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Advancing Small Business Financing Practices

Please join us at this special event sponsored by Wells Fargo on May 5, 2010 called “Advancing Small Business Financing Practices.”

Credit. Whether you call it funding, financing or capital, it’s all the same. It’s about getting the money you need for your business. Our panel will provide you with useful resources and solutions to develop your credit strategy.

* Key Decisions in Your Financing Needs
* Importance of Business Planning
* Understand How your Bankers Sees You

Keynote Speaker: Robert DeMaranville , National Sales Manager for the WF SBA Group, Wells Fargo
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John Bradley Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship

Orange County Entrepreneurship Study Announced

The CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship announced on April 20, 2010 the preliminary results of a ground breaking new study that investigated entrepreneurship in Orange County: How Advanced is Entrepreneurship in Orange County?

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John Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship

Social Media Promotes a Start Up

Introducing Special Eats Orange County.

We create Nutritious+Delicious meals for your home or your catered event. We provide multiple menu options for you to choose from, enabling you to choose your perfect meal. Our freshly prepared meals are either cooked on-site or delivered, and can be eaten fresh, or frozen for future use. We also meet the special dietary needs of the Autistic community and anyone who wants or needs to eat Gluten or Casein free.

I’m a motivated CSUF student entrepreneur with big dreams and lots of questions. One of which is: How can a soon-to-be-graduate build a brand image and a client base at low to no monetary cost? Why, with social media of course!

Launching introduces my business, builds credibility, communicates my brand and mission, and creates a following of potential customers. I maintain an active fan page by tempting people with my Nutritious+Delicious recipes, posting pictures to illustrate my ideas, and providing helpful Tangie Tips that follow my mission of healing and nourishing people with food. was launched on March 1 and after 44 days has 132 active fans which have been gathered with the minimal marketing of friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

Sound easy? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. Thankfully, I’ve found some help. Daniela Bolzmann and her Social Media Consulting Co., SocialSkoop created my Facebook fan page, linked my fan page to Twitter and my You Tube videos, and started a mailing list through Mail Chimps. Matthew Gallizzi, another brilliant CSUF graduate and entrepreneur assisted with any tech questions I had, helped me obtain my URL, and encouraged me every step of the way. Rose Agracewicz, yet another CSUF entrepreneurship student, recently developed a SWOT analysis of my Facebook page in order to explore ways to grow and she is helping with further development of my marketing strategy.

A social media schedule outlines my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. I’ve even developed a month’s worth of content in one sitting so I have something to draw from when my creative juices aren’t flowing. I hope to enlighten people so they envision themselves living a Nutritious+Delicious lifestyle. In addition, promote my actual business services of weekly meal delivery, at home cooking jobs, and on site catering which will be launching soon.

Costs have been in the form of time, effort and the occasional bartering of services with my fellow entrepreneurs. Bartering is key! We all have something of value that can be exchanged, and it never hurts to ask.

What’s next? Building a mobile website with Matthew Gallizzi’s business will allow me to showcase a weekly menu, and facilitate easy customer ordering from their phones. Showcasing my menus and event pictures on Facebook, compiling a cookbook, cross promotion on complimentary blogs, receiving sponsors for paid advertisements… all in the process.

My parting advice is: Figure out your message, how you can reach your intended audience, then, find the cheapest way to do it and build from there. I’ve had a lot of struggles, but if you are willing to work hard, the possibilities are endless.

Join me in living a Nutritious+Delicious lifestyle!

Anais Tangie
Entrepreneurship Major


“Entrepreneurship in the New Normal”

Join us for a special keynote address at CSUF sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship in the New Normal”

“The Future of Internet Marketing, Social Media and the Next Generation” — Sinan Kanatsiz, CEO, KCOMM and Chairman of the Internet Marketing Association

“Electric Mobility and Alternative Energy” — Keynote Speaker, Kelly Anderson, CFO, T3 Motion

“The Next Generation Businessperson” — Closing keynote speaker, Michael Sawitz, CEO, AIM Mail Centers

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time: 7:00-8:30pm, please arrive early as seating is limited.*

Location: O’Brien Center at Mihaylo Hall SGMH-3230 from 7:00 pm on Thursday, April 15

Everyone is welcome.

