“Before I Die Wall”

Here it is!**On September 30th- October 2nd, the Business Honors Program presented the 2nd annual “Before I Die Wall”… Read below as Assistant Blog Manager Laura Romine, a BH Sophmore has reported on the event, enjoy!


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“Before I Die Wall”, as described by James Dabbah

This week, Business Honors Brand Management Team put on its second ever “Before I Die Wall”, a visibility event designed to promote the BH Program. Black painted walls were set up in the CSUF Mihaylo Courtyard, adorned with the painted-on line “Before I die, I want to ______.” The wall was set up from Tuesday, September 30, to Thursday, October 2, 2014. Students were welcomed to write their dreams and aspirations on the wall with the colorful chalk provided.

Pictured: The Before I Die Wall in from the SGMH

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Pictured: BH students Kathryn Delatorre, Carly Fipps, and Sascha
Hauser contemplating what to write on the wall.

I was able to chat with James Dabbah, one of the students who worked on the Brand Management Team, about his contributions to the wall and what he felt it does for the program.

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Pictured: James Dabbah

James is a Business Finance Major, with an expected graduation date of May 2017. Read on below:

Q: What did you enjoy most about working on the wall?

A:  “I tangibly felt like a part of the BH program. It felt good to work together with my cohort and build a good bond.”

Q: What do you believe is the effect of the wall?

A: “It gives students a good way to express themselves. No one really gets asked, ‘what do you want to do before you die?’ very often. I believe that writing on the wall is an opportunity to express yourself anonymously. Also, it is great publicity for the BH program.”

Q: Is there anything interesting about the wall you’d like to share, or something people should know?

A: “I would definitely recommend participating and writing down what you want. It’ll help you visualize your goal when you see it written down, and eventually help you to make it happen.”

Q: Do you enjoy being on the Brand Management Team?

A: “Love it.”

Q: What makes you passionate about this project?
A: “I mean, this is peoples’ dreams we’re talking about here. You have to be passionate about your dreams and aspirations.”

James Dabbah is a very active Business Honors student, and also a very kind, caring, and easy going person. Good luck in your future endeavors, James, and great job contributing to the wall. We hope to see you do many more great things with Business Honors!


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