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The Business Honors Program at Mihaylo College of Business and Economics provides a socially and professionally stimulating academic environment to a select group of Business Administration students. Join us and you will experience four years of academically enriching courses, extra-curricular activities, real-world experience, and more. After graduation, you can go directly into a profession or continue your education in graduate school. Whatever your choice, you will be ready to work and ready to lead!

Winter Gala- Recap of a Magical Night

Ever winter, the Business Honors Program sponsors a Gala to celebrate the end of the Fall semester. This event is typically held at a hotel or similar venue, and includes a dinner, speakers, and dancing. Also, the Gala committee chooses a charity which some proceeds will go to; this gives CSUF Business Honors students an opportunity to both celebrate their achievements and give back to the community. CHOC was the chosen charity for the 2014 Winter Gala, and the chosen theme was Masquerade.


For 2014, the BH Winter Gala was held at the Fullerton Marriott, located across from Mihaylo Hall at California State University, Fullerton. When this venue was chosen, food was included with the venue contract. As Winter Gala Team Member Janae Jennings stated, “To keep our costs low, we did not have much choice with the food. However, we were very pleased with the food choices that the Marriott provided.” Because this is a charity event, it follows that the Gala team chose to keep their costs low by not spending excessively on the dinner portion of the night. The food served consisted of “pasta with two different sauce options, salad, bread, and steamed vegetables on the buffet table. There were also an assortment of different miniature cakes and desserts” (Jennings).

The Winter Gala had an attendance of 120 students, which included both Business Honors members and their dates, if they chose to bring one. The inside of ballroom was set up with round tables and chairs on each side of the room, with a dance floor and mic’d stage in the middle. During the evening, a family who benefited from CHOC’s help were able to attend the event and share their story.


Pictured: The family that attended and spoke about their story and how CHOC helped them.

Later that night, after the dinner portion, the DJ began to play and Business Honors students crowded to the dance floor. The chosen DJ, Bryan Escalante, was picked based on his familiarity to a Winter Gala Team Member, Alyse Russell, who had worked with him before. Also, his rate was within the event’s budget, as they were being fiscally responsible toward all aspects of the Gala.

group gala

This event raised over $550 for CHOC and $300 for Business Honors, “which will help support the food and drinks in the Business Honors Center” (Jennings). Also, as she shared with me in reference to the Winter Gala Committee, “We were all very happy with the outcome of the event.”

Great job Winter Gala Committee! It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to the 2015 Winter Gala!



Boeing For More..

Displaying boeing.jpg

( From left to right: John Veta, Charles Woon,Sohail Tehrani, and Dustin Gillis)

Laura Romine- Asst. Blog Manager:

This September, seven teams of students from Cal State Fullerton responded to Boeing’s case study. Their responses addressed the question of how Boeing could continue their scheduled construction of 300 Chinook helicopters for the U.S. military by 2020, while also building a fleet of 24 Chinooks for the United Kingdom military by 2021. A team titled “Boeing for More”, made up of Dustin Gillis, John Veta, Charles Woon, and Sohail Tehrani, won the Mihaylo case study competition and will continue on to face CSU Long Beach in a competition at the Boeing offices in El Segundo.

I was able to ask the “Boeing for More” team some questions regarding their participation in the competition, what they believe they learned from it, and their thoughts on competing against CSULB. Read on below:

Q: Why did you decide to participate in the Case Study Competition?

A (John Veta):I knew I wanted to participate in the Boeing Case Study Competition months before even applying to transfer to CSUF. I heard so much about the honors program and how they have done so well in the competition in the past. I worked extremely hard to be accepted into the Business Honors Program after being accepted to CSUF. I then focused my goal on winning the case competition, and I knew I could if I brought the right team together. As someone who is also working towards a pilots license, I have always had a passion for aerospace, and flying. Having a career at Boeing is something that is very special to me, and it is a goal I am striving to achieve. I knew that doing well in the competition demonstrates a work ethic and skill set that are important when working at a company like Boeing.

A (Sohail Tehrani): My interest for Case Analysis was sparked by the BUAD 301 class I took over this past summer; I did well in the class and really enjoyed the writing aspect of the class. Naturally, I wanted to challenge myself when it came to business case analysis and saw this competition as an excellent opportunity to do just that. The fact that it was for such as a prestigious company such as Boeing was also a huge i

Q: What do you feel you have learned from the project? How has it bettered you?

A (JV): This project has taught me the importance of having a cohesive team and strong work ethic. We got to experience a real world situation, and while doing so, we learned a lot about Boeing’s productions plans, operations, and LEAN practices. I enjoyed the opportunity to present in front of Boeing officials, and I feel better prepared to face business situations within the aerospace industry.

A (ST): There were a lot of positives that came from working on this case; the main one was the confidence I gained as far as my ability to succeed at the University level. Being a transfer student and it being my first semester at CSUF, I have been met with plenty of challenges in my brief career here, so succeeding in such a difficult competition really gave me a boost and assured me that I was on the right track. Although I felt my critical thinking, communication, and public speaking skills were well developed, participating in this case definitely helped me to take those skills to the next level. Just the fact that we presented in front of executives from a company such as Boeing gave us an immense amount of invaluable experience.

Q: How did this experience and group compare with other projects you’ve worked on and groups you’ve worked with?

A (JV): This group project was very different because the complexity of the Boeing case forced us to really dig deep into its material. It required a vast amount of outside research in order to build realistic assumptions and recommendations. Sharing the common goal of wanting to win kept us focused and determined to get the work done. The moment we were briefed at the kickoff for this case, we realized that in about three weeks time we would be presenting in front of some very important officials at Boeing and we better have put the work in. It was a type of pressure that you don’t get in other group settings.

A (ST): Since this was a project that was outside of the classroom, we really had to push ourselves to stay motivated throughout the entire process; our team had a lot of passion going into this competition and that really helped to carry us through it. We’ve all worked on class projects with groups where 1 or 2 people end up doing all of the work; that was far from the case with this project. I had an amazing team of hard working gentlemen; we all contributed equally in producing the final project and that aspect really came through in our presentation. Our team was also made up entirely of transfer students from Junior Colleges who are in the Business Honors Program, so those commonalities really made the bond between us quite strong.

Q: Are you looking forward to competing against CSULB?

A (JV): I am extremely excited for the final round against CSULB. It is truly an honor to have made it this far. We are still working very hard to perfect our presentation, and I am confident that the work we have put in will show during the final competition. LETS GO TITANS!

A (ST): Of course I am excited to compete against CSULB! They are our rivals, so I feel a lot of pride in going up against CSULB and representing all Titans. We definitely respect the competition, but we are also confident that we are going to bring home this win for CSUF, Mihaylo, and the Business Honors Program.

Wish these gentlemen luck in their upcoming head-to-head! We know they will make us proud.



“Before I Die Wall”

Here it is!**On September 30th- October 2nd, the Business Honors Program presented the 2nd annual “Before I Die Wall”… Read below as Assistant Blog Manager Laura Romine, a BH Sophmore has reported on the event, enjoy!


Displaying BH Wall.jpg

“Before I Die Wall”, as described by James Dabbah

This week, Business Honors Brand Management Team put on its second ever “Before I Die Wall”, a visibility event designed to promote the BH Program. Black painted walls were set up in the CSUF Mihaylo Courtyard, adorned with the painted-on line “Before I die, I want to ______.” The wall was set up from Tuesday, September 30, to Thursday, October 2, 2014. Students were welcomed to write their dreams and aspirations on the wall with the colorful chalk provided.

Pictured: The Before I Die Wall in from the SGMH

Displaying writing on wall.jpg

Pictured: BH students Kathryn Delatorre, Carly Fipps, and Sascha
Hauser contemplating what to write on the wall.

I was able to chat with James Dabbah, one of the students who worked on the Brand Management Team, about his contributions to the wall and what he felt it does for the program.

Displaying James Dabbah.jpg

Pictured: James Dabbah

James is a Business Finance Major, with an expected graduation date of May 2017. Read on below:

Q: What did you enjoy most about working on the wall?

A:  “I tangibly felt like a part of the BH program. It felt good to work together with my cohort and build a good bond.”

Q: What do you believe is the effect of the wall?

A: “It gives students a good way to express themselves. No one really gets asked, ‘what do you want to do before you die?’ very often. I believe that writing on the wall is an opportunity to express yourself anonymously. Also, it is great publicity for the BH program.”

Q: Is there anything interesting about the wall you’d like to share, or something people should know?

A: “I would definitely recommend participating and writing down what you want. It’ll help you visualize your goal when you see it written down, and eventually help you to make it happen.”

Q: Do you enjoy being on the Brand Management Team?

A: “Love it.”

Q: What makes you passionate about this project?
A: “I mean, this is peoples’ dreams we’re talking about here. You have to be passionate about your dreams and aspirations.”

James Dabbah is a very active Business Honors student, and also a very kind, caring, and easy going person. Good luck in your future endeavors, James, and great job contributing to the wall. We hope to see you do many more great things with Business Honors!


Michael Coronel Jr.- A Senior With a Vision

mike picSince transferring to Cal State Fullerton last year( Fall 2013) as a Junior, I have had the great privilege of getting to know Michael Coronel Jr. on a more personal level, and have a lot of respect for what he has done for the recruiting team in Business Honors. Michael, one of the youngest of the current senior class at twenty years old and one of my closest friends in the program, continues to challenge himself everyday- between a dual major of Marketing and Finance, a minor in History, being active in University Honors(composed of the whole student body), the creation of a board game “Incendia” set to launch this fall, interning as a digital marketing assistant at a dental office, and performing consulting work for his father, it is hard to believe this 20 year old has any extra time to lead meetings, put together proposals and create a vision to recruit hungry students eager to join the Business Honors program.

Michael’s way of working and laser focus is like nothing I have ever seen in someone this young in years. After spending the year getting to know Mike(he prefers to be called by friends), I have come to realize that it is very unique to find an individual who is not only astoundingly brilliant, but a true friend and comrade who would set aside his own interests in order to ensure his friends are happy and doing well, whether that be in their personal lives or with school(Coronel Jr. definitely helped get me through Economics)… I sat down with “Mike” to discuss in detail his recruiting vision and how exactly this passion to invest in the future talent of Business Honors grew for him. Read along 🙂 ~CH

Name: Michael Coronel Jr.

Major: Marketing, Finance

Minor: History

Graduation Yr: 2016

CH :What made you feel passion for this project?

MCJ: “As I was growing up, I was always fascinated with empire building and military history, and when planning Recruiting, I take many opportunities to link similarities. Commuting students to Mihaylo are based on geography, and teams are the army divisions that need to support each other to win. The overarching project effort is the battlefield, and the leadership structure from me to Amber Jeanseau, our President, is the politics. Officers must lead from the front line and set the example, so our project leaders are right there with the team members.

During my Sophomore year, I wanted to place myself in a leadership role as a warm-up to corporate decision-making later on. So what better way to run a serious project than with your own hobby guiding it?”

CH: You have made a big impact in such a short time, what are some major changes you see compared to last year?

MCJ: “So far the biggest change I’ve seen was a transition from the “I” mentality into a “we mentality”. It needs a lot of work to reach its prime, but it is certainly in motion. One future change I intend is to lay a LOT of groundwork. Groundwork has to come before fieldwork, and this includes mixing the cohorts, laying the leadership structure, swishing around ideas and skills, and getting the research accomplished. Recruiting is open-ended, where we make the rules and objectives, so it’s a lot of fun to build with the three project leaders: Gaby Vallejo, Tania Perez, and Mitchell Berger.”

CH: What Mike do you see for yourself in the future and  have you noticed yourself improve as a business student due to this leadership role?

“Oh absolutely. My best friends can testify as to how far I’ve come since last fall. I’ve discovered that I have a real knack for logistics and team planning. A major portion of that was from taking responsibility and working out setbacks in this project. I notice that I am able to be social in a situation where I do not know anyone, and I naturally speak with more confidence and less ‘umms’. I really hope that this kind of personal enlightenment can happen for every member in recruiting.”

CH: Any last thoughts? Extras things you wish to include?

MCJ: “I strongly believe that being an Honors student offers a better college experience than a student in regular classes. The four year track really develops an individual by the time they graduate, and I don’t mean in test-taking. I see a sharp distinction in confidence, enthusiasm, and vision. These are the skills that employers are looking for, and as Honors students we practice them on a daily basis. This is the kind of opportunity that I want to see transfers and freshmen experience by choosing the BH program as their highway into the real world.”

**We look forward to seeing you shine “Mike”, the possibilities are endless with someone of your intelligence and passion for success, happy 2014-2015!


“Twin” Nguyen, Superstar Senior!

As Winter Break comes to a close we hope that you all have had a very safe and relaxing time with family and friends. Additionally, we want to thank everyone who was involved in the Winter Gala event last month, one student in Particular: Tuyen Nguyen, a BH senior who I had the privilege of interviewing. Check out what she had to say about the event and where she sees herself after graduation. We love you “Twin”!

CH: What business skills did you utilize in planning this event?

TN: “Since this is the first time BHP put together students organizing projects, there were certain challenges in communicating and collaborating. However, it gives all students the opportunity to know and work with each other. I had the chance to sharpen leadership skills, coordinate other people, as well as apply statistical knowledge in estimating and budgeting for the event.”

CH:I know you as well(I am) are a fellow transfer student(you transferred last year), what school did you come from and how was that experience making the change to CSUF?

TN: “I went to Orange Coast College before transferring to CSUF. I did not know about the BHP until the deadline for applying for the program had passed. I still tried to turn in the application and fortunately I got the phone interview and was accepted to the program. Due to my introverted nature, sometimes it is difficult for me to speak up in the group. Through my current job as a tutor, I gradually have learned to become more confident and to improve my communication skills. “

 CH: What are some of your hobbies or things you enjoy to do in your spare time?