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John Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship

CSUF MBA Consulting Available Now

CSUF Entrepreneurship is looking for consulting clients for the MBA capstone strategy course. The team would conduct a three year strategic plan evaluating all aspects of the business. A typical team of 5-6 MBA students puts in over 300 hours on the custom project. Space is limited and the semester kicks off in a few weeks. Please contact Marisa Sherb, Field Case Coordinator for the CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship at (657) 278-8243 or

Visit the website at

A Level Playing Field Could Create California Jobs

When Joseph Vranich, the Business Relocation Coach who assists companies that want to leave CA testified March 19, 2010, at the “Legislative Summit of Jobs and Regulations in California” before Senator Hollingsworth, and Assemblymen Jeffries, Miller, Emmerson, Nestande, at the Riverside City Council Chambers in Riverside, he testified that he was aware of at least 112 companies that have relocated their businesses to other States, or did their company expansions in other States, but was only aware of a handful of companies that expanded in CA.

If and when the CA job market ever starts to recover, and the exodus of companies to other States and Countries starts to slow down, it will be driven by private industry entrepreneurs and businesses on the basic concept of getting a return on their invested capital (ROI). Successful businesses, providing products or services, and the jobs they create are the foundation of our tax base in the CA. Employed people buy cars and homes and further support the tax base in America. Putting an extra 40 pound rock on the backs of those industries in CA does not provide a level playing field for corporate America.

Unfortunately, CA is making great strides toward growing its image of not being business friendly. With CA’s extraordinary roadblocks from policies, processes, procedures, regulatory requirements, mounting bureaucracy, and special interest groups, this uneven playing field makes it tough to convince private industry to invest their capital in a State that virtually guarantees the lowest return on their invested capital.

It appears that Sacramento is totally unaware that the only obligation the “non government” corporations have is to get a return on their investment for the shareholders of the corporations. For example, the energy companies are not required to drill for oil in CA, nor are they required to process refined products such as gasoline, diesel, and chemicals in California for our daily use. They are however, obligated to provide their shareholders with a return on the corporations invested dollars, i.e., an ROI.

With the economy in the mess that it is, seems like more and more Legislatures are talking about creating jobs on one side of their mouth, and raising taxes to reduce the deficit on the other side of their mouths. These new “rocks” however, create an uneven playing field and makes other States and Countries more attractive for investments and the creation of jobs.

Many of the processes and taxes imposed and being proposed on the private sector could THEORETICALLY generate revenue for the State IF the businesses and jobs would stay put in CA and still generate projected revenues with these higher costs of doing business. Imposing more taxes on CA drilling, i.e., more rocks on the backs of industry, would theoretically generate revenue for CA, but it may also make other states or offshore locations more attractive for the private sector to invest in drilling which would result in lesser tax revenue to CA and a loss of more jobs.

CA has implemented the strongest environmental controls in the world, but that 40 pound rock has driven away businesses we had in CA and opened the door for States and countries with lesser environmental regulations, and permitting restrictions.

Rather than imposing more rocks on the backs of industry and fueling the exodus of investments and jobs from CA, Sacramento should be considering incentives and methods to create a level playing field with other States to keep the investments, jobs and technology HERE, while we transition to alternatives over the next few decades.

Ronald Stein, P.E.
Center for Entrepreneurship Board Member

Editor’s note: Ron Stein, Principal Technical Services, Inc testified how the uneven playing field that CA has implemented has adversely affected return on investments for private industry, and encourages companies, and the jobs they create, to seek other locations that are more business friendly with less regulations and taxes, to net an acceptable return on their investments.

The link to the 10 minute video is: