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Formula SAE Results

CSUF's Titan V Race Car is getting ready for the 2012 Lincoln Formula SAE Racing Competition

CSUF's Titan V gets ready for the 2012 Lincoln Formula SAE Competition

Last week we had a post about the unprecedented cooperation between Mihaylo College and the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. The partnership was meant to bolster our entry into Formula SAE, a competition to see which university could build the best scaled down race car. Well, it worked brilliantly; up to a point.

In almost every category up to the Endurance Event our team, Titan V, outperformed last year’s team, Titan IV. Particularly, Trevor (who was one of the Mihaylo Business students who helped develop the business plan for the production and sale of these race cars and gave a presentation at the competition) was able to boost our Cost Score from 61 to 66.9 points and our presentation score from 18.2 to 52.5 points. That’s pretty good.

Overall, the whole team did great beating out our previous highs in Design, Acceleration and the Autocross score as well. And here’s a video showing how good our car was doing just days before the competition.

However, during the Endurance portion of the competition we hit a snag and did not receive an Endurance or Economy Score, which is a big blow since they are worth a combined 400 points and represent nearly two-thirds of the overall score. The snag? According to another piece, there was a part failure within the drive train that was caused by the unusually hard concrete course. After all of that hard work everyone on the team was very disappointed when they found out what had happened.

But accidents happen and if you take the best score from every category from this year and last year our team would have finished in 14th place for this year’s competition. That would have been a pretty good finish when you think about who else was in the competition. If we had finished in 14th place this year we would have beaten universities such as UC Berkley, Drexel and Purdue.

Positive strides were taken this year and I’m sure the momentum will be taken through to next year’s competition.


In the past we have talked about, a business incubator that was founded by Michael Sawitz, a great friend of the Center for Entrepreneurship. Now, Saimah Chaudhry, one of the more successful entrepreneurs to come out of our program in recent history, has told us about a unique new entrant into the business incubator market: Entrepreneuria.

Entrepreneuria really puts a unique spin on the business incubator concept. According to the brochure, it costs nothing up front to be a member of Entrepreneuria but there is a rigorous vetting process that you must get through to gain entry into this entrepreneurial world. If you do gain admittance to Entrepreneuria you will be housed in a massive mansion in Las Vegas that was previously owned by Mike Tyson.

Residents of the mansion are expected to adhere to a very strict regimen of business, learning, teaching, exercise and philanthropy. That’s right, it’s not all just business in Entrepreneuria. The guiding credo of this organization is that excellent entrepreneurs should also be excellent people. Basically, they require you to have a healthy business, healthy body and a healthy soul. Neat concept.

Just like other business incubators, Entrepreneuria provides many different places in the mansion where eager entrepreneurs (“entrepreneurians” in their lingo) can talk and share ideas with one another. Also, business leaders will be brought in to give talks and to be mentors to the residents. But I’ve said enough for now, here is the description of Entrepreneuria in their own words:

Entrepreneuria is a revolutionary foundation that offers a unique environment for dedicated young entrepreneurs. It provides a customized program that will empower them to develop their entrepreneurial, interpersonal and ethical tendencies. We name these most gifted individuals: Entrepreneurians.

Participants  will be provided opportunities to obtain multiple recognized degrees to at least undergraduate level. They will be offered tailored opportunities to support the development of personal, communication and life skills.

Underpinning the program is a commitment to social and environmental responsibility with the inculcation of deep morals, ethical values, and philanthropic practices.

Entrepreneurians will have the privilege to reside as guests in the former Mike Tyson Mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada within an all-expense paid scholarship.

There was, however, one part of the brochure that I am sure most people would do a spit take at.

[An] Entrepreneurian will be expected to donate 33% equity of his/her first successful business venture to the non-profit organization for philanthropic purposes. The Board of Directors of Entrepreneuria will determine the specifics.

That is a lot of equity to hand over for being a part of the program but, on the other hand, if Entrepreneuria (or any other business incubator for that matter) is able to turn nascent ideas into much larger businesses than they otherwise would have been (and do it more quickly) then the 33% of equity might be worth it. Plus, the wording is a little ambiguous so do your research.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Entrepreneuria through their Facebook page. In no way does California State University, Fullerton, the Center for Entrepreneurship or any of its employees endorse this opportunity. You need to do your own research before deciding if Entrepreneuria is a good fit for you.

Formula SAE Racing Competition

You wouldn’t be admonished for thinking there was no comparison between Monaco and Lincoln, Nebraska but, for this week at least, there is one key similarity. An international competition that pits universities against each other to see who can build the best scaled-down race car and the best case for producing and marketing said race car is taking place in Lincoln this week and California State University, Fullerton is one of the major competitors.

Cal State Fullerton has fared well in this competition of 85 universities when it comes to the engineering and construction of the race car. However, this competition, called Formula SAE, also has a business plan component and CSUF has not utilized its business students… until this year. Working in tandem with students from the College of Engineering and Computer Science a group of Mihaylo business students took on the challenge of developing a comprehensive business plan for the theoretical production of the race car. In Management 465B, one of our entrepreneurship courses, they worked with faculty members such as Dr. Atul Teckchandani and Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson to develop a winning business plan for the competition.

And now one of those students, who graduated in May, is making the trip to attend the Formula SAE Competition to represent CSUF and bolster our chances of winning this international competition with universities from America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India and Puerto Rico. Trevor Smith, the lone representative from the group of business students who crafted the business plan, will be making a presentation at this event on how to commercialize this product. This will surely be an exciting time for Trevor and he knows that everyone not only from Mihaylo College but from the whole CSUF family is rooting for him.

So, do you want to see the race car, which can top speeds of 100 mph, in action? Watch the video below.

For more information about the engineering aspect of this competition please read this article from CSUF News and check out the CSUF Formula SAE website.

Conrey Scholarship Presentation

In the last post I promised that I’d publish some pictures from the Center for Entrepreneurship 10th Anniversary Celebration. So, without any further ado here are some pictures of the presentation of the Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers Entrepreneurial Scholarship to Brian Fainzimer.

Brian Feinzimer receives award and is congratulated by scholarship sponsor Jerry Conrey

Brian standing with Field Case Coordinator Charlesetta Medina and Professor Robert Kovacev

Brian standing with other scholarship winners Chris Aaron and Diana Ho.

[images: Brian Feinzimer]

Center for Entrepreneurship’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Recap

Founded during the Fall semester of the 2001-02 school year by Dr. Michael Ames, the Center for Entrepreneurship is a self-sustaining entity funded through program fees, individual donations and corporate sponsorships. In the Entrepreneurship Program we have 180 full time and part time students studying Entrepreneurship as a major and 44 students minoring in Entrepreneurship. We also have 15 MBAs who are concentrating in Entrepreneurship.

Each of these students is taking on a huge task by studying Entrepreneurship at CSUF because the courses in the Entrepreneurship Program require a massive time commitment. In each course in the Entrepreneurship Program there is a semester long project. In two successive courses students form teams and create a business plan and then in the next semester they launch that business. The other Entrepreneurship courses feature semester long student consulting projects where our students develop reports to help local businesses improve in various areas including: operations, marketing, accounting and leadership.

For each class volunteers are need to coach our student teams. These volunteers have extensive business knowledge and each of them selflessly give dozens of hours of their time every semester to help guide our students through these semester long projects. Others volunteer their time for special projects the Center for Entrepreneurship undertakes.

That is why on Wednesday, May 30th the Center for Entrepreneurship celebrated its 10th Anniversary with all of those people who make the Entrepreneurship Program such a vital part of CSUF and the local business community. In attendance were volunteers, Board Members, students, alumni, professors, CSUF staffers, local businesspeople, scholarship winners and assorted family members.

Networking was the first part of this event and was a good opportunity to catch up with those who hadn’t seen each other in a while. During the networking portion a couple of our student entrepreneurs showcased their wares. Diana Ho of Diana Ho Designs showed off her handcrafted shoes and Chris Aaron handed out his delicious kettle corn.

After that we dove into the presentation of awards. Each of the volunteers in attendance was presented with a certificate and personally thanked for their service. Dave Kinnear was singled out as the 2012 Volunteer of the Year for his exemplary dedication to the Entrepreneurship Program at CSUF. All of our volunteers are great people and we sincerely thank them for their contributions.

Next we recognized two of our most successful student consulting teams. Each year our program enters two of our student consulting projects into the Small Business Institute’s competition. Over 200 universities are a part of the SBI consulting process and our MBA entrant won 3rd place on the national level and our undergraduate team won the national competition.

Dr. Dmitry Khanin led the graduate team to third place nationally with their project for Connection III Entertainment. John Bradley Jackson, professor and Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship, led the undergraduate team to the national championship with their project for Fortis Resource Partners. CEO Kira Bruno ’89 was in attendance for the award presentation and Chuck Pavia was the team’s volunteer coach.

Next, Dr. David Obstfeld, one of our great Entrepreneurship professors, presented the Steve Keller Memorial Scholarship funded by Bill Bemus to Diana Ho (she had a busy day!).

After that, a special award sponsored by volunteer Jack Hayden was presented by Dr. Atul Teckchandani, another one of our great Entrepreneurship professors. The recipient of this award was the student team called Titan Motor Sports and it is for one of the team members to travel to a national competition. Titan Motor Sports is a special team that was created to partner up with a CSUF team comprised of Computer Science and Engineering students who have created an open wheel racing vehicle for a national competition. Titan Motor Sports’ contribution is an excellent business plan that is a crucial part of the competition. Good luck guys!

Next, Jerry Conrey presented the Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers Entrepreneurial Scholarship to Brian Fainzimer (Incidentally, Brian has some great pictures of the event. Check them out.) After that, the State Farm Scholarship, sponsored by Ellen Williams, was presented to Samantha Stuber.

A group of awards was presented to three of our students. Michael Sawitz, volunteer and client of our student consulting services, has created a Business Incubator that helps early stage companies grow by providing them with space, contacts and coaching. Thanks to his connections with our Entrepreneurship Program Michael decided to award tuition in his Business Incubator,, to three groups.

The second runner up, was Thank Skinz, founded by Shawn Way, who was the winner of our inaugural Business Plan Competition. The first runner up was StatRev Legal, founded by Laura Schmitt. And the winner of the one year, all inclusive Accelerator Program valued at $54,000 was Gamer Comps, co-founded by Steve Schoenhals. In total, $69,000 worth of tuition in Fast.Start.studios was awarded. That’s an amazing gift, thank you Michael!

Concluding the proceedings Director Jackson thanked all of the faculty including: Dr. David Obstfeld, Dr. Atul Teckchandani, Dr. Dmitry Khanin, Robart Kovacev, Zack Dafallah, Tom Miller, Barbara Samara, Guy Knuf and Brent Evans. Director Jackson also recognized the amazing contributions of Charlesetta Medina who is responsible for acquiring all of the clients for the Entrepreneurship Program and me, Travis Lindsay, for doing most of the administrative tasks for the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Over the course of the next week we will be posting some of the media from this event so be sure to check back to see the pictures and videos of the event.

If you want to become a part of our award winning program you can learn more about becoming a mentor by contacting us at and if you are considering hiring a CSUF Student Consulting Team go here.