Winter Gala- Recap of a Magical Night

Ever winter, the Business Honors Program sponsors a Gala to celebrate the end of the Fall semester. This event is typically held at a hotel or similar venue, and includes a dinner, speakers, and dancing. Also, the Gala committee chooses a charity which some proceeds will go to; this gives CSUF Business Honors students an opportunity to both celebrate their achievements and give back to the community. CHOC was the chosen charity for the 2014 Winter Gala, and the chosen theme was Masquerade.


For 2014, the BH Winter Gala was held at the Fullerton Marriott, located across from Mihaylo Hall at California State University, Fullerton. When this venue was chosen, food was included with the venue contract. As Winter Gala Team Member Janae Jennings stated, “To keep our costs low, we did not have much choice with the food. However, we were very pleased with the food choices that the Marriott provided.” Because this is a charity event, it follows that the Gala team chose to keep their costs low by not spending excessively on the dinner portion of the night. The food served consisted of “pasta with two different sauce options, salad, bread, and steamed vegetables on the buffet table. There were also an assortment of different miniature cakes and desserts” (Jennings).

The Winter Gala had an attendance of 120 students, which included both Business Honors members and their dates, if they chose to bring one. The inside of ballroom was set up with round tables and chairs on each side of the room, with a dance floor and mic’d stage in the middle. During the evening, a family who benefited from CHOC’s help were able to attend the event and share their story.


Pictured: The family that attended and spoke about their story and how CHOC helped them.

Later that night, after the dinner portion, the DJ began to play and Business Honors students crowded to the dance floor. The chosen DJ, Bryan Escalante, was picked based on his familiarity to a Winter Gala Team Member, Alyse Russell, who had worked with him before. Also, his rate was within the event’s budget, as they were being fiscally responsible toward all aspects of the Gala.

group gala

This event raised over $550 for CHOC and $300 for Business Honors, “which will help support the food and drinks in the Business Honors Center” (Jennings). Also, as she shared with me in reference to the Winter Gala Committee, “We were all very happy with the outcome of the event.”

Great job Winter Gala Committee! It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to the 2015 Winter Gala!



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