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Color Sets the Stage

Color is the first and most important element of an image whether it is a logo, website, brochure, or direct mailer. Color is the stage where the images and words perform. Sometimes, color can say it all.

According to The Kabbalah Circle, “The colors of nature have had their influence on us, and these influences are deep-seated in our physiological and psychological make-up – but there they are, whether we like them or not. In the case of the things we buy, however, we are free to choose, to exercise our own likes and dislikes, our tastes and our conventions. Airlines hire color consultant to choose the colors in the cabin, hence to reduce the tensions which are associated with flying. A preference for one color and a dislike for another may reflect an existing state of mind, of balance, or of both.”

Color evokes mood and speaks louder than words.

Diego Jaramillo
Entrepreneurship Student

Validating New Business Ideas

So you have a great idea.

Let’s assume that the idea is the basis for a new business concept. To validate or test the feasibility of the new idea, I recommend starting with the customer and working your way back to the company or idea sponsor and ultimately reconciling with the investor.

The acid test is as follows:

1. Why would a customer buy this offering? What are the benefits or what is the value proposition?
2. Who or what is the target market? Be VERY specific.
3. Is the firm or idea sponsor capable of providing and/or making the offering including access to resources such as people, materials, channels of distribution, partners, and technology?
4. Does the offering fit the firm or idea sponsor’s strategy?
5. Will the offering make money? How much and how soon? Will their be enough runway for the idea to thrive?
6. Will the investor/s sleep at night knowing that a decent ROI is possible?

Finally, for a new idea to “have legs” it needs to make life better. Otherwise, why do it?

John Bradley Jackson
Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship
California State University, Fullerton

1 in 3 California teens unemployed

According to the Orange County Register, California’s recession has been particularly hard on younger workers with the unemployment rate for those ages 16 to 19 hitting 33.2% in January, reports the state Employment Development Department.

California unemployment ages 16-19

Month Unemployment
Jan. 2010 33.2%
Dec.2009 32.8%
Nov. 2009 32.4%
Jan. 2009 25.2%

Teens, who are often less educated and less skilled than the rest of the workforce, always have had a difficult time finding jobs, but this recession has been especially bad. A year ago in January, unemployment among those 16 to 19 was 25.2%.

I worry about the impact of this discouraging statistic — just when young people can begin to contribute to the economy as an employee or entrepreneur, they get hit with this. I worry about the potential injury to the self esteem of such impressionable talent.

What will be the result?

John Bradley Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship

China is the New Silicon Valley

High tech manufacturing is big business in China. This NY Times article describes how big China’s role has become in the global technology community.

Hint: that role is much bigger thank you might think.

John Bradley Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship
New York Times Article

Blog Add-on Makes Blogging Easier

If you are a blogger you might want to check out this new software Zemanta. It automatically links, tags, and adds photos to your blog article. This is too easy!

It works on most standard browsers (IE, Firefox), as well as with WordPress and other blogging tools. You can read about it and download at

Thanks to my friend Jim Carr for referring this.

John Bradley Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship

How Entrepreneurial is Orange County?

Entrepreneurship in certainly well represented in Orange County. Irvine is especially famous for being a hot-spot of entrepreneurial activities, especially in the biotech and software industries.

However, where does Orange County stand on the entrepreneurship dimension compared to other regions of the country known for their entrepreneurial activities? This question is important since it can point to ways of strengthening entrepreneurship in OC. Curiously, no one can readily answer this question, or so it seems.

The CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship aspires to answer that question.

Millennials Choose Leisure Instead of Work

GenMe prefers to play rather than work. According to Yahoo! News, “A new survey research suggests indeed that is the case: Large generational gaps exist, particularly when it comes to work attitudes. The findings reveal young people just entering the workforce, often called GenMe or , are more likely than their elders to value leisure time over work and to place a premium on rewards such as higher salaries and status.

John Bradley Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship