The Economics major at Mihaylo College provides you with the following skills that are highly valued by employers.

  • A solid understanding of economic principles that form the foundation of the corporate world and the basis of policy making
  • A solid understanding of the global economy
  • Overall quantitative and qualitative analytical ability
  • Skills in problem solving and computation
  • Skills in looking for sources of data
  • Compilation of data and interpretation of data trends
  • Testing of hypothesis
  • Written communication: writing reports and research papers
  • Oral communication: class presentations and class discussions
  • Experience with statistical packages, such as SAS, Stata, and Eviews

Knowledge of these skills opens doors to a wide range of jobs: city, state, and federal government, Wall Street, law, banking, finance, insurance, real estate, utility companies, non-profits, regulation, sports, health, aging, academia, all aspects of business, and international agencies like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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