“Twin” Nguyen, Superstar Senior!

As Winter Break comes to a close we hope that you all have had a very safe and relaxing time with family and friends. Additionally, we want to thank everyone who was involved in the Winter Gala event last month, one student in Particular: Tuyen Nguyen, a BH senior who I had the privilege of interviewing. Check out what she had to say about the event and where she sees herself after graduation. We love you “Twin”!

CH: What business skills did you utilize in planning this event?

TN: “Since this is the first time BHP put together students organizing projects, there were certain challenges in communicating and collaborating. However, it gives all students the opportunity to know and work with each other. I had the chance to sharpen leadership skills, coordinate other people, as well as apply statistical knowledge in estimating and budgeting for the event.”

CH:I know you as well(I am) are a fellow transfer student(you transferred last year), what school did you come from and how was that experience making the change to CSUF?

TN: “I went to Orange Coast College before transferring to CSUF. I did not know about the BHP until the deadline for applying for the program had passed. I still tried to turn in the application and fortunately I got the phone interview and was accepted to the program. Due to my introverted nature, sometimes it is difficult for me to speak up in the group. Through my current job as a tutor, I gradually have learned to become more confident and to improve my communication skills. “

 CH: What are some of your hobbies or things you enjoy to do in your spare time?

TN: “I really love crocheting whenever I have free time. My skills are not at the advanced level yet, but it is very fun to make DIY crafts. I also like practicing TaiChi, yoga, and meditation.”

CH: After graduation where do you see yourself/what would you like to do?

TN: “One of my biggest dreams is to work with non-profit organizations, especially in education. I want to contribute my time and talents to make big changes. Before that, I love to have a short vacation to Japan upon graduation.”

Thank you so much for what you do “Twin” and we wish you the best of luck for your last semester at CSUF! ~ CH


Andrew Cavish, our Boeing intern

After a very interesting Careers at Boeing workshop, Caroline interviewed Andrew Cavish, senior Business Honors student about his 12-week internship at Boeing. Here’s what they discussed:

Caroline: How did you find out about the internship and what process did you go through to be selected?

Andrew: I’m a very proactive person so instead of waiting for internships to come to me I did some research and found this one. I applied online and they contacted me to go through several levels of interviews that were more behavioral based down at Seal Beach. After many follow ups I went through two final rounds of interviews and got a call from them two weeks later informing me I got the internship position.

Caroline: What type of responsibilities did you have as an intern at this company?

Andrew: I took the lead on a LEAN implementation. LEAN is a process of identifying ways Boeing can save money or make a task more efficient. DD250 notes were what I worked on the most, which is used when selling to the US government or any government. I also co worked with one other person to estimate job proposal hours for work orders on the C17, the P8, the international space station, and the F18 Super Hornet. I also worked on a team of pricers to negotiate prices on an order for Australia.

Caroline: How did this internship help prepare you for your career after graduating?

Andrew: I learned a lot with this internship and got some experience working for one of the largest businesses in the United States. I was also able to get accustomed to workplace etiquette which is really important in any company regardless of where you work in the future.

Caroline: Did you receive any additional opportunities or connections from the internship?

Andrew: I received plenty of connections including 60 professional contacts. I interviewed for one of their rotational programs and was able to get a job with the BCFP (Business Career Foundation Program) which is a 2 year, 4 rotation program. It is a highly competitive program, hiring only 10 college grads per year.

Caroline: What advice would you give to other students looking for an internship?

Andrew: Be proactive, go out there and look for what you want. Go to career fairs and search online for opportunities, internships aren’t going to just come to you. Have an awesome resume and cover letter ready to go. A good strategy is to think of five places you want to work and visit those websites and see what you have to do to get an opportunity with them. And finally, don’t just take something if it’s not what you want; make sure you go for what you want. Know your value and what you have to offer and never settle for anything less than your goals.



Boeing Case Study Competition: Part II

So you all remember the Boeing Case Study you read about earlier, right? Well the results are in, and two of the top three winning teams are from our very own Business Honors Program! Taking first place was the “Boeing The Distance” team: Eric Don, Natalie Chau, and David Peterson. Following close behind in third place was the “Number Navigators” team: Irina Arora, Tyler Stewart, and Steven Rodriguez.

Now let’s find out what some of them got out of this experience. Senior Eric Don explained that he “learned how to capitalize on each team member’s strengths.” Eric and his group were invited to a private luncheon with top Boeing executives at their El Segundo facility. Not going to lie, but I’m pretty jealous.

After hearing about these student’s experiences, I definitely want to participate in this case study next year.

~Paayal Bhakta

Boeing Case Study Competition: Part I

The Boeing Case Study Competition, for those of you that don’t know, is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves with a real-life Boeing business case. During the next few weeks, the teams will use their collective knowledge of Supply Chain, Finance, Global Strategy, and Lean concepts to develop a solution to this business case which will be presented to a panel of Boeing executives on Friday, November 2. Out of the 8 teams chosen to participate in this competition, 4 of them are composed of Business Honors students! On October 18, the teams got together for the Case Study Kickoff Event, in which the teams gained an overview of Boeing, received details of the case study, asked questions and met their Boeing Mentors. Here is an inside look at why they all decided to work together.

 Team 1: Eric Don, David Peterson, Natalie Chau – “To aid our culturally diverse world, our team was specifically designed to achieve optimal performance and strategy through our eclectic strengths proven by work experience and leadership positions.”

  Team 2: Andrew Cavish, Brian Ross, Prianca Murthi, Flaviu Macavei – “We wanted to create a team that could bring in various business prospectives and expertise. Our group consists of 4 different majors: finance, management, accounting, and economics.”

Team 3: Irina Arora, Tyler Stewart, Steven Rodriguez – “Tyler, Steven, and I (Irina) have known each other for months and we are together in the Business Honors program, so we know each others strengths and weaknesses. That was the main reason we decided to work together. More over, all three of us were very enthusiastic about this competition and realized that nothing would be better than us forming a team.”

 Team 4: Neda Ghafourian, Elizabeth Garcia, Shastina Sarkosh, Jennifer Fletcher, Allison Fletcher – “Elizabeth Garcia and I (Neda) initially teamed up and decided to search our network to find students from various concentrations with strong individual characteristics to join our group. The individuals that first came to mind were Shastina Sarkhosh (marketing), Jennifer Fletcher (management) and Allison Fletcher (management). We were lucky enough that they accepted as soon as we extended the invitation. We believe that we have a diverse and strong group of women to lead the Boeing Case Study Competition.”

Check back with us in early November for an update on the winners of the competition!

~Paayal Bhakta

Insurance Day

Insurance Day is an annual event held by the Center for Insurance Studies (CIS) for all students that are interested in gaining more knowledge about insurance, financial services, risk management, actuarial science, and more! This year was the fourth year that CIS has held the event and according to the secretary for CIS, each just gets better and better. With the help of the staff at CIS, the members of GIS, and amazing volunteers from various clubs on campus, including BAP, PSE, AMA, BHS, ENT and many more, the event turned out to be spectacular.

Many leading insurance companies were right there in our very own Mihaylo Hall, including State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Travellers, to give students the opportunity to ask them questions and offer opportunities. There were also many little fun prizes and food that were being handed; the best part was the whole event was free of charge to all students. I was able to attend and speak to a few companies including Liberty Mutual and Allstate. An interesting fact that I learned was that these companies, even though many would assume that they focus on finance and risk management majors, also include many programs for other majors including marketing (which happens to be my major) and accounting. So if you missed the event this year or decided not to go because it didn’t seem interesting, I suggest that you definitely check it next year – you never know what opportunities will be waiting!

~Caroline Liang

BAP/AS Meet the Firms Recap

On Thursday, September 27, CSUF Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi presented the “Meet the Firms” event, the biggest networking opportunity of the semester to both students and professionals in the accounting community. That night, about 40 accounting firms including CPA firms, government institutions, and private companies gathered at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Santa Ana to share with motivated students the opportunities available at their company. Some of the firms that were there included the Big Four (PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, and Ernst & Young), KS & Co, Parker Aerospace, Moss Adams LLP, Murphy, Murphy & Murphy, Inc, and Grant Thornton.

All members that attended dressed professionally and brought copies of their resumes to hand out to the companies. It was truly a remarkable event. There were 22 of our very own Business Honors students in attendance including six freshmen, eleven sophomores, four juniors and one senior, who were able to attend the event for free. We definitely showed the companies what Business Honors could do! In fact, many of our own students have internships at the Big Four accounting firms including PWC and Ernst & Young, and were giving their help to make the event run smoother. It was nice to see all the familiar faces walking around and presenting themselves in such a professional manner. Preparing for an event like this isn’t hard; it just requires a great attitude, motivation for the future, and a stack of awesome resumes. Talking to the recruiters can seem intimidating at the beginning, but after a while you see that they are just as eager to meet you as you are to meet them and they just want to get to know you. So really, all you have to do is be yourself! After attending the event, I have to say, the networking opportunities that Meet the Firms provided were beyond any other event of the year for accounting students. The good news is if you missed it this time, there is always next time! The event is held every semester of every year so if you are an accounting student or even if you’re not, definitely come out to next semester’s Meet the Firms. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

~Caroline Liang

Mihaylo Magazine Photo Shoot

On Friday, September 7, Kathleen Drake in the Marketing Department brought together five business honors students, three MBA students, and Cal State Fullerton’s president, Mildred Garcia, for a photo shoot to be on the cover of MIHAYLO Magazine. I was lucky enough to be in on all of the action.

I got to the third floor of Mihaylo College all dressed up in my business professional attire only to walk into a room full of people I didn’t really know. As everyone introduced themselves, I realized that all of my peers were either fellow business honors students or MBA students. As all of us engaged in conversation, our stylist, Sourjya, walked around the room and called us to her station, one by one, to get our hair and makeup done. I’m pretty sure the girls enjoyed the process a lot more than the guys. After the final touch ups, we all went downstairs to start taking some shots right outside of Mihaylo. There, we all got to know each other better and also meet the President of university, Mildred Garcia. And let me tell you, posing for pictures that could possibly make it onto the cover of MIHAYLO Magazine definitely feels amazing.

At the end of the day, I met some new students, networked a little, and went home with a smile on my face. I guess it feels good to be one of the faces of the fall 2012 edition of MIHAYLO magazine.

~Paayal Bhakta

A Study Abroad Experience in Japan, Part 1

Business Honors senior Samantha Setyakarya traveled to Japan in the summer for a Study Abroad program. She has shared her experience from a student perspective on this blog for those who may be considering a Study Abroad program in the future.

After packing my bags and making the transition from the apartment lifestyle to the host family lifestyle, I began to notice some important advantages and disadvantages of living both lifestyles that I thought would be important to share with future study abroad students.

Apartment Lifestyle:

            The first portion of my study abroad experience included living in a Japanese apartment. The entire apartment size was the equivalent of a standard American kitchen. It included a twin sized bed, a desk, television, air conditioning, a small kitchen, laundry machine, and a small bathroom that included a shower and sink. I hadn’t planned on spending too much time within the apartment; therefore, I believe the size was perfect.

            One of the most important advantages of living the apartment lifestyle included having your own free time, anytime. During this time, I was able to leave and return to the apartment freely without any restrictions. If I wanted to spend time with friends late at night, I could do that without being worried about making my host family wait for me at odd hours. In addition, since I was living on my own, I was in charge of preparing my own meals, doing my own laundry and cleaning, and in the process became more independent. This lifestyle was similar to the lifestyle I would live if I were to move to Japan upon entering the work force. Whenever I made friends, it was easy for me to invite them over. If I felt like leaving the place dirty and if I wanted to shower at odd hours, I could also do that.

Host Family Lifestyle:

            During my stay in the apartments, occasionally I found myself lonely. You have to keep in mind that even though you have made many friends in your host country, they all have their own lives. This aspect also enabled me to be productive in my studies.

            The host family lifestyle, on the other hand, was completely different. Every day the host family cooked me traditional Japanese food, and during our meals together I was able to continuously practice the language with them. Since I found the time I spent with them more valuable than my other studies, that was my focus. I found myself staying up late just to talk with them and got to practice the language. Often times I was sleep deprived and did not get my homework done as quickly as I would have liked, but I believe that spending time with the host family was one of the most valuable parts of my experience in Japan. With the host family I was exposed to several aspects of Japanese culture and lifestyle that I would not have been able to experience on my own, it was a continuous learning process and my mind was always moving. I believe I learned the most while living with the host family when compared to the apartments. In the process they were also able to learn about American culture and I was able to create my very own Japanese family. They will be visiting me in Hawaii this upcoming winter break.

            If students are given the option to choose between living in an apartment or with a host family, I would recommend living with the host family.