“Twin” Nguyen, Superstar Senior!

As Winter Break comes to a close we hope that you all have had a very safe and relaxing time with family and friends. Additionally, we want to thank everyone who was involved in the Winter Gala event last month, one student in Particular: Tuyen Nguyen, a BH senior who I had the privilege of interviewing. Check out what she had to say about the event and where she sees herself after graduation. We love you “Twin”!

CH: What business skills did you utilize in planning this event?

TN: “Since this is the first time BHP put together students organizing projects, there were certain challenges in communicating and collaborating. However, it gives all students the opportunity to know and work with each other. I had the chance to sharpen leadership skills, coordinate other people, as well as apply statistical knowledge in estimating and budgeting for the event.”

CH:I know you as well(I am) are a fellow transfer student(you transferred last year), what school did you come from and how was that experience making the change to CSUF?

TN: “I went to Orange Coast College before transferring to CSUF. I did not know about the BHP until the deadline for applying for the program had passed. I still tried to turn in the application and fortunately I got the phone interview and was accepted to the program. Due to my introverted nature, sometimes it is difficult for me to speak up in the group. Through my current job as a tutor, I gradually have learned to become more confident and to improve my communication skills. “

 CH: What are some of your hobbies or things you enjoy to do in your spare time?

TN: “I really love crocheting whenever I have free time. My skills are not at the advanced level yet, but it is very fun to make DIY crafts. I also like practicing TaiChi, yoga, and meditation.”

CH: After graduation where do you see yourself/what would you like to do?

TN: “One of my biggest dreams is to work with non-profit organizations, especially in education. I want to contribute my time and talents to make big changes. Before that, I love to have a short vacation to Japan upon graduation.”

Thank you so much for what you do “Twin” and we wish you the best of luck for your last semester at CSUF! ~ CH