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Personal Mission 101: A Baccalaureate Speech

I was asked to give a high school Baccalaureate Speech this last weekend.

Candidly, although I am called to speak frequently, this was a daunting task. What should I say? What would the audience want to hear? What really matters? Talk about writers block!

I had no choice but to call upon my friends and colleagues on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Buoyed by the strength and intelligence of “the crowd”, I gave the best speech that I could give. Many thanks to all that helped me.

All the best,

John Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship

CSUF Alum Aaron Barkenhagen Radio Interview

Listen to the radio (recorded) interview with CSUF Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson and CSUF alumnus Aaron Barkenhagen of Bootleggers Brewery.

This interview was hosted by Theresa Harvey of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.
Issues addressed include:

• What it takes to be an Entrepreneur
• The role of social media in a startup
• How great beer gets made in Fullerton
• How the University partners with local business.

John Bradley Jackson
CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship