“Welcome to CSUF Day” In the Eyes of Nick Jakel

“Welcome to CSUF” day is a unique event designed for incoming students to have the opportunity to see what studying at Cal State Fullerton may just be like. The event took place on Saturday the 12th of April, and as Business Honors students we of course wanted to showcase how special our program is with a booth in front of Mihaylo Hall. Although a handful of BH students volunteered their time to help out with the event, one specific student, Nick Jakel (2017’), was there to answer some important questions regarding our program and shared his input with me. I was able to chat with him about the experience, the advice he gave to potential candidates, some of the most common things he was asked, and his feelings of what it meant to give back to the school as a member of our unique and exclusive Business Honors program. Read on below!

CH: Thank you so much for your time Nick. First of all what was the most “common” question asked of you about our special Business Honors Program?

NJ: “The prospective students asked the most questions about the requirements to be in, and apply for, the Business Honors which is basically a certain GPA corresponding to the cohort they’d be joining.”

CH: Can you tell me, as you yourself, a freshman having looked at the program a year ago, what the main selling points to the program were in your eyes when you were applying? Which of these things did you explain to the potential candidates?

NJ: “The cohort system was one of the benefits I spent the most time explaining to the students because it is one of the most unique and sought after benefits of the Business Honors Program, aside from priority registration, the other popular question.

I enjoyed explaining how priority registration makes life much easier because your business classes are guaranteed, and you get first crack at whatever class, class time, or professor you want. I also enjoyed offering free advice about college in general and tips about CSUF that were passed on to me. These ranged from suggesting joining clubs, to arriving early for parking and other tips to make life at CSUF, and almost any college, a better and more fulfilling experience.

These were similar things to what I considered when looking at the program, but for me, the roadmap and priority registration were the main selling points because I reasoned that it would save me a lot of time and hassle if I knew what I had to take and when I needed to take it.”

CH: Those were great things you were able to share! How did it make you feel working on Saturday at this special event wearing a Business Honors shirt and giving back?

NJ: “Working Saturday made me appreciate how much Business Honors actually gives to it’s students that sometimes we take for granted without even realizing.  It was also a cool experience because it was a testament to the hard work it took to get where we are, so it was nice to share how much of an accomplishment it is to be in this program.

Finally, it was a good experience basically being the ambassador to the rest of the school and prospective students promoting an elite program that is comprised of around 100 students out of 35,350!

I enjoy volunteering in general, and it was a nice change of pace activity for me. Through this experience I was able to practice personal selling to others through my promoting of the Business Honors Program. It was also a nice way to fine-tune my social and interpersonal skills instead of routine tasks such as designing flyers, logos and handbills like I am  accustomed to doing on a regular basis for the program.”

The recurring thought I had during the event was a parody of a quote: “Ask not what Business Honors can do for you, but what you can do for Business Honors.”

Nick Jakel is a very active member of the Business Honors program and not only an intelligent student but a very helpful, social and personable one. We wish you nothing but success Nick as you continue along on your Business Honors journey!


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