TN: “I really love crocheting whenever I have free time. My skills are not at the advanced level yet, but it is very fun to make DIY crafts. I also like practicing TaiChi, yoga, and meditation.”

CH: After graduation where do you see yourself/what would you like to do?

TN: “One of my biggest dreams is to work with non-profit organizations, especially in education. I want to contribute my time and talents to make big changes. Before that, I love to have a short vacation to Japan upon graduation.”

Thank you so much for what you do “Twin” and we wish you the best of luck for your last semester at CSUF! ~ CH


Meet Cat Hamer, your Business Honors blogger!

Business Honors junior Cat Hamer is taking over the Business Honors blog and we wanted you to get to know our newest blogger. Be sure to check the blog frequently for Cat’s latest posting!

Business Honors: What is your concentration? What are your future career goals?

Cat Hamer: My concentration is marketing. I would ideally like to work as a freelance copywriter when I graduate. There are so many websites that need content written and I have always loved to write. I tended to be a “fluffy” writer growing up and learned only a few years ago that this writing style lends itself nicely to advertising writing, which I have become quite good at. I’m excited for the future and am beginning to slowly branch out to gain writing jobs/experience while I am still in school to build contacts.

BH: Are you involved with any other activities or organizations?

CH: I am currently a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) on campus; there are so many opportunities to get involved it is overwhelming. I hope to get more involved after I have put in my first semester of Business Honors and get a feel for the workload!

BH: Do you have a hidden talent?

CH: I used to be a professional ballet dancer and lived and worked in Germany so I have always been very musical and fluid. After stopping ballet, I learned and explored Latin dancing which I enjoy very much. I can do a very good salsa ;)…..

BH: What hobbies/interests do you explore in your free time?

CH: I love writing in my spare time and listening to music. Music is a big passion of mine! I have the most eclectic mix of music on my iPod from Latin to Reggae to House and Jazz. When I have the time, I love throwing dinner parties for friends, and enjoying nice food and company. Traveling is a big part of my life as I lived in Europe for 5 years, so when I have the opportunity I enjoy getting away and exploring new places and cultures.

BH: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

CH: My grandfather was always a huge mentor to me. When I stopped dancing, he encouraged me to tap into my talents as a writer. He was a professional writer himself and always told me I had a gift with words and should really think about that as a career. When I was in the 6th grade, I entered a poetry contest on poetry.com and was recognized with a poem I had written about ballet. He bought me the hard bound copy and was so proud – I’ll never forget that day. I still think about him all the time and although it has been a year since he passed away, I have no doubt that he is looking down on me – proud of where I have come and excited, like I am, of what lies ahead.

BH: If you had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with any person in the world (living or passed), who would it be and why?

CH: I would be interested to meet with Steve Jobs. I heard he did not complete school and yet, became so successful. I would ask him for “business advice” that I could apply in the real world. We all make ourselves so so crazy with school that sometimes speaking with someone who made it without killing themselves over classes may put things in perspective and may remind me to be a little less hard on myself. I tend to be way too serious and make myself sick over it every semester!

2013 Fall Kick-Off Event

On Thursday, August 22, 2013, 88 new and continuing Business Honors students got together for the annual Fall Kick-Off. The students participated in creativity and collaboration icebreakers and “game shows” to get to know one another. Students with the most clever ideas or the correct answers were able to choose their prize from a collection of Business Honors swag.

The signature event for Business Honors students was the scavenger hunt. The incoming freshmen and juniors were paired into groups with continuing sophomores, juniors and seniors to find various locations around campus using the clues provided. Once the scavenger hunts concluded, each team came together to demonstrate “what it means to be a Titan” through creative and humorous presentations.

At the end of the day, the new students went home with new friends, Business Honors goodies, and a better understanding of the Business Honors culture.

Finals week, a student’s perspective on ACCT 201A

For all you non accountant majors and even future accountants, let me tell you…Accounting 201A is hard! Unfortunately I have to admit, this class is definitely necessary for the future, no matter what major you are in, so it is absolutely necessary that you take it. It will depend on the professor you get but the workload for this class is not really heavy if you base it on homework, however you will probably have to read the book many times to get an A in the class. I went around and asked those that got an A in the class and how they did it. The one answer I got is read, read, read. Class is typically based on power points and examples and I highly recommend that you read the chapter for that class BEFORE you go to class….or likely you will not understand what the professor is talking about. So read and study hard! The good news is we’re all honors students so an A is definitely attainable! And if self studying isn’t really your thing, I would recommend tutoring which is very helpful! I have utilized the tutoring center a couple times myself and found it very helpful for homework or before a test. And if you ever find yourself having a hard time, just know that you are not alone and there are many of your peers that would be willing to help. And now that we come to an end about this class, all I have to say is, good luck!!