Free eBook – Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Some of you may have noticed that Dr. Michael Ames and Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson recently collaborated on a book called Your Entrepreneurial Journey. Having edited it myself, I can tell you that there is a lot of great content in this book. Dealing mainly with the intersection of principles and business, this book is meant for any entrepreneur or professional who wants to not only learn why guiding principles are important but how they can help your business.

Also, it’s free until Friday, April 18 on Amazon!

This book is currently only available in the Kindle format, so you will have to download the app if you don’t already have it.

Why an eBook? Well, Dr. Ames and Mr. Jackson felt that the best way to convey their message was through a multimedia platform and an eBook was the best solution. When you download this book you not only receive decades worth of wisdom from two of Southern California’s leading lights in entrepreneurship but you will also get links to many more hours of wonderful content directly related to the book.

Even when this book will no longer be free it is still a massive deal. But it is free now so go pick up a copy and, if so moved, please review this book on Amazon.

Thanks and enjoy!

CSUF Student-led Business Consulting Success Story – HCP National

Several years ago we engaged with the CSUF Student-led Business Consulting Program led by Professor John Bradley Jackson for advisement on our marketing. We wanted new ideas for our insurance brokerage, which specializes in health care, with an emphasis in Medical Malpractice.

The CSUF Student-led Business Consulting group that we hired came up with a very impressive marketing plan; there were several great ideas that we implemented. One of them involved our client retention program, which allowed us to graphically show how much our clients have saved from working with our company over the years. This has been a valuable tool to remind some of our clients the value of a long term relationship with our firm.

This year, we challenged the students to improve our online marketing to target physicians. Doctors are incredibly busy and very hard to reach. We have insurance programs for Medical Malpractice that can save doctors thousands of dollars and we need to get that word out. The students we are working with now have contributed some good ideas; we are expecting to implement our online marketing plan shortly.

We find that young minds come up with ideas that older minds would think of as impossible. Also, we want to help students that want practical, hands-on experience. A college education is very valuable, but getting hands-on experience and applying what you have learned is gold.

William Dyer

I personally benefited greatly from a college education, which was paid by scholarships, so to give back we have launched an HCP National Scholarship Program listed on our website.  It allows any college student to log on and answer a rather profound question. We believe that a college education is essential for success and we feel fortunate to have the resources to help.

This piece was written by William Dyer who is the Vice President and Founder of HCP National, which he started over 20 years ago at age 29.

For an overview of our Student-led Business Consulting Program please view the following video and visit our website:

StartupGrind Orange County Event – April 2014

StartupGrind Orange County 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014   6-8:30pm
@The Eureka Building 1621 Alton Pkwy., Irvine, CA 92701
6:00-7:15pm:     connecting | eats

7:15pm:             Featured Guest, Cory Hudson Jones [Cryptozoic Entertainment]

8:00pm:             more relationship building

What is Startup Grind? Startup Grind Orange County a local community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.  Startup Grind is global, hosting events in more than 75 Chapters cities and 20 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Startup Grind is now Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.Stay updated on upcoming Startup Grind events on Twitter at @StartupGrind, @StartupGrindOC, #StartupGrind, #GetYourGrindOn or
Why Attend?                         We believe in making friends, not contacts.
                                             We believe in giving, not taking.
                                             We believe in helping others before helping ourselves.
                                             Never give up.
Get involved!  Exclusive Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are always welcome. Feel free to connect with me for more information.

View & LIKE our latest Fireside Chat Video featuring Feyzi Fatehi | CEO of Corent Technology

For more information CLICK HERE

Understanding our Personalities

Editor’s Note: Recently, the New Venture Launch classes were part of a unique hands-on workshop facilitated by Bob Kreisberg, President of Opus Productivity Solutions. The post below is written by two students who attended the workshop, Paul Aleo and Drew Balanza.

Opus Productivity aids companies in improving productivity and profitability through the use of a unique personality assessment test. Many employers use this test to assess a potential candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to completing the required job duties. These tests can also help people learn how to communicate better by teaching them about their own personalities and the personalities of others.

Prior to coming to the workshop, each student completed a brief questionnaire and Opus Productivity created a detailed personality profile for each student and a team profile that put together information about each team member’s personality. Bob Kreisberg facilitated a workshop that showed us how to interpret our personality profile results and how to effectively communicate with co-workers who have similar and different personalities.

The report explained our natural tendencies, what type of environment we work best in, how we come across to others, our style for interacting with others, and what tends to motivate/demotivate us. It was unbelievable how accurate the results were!

Here is an excerpt from one of our personality assessments, with our comments included in parentheses:

You are quite controlling in a careful and convincing way… (Manipulative eh? After all, I am a Scorpio.)

Very attentive to maintain accuracy while getting things accomplished as quickly as possible. Authoritative, self-disciplined. Little tolerance for mediocrity or inaccuracy… (I hate wasting time, especially on low quality work. That’s just a waste of time, you’re going to have to do it over again anyway.)

There is a competitive spirit and an ambitious desire to win… (Who likes losing?)

You have the ability to quickly and effectively convey ideas and information in an influential manner. (I get it, I’m manipulative. I like that, it’s like I’m a bad guy in one of those comic book movies, Spiderman. X-Men. I don’t know.)

Your natural energy level is in the: ACHIEVER ZONE. With this means of accomplishing a task, you should be very successful. Your only concern here might be whether there is enough time in the day and can the important areas of your life (job, mate, peers, etc.) really utilize the energies you have to offer… (Amen!)

Not only did we receive an individual report, we also received a team report that aggregated the results of our team members in a way that described everyone’s dominate personality traits and how our personalities may be perceived from other members in our group in both positive and negative ways. Bob Kreisberg helped us to take this information and use it to understand everyone’s unique personality and how our differences can be utilized effectively to complement each other.

Overall, we found the entire experience to be quite valuable. Learning about our own personalities and how they can affect how well we work with others was quite insightful and definitely one of the more valuable experiences during our time at Cal State Fullerton.

2014 CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals

The 2014 CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals are set to take place Friday, April 11 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm on the CSUF campus in Titan Student Union Pavilion A (Facebook Event Page). And you are all invited!

Nick Ajluni, the owner of Nix Fix, presenting at the 2013 CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals

This year it was particularly tough deciding which teams would make it into the Semifinals and, subsequently, the Finals. But, after a couple months of going through all of the submissions and hearing the top 16 teams present at the Semifinals, we are finally ready for the Finals. As it currently stands, the three teams that will be presenting in the Finals will be (in alphabetical order):

Cordomi Rentals – Cordomi will make a website/app that will allow people to more easily discover rental properties (homes, apartments, etc.) that will accept their particular breed of animal. Currently, most, if not all, websites that communicate whether or not a property is pet friendly will only do so in a broad fashion and this can lead to problems. For example, if the property allows dachshunds but doesn’t allow Labradors you might not realize you can’t bring your beautiful chocolate lab to live with you until after you have wasted a lot of your time.

Eagle Eye Engineering – Eagle Eye Engineering aims to help archers train better during the winter months. Currently, during winter months, most archers have to train indoors to keep their skills fresh. The problem with this is that with indoor conditions the path of the arrow is significantly straighter then it would be under normal competition conditions, which is mainly outdoors. In order to compensate for this, a group of CSUF student-entrepreneurs-engineers developed a mathematical formula that fixes this problem and have built a prototype practice unit.

White Light Medical – White Light Medical is aiming to increase the efficacy of spinal surgery by creating a smarter pedicle probe. From what I understand they said, “this probe uses an electro-mechanical method to continuously measure changes in force coupled with a heuristic path-identification algorithm to alert the surgeon to a potential or impending breach, which prevents the probe from exiting the vertebral body and causing harm to the patient.” From what I actually understand, this device could increase the success rate of spinal surgeries significantly.

All of these ideas are wonderful and I hope that they move forward with them. But before they become major success stories, watch them battle it out at the 2014 CSUF Business Plan Competition Finals. And if watching some of the brightest CSUF student-entrepreneurs isn’t enough of an inducement for you then you should also know that their will be multiple opportunity drawings throughout the event for current CSUF students.

Also, we need some volunteers for this event. If you are a current CSUF student and you volunteer we can offer you extra raffle tickets for the opportunity drawings. And, if you are currently an Entrepreneur Society member, I’m almost certain that volunteering at this event will count towards your community service hours. If you are interested in volunteering for this event please get in touch with Travis at


CSUF Entrepreneurship Update – 1st Quarter 2014

2014 has already been an exciting year for us but we have a lot more planned. For starters, we were just honored with our 11th National Championship at the Small Business Institute’s Project of the Year Competition! Not only did our undergraduates bring home the national championship in their division but our MBA’s came in second place in theirs!

Speaking of our Student-led Business Consulting Program, we are already looking for clients for our MBA Summer Program which begins in late May. If you or a company you know of could benefit from our MBA students’ expertise, please contact Ms. Charlesetta Medina at or 657-278-8243.

(2013 SBI National Champion Undergraduate Student-led Business Consulting team from CSUF Entrepreneurship)

We are also in the midst of running the 2014 CSUF Business Plan Competition as well. The Finals for this competition are set for Friday, April 11th in the Titan Student Union and, based off of the submissions we have reviewed so far, it looks like this year’s finals will be very exciting! Of course, we are always looking for more sponsors for this competition (for student awards and to pay for the cost of running the event itself) and if you are interested in supporting CSUF student-entrepreneurs please reply to this email and we will help you out (or go to our Donation Page to give via credit card online).

(Students who competed in the 2014 CSUF Fast Pitch Business Competition)

Thanks to your support we have already accomplished a lot in 2014:

  • We ran the first-ever CSUF Fast Pitch Business Competition. With over 60 participants and approximately 150 people in attendance, this event was a huge success. And, to top it all off, our very own John Chi took home the second place prize!
  • Gayle and Phil Tauber, the founders of Kashi, were gracious enough to come on campus to give a talk to our students, faculty and staff about their shared entrepreneurial journey.
  • We hosted the Patent Troll and other IP-related Threats Seminar and the FULL VIDEO is up now. At this seminar, panelists Roger N. Behle (IP litigator at Foley, Bezek, Behle & Curtis, LLP), Jerry Conrey (Principal at Conrey Insurance Brokers) and Dr. Robert Kovacev (Professor of Finance at CSUF) discussed how business can identify these potentially bad actors and how best to deal with them.

Also, Dr. Michael Ames, Chairman of the Board for the Center for Entrepreneurship, recently published an eBook titled “Your Entrepreneurial Journey”, which focuses on developing guiding principles for businesses. It is an excellent book that I collaborated on with Dr. Ames and I believe it can help every business develop truly important goals. The eBook is reasonably priced and can be found on Amazon; also, all proceeds of the book go to support the Center for Entrepreneurship and its students.

CSUF Entrepreneur Success Story – Brian De La Rosa

CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story: Brian De La Rosa, Founder of HERES2U

I graduated from CSUF in June 2006 and, before I could enjoy some downtime, I quickly began working in the marketing department at Disney Consumer Products. After four years at Disney and then a couple more years jumping around at other entertainment companies, I finally took the plunge to start my own business and left the corporate world.

I credit much of my success to the CSUF Entrepreneurship Program, which instilled three valuable lessons into me, which I believe led me to where I am today.  I can still hear Professor John Bradley Jackson, JJ for short, now, “If you want to start your own business, keep your personal expenses as low as possible.” This proved to be very true; it would have been much harder if I had to worry about making that mortgage payment while trying to launch my business.

The second valuable lesson was the understanding that your network is a reflection of how strong you are. If you can keep a strong and healthy network, anything is possible. Your relationships will help you break through that wall.

The third lesson was to learn how to develop and present a business plan or investor proposal. I would have never been able to raise investor money without having to write business plans during my Entrepreneurship classes. All of these lessons were taught to me during my career at CSUF and I hold true to them today. Thanks to JJ and professors like him, I was well prepared to start and launch HERES2U.

Two years ago, while I was at work, I tried to call into a restaurant my friend was eating at to purchase them a bottle of wine. To my surprise it proved to be extremely difficult and sparked the idea of HERES2U.  After over a year of planning and speaking to countless restaurant owners I developed HERES2U to address this deficiency in the marketplace.

HERES2U is a mobile application that allows restaurant guests to receive drinks or meals from family or friends not physically present. Imagine, celebrating your birthday at your favorite watering hole and all of a sudden you get a phone notification that your brother, who couldn’t attend because he is traveling in Prague, just bought you a bottle of champagne that you can redeem with your server.

Well about 2 months ago, HERES2U went live and, although it is still very early in its life, I was able to sign up 15 LA-based restaurants in about one week and I am actively growing that number.  Restaurant owners are responding positively to this new revenue stream and marketing tool that makes HERES2U’s future bright.

Due to limited resources and manpower my strategy is to focus all my energy signing up restaurants in a small geographical area and then show some good success, which hopefully will result in raising more funds and expanding into more cities. In addition, my development team and myself are continuously working on enhancements to the iOS app, developing an android version and raising investor money; all of these skills I learned while a student in the CSUF Entrepreneurship Program. HERES2U has a very bright future and looks forward to helping everyone never miss a celebration.

Thank you CSUF Entrepreneurship Program!!!

CSUF Fast Pitch Business Competition Highlights – Spring 2014

The CSUF Fast Pitch Business Competition was a huge success earlier this year in February. Thanks to our sponsors – Wells Fargo, the Black Family Trust and Guchereau Company – we sponsored an event that brought together university and high school students from all over the Orange and Los Angeles County areas. (For more info, go HERE or THERE)

Below is a playlist of the event from earlier this year with two videos: one is a highlight video and the other features one of the presentations.

We plan on running another on of these competitions either during the Fall or Spring semester of the 2014-15 school year. If you would like to get involved as either a donor or a participant please send us an email at and we will see what we can do.

Thanks for watching

2014 Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers Entrepreneurial Scholarship Last Call

This is just a friendly little reminder that your applications for the 2014 Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers Entrepreneurial Scholarship are due this Saturday, March 15. If you haven’t done so already APPLY FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP NOW!!!

Robert Gates (L) with Vicki and Jerry Conrey at CSUF Entrepreneurship end-of-the-year-party-and-awards-ceremony.


Established by: This scholarship was established by Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers on behalf of the Entrepreneurship Program in the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, Cal State Fullerton.

Open to: This scholarship is open to full-time students in their junior year, entering their senior year in the upcoming fall semester—all applicants must be majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Criteria: 2.5 GPA (employed and/or extracurricular activities) ♦ 3.0 GPA (unemployed or not involved in extracurricular activities)

Application Procedure: The online application will be available February 1. To access the application, go to your CSUF portal (be sure to use the new portal) and click on the “Scholarships” button. Follow the onscreen instructions and be sure to answer in all the questions.

Application Deadline: March 15

Click here to look at other scholarship opportunities at CSUF