website. This project, started by Janie Trinh, is called Quolender and, as the name suggests, it’s a calendar that features a meaningful quote for each month. But the cool thing about this calendar is that it uses letterpress printing, a style that is rarely used anymore.

From the Quolendar Kickstarter page:

Modern technologies have put many things, literally, into the “cloud.”  They have given us many digital conveniences but they have also made us rather detached from our own physical world.  Take the calendar as an example.  To view a nice calendar with minimalistic designs, many of us would need to pull out our smart phones and navigate through our touch screens.

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to glance at the corner of your desk and see an elegantly designed letterpress calendar?  The 2013 Quolendar brings the natural beauty, sights, and touch of life…to your life.

The 2013 Quolendar is a hand-crafted letterpress desk calendar that combines vintage design with a clean, modern look.  Each month reveals a carefully selected quote that is sometimes humorous, sometimes inspirational. It’s simply meant to put a smile on your face or give you that extra motivation in life to do the things you want.

These calendars look great and they would make an excellent present for someone.

Be sure to also check out their Facebook page for updates and new product launches.