“Before I Die I Want To…”

The Business Honors program is truly a unique and special group of students many may not know much about. The whole point of this special project, thought up by BH Junior Genie Phan, and co-led by Junior Amber Jeanseau, was to spread the word about what we have to offer and who we are as individuals and as a program. The hope is, down the road and in the near future, for more students both in Mihaylo Hall and on the CSUF campus, to understand who we are and what we do as a Business Honors Program. I had the privilege of sitting down with Amber and Genie to discuss the vision, goals, and ideas behind this giant 6 piece chalkboard looking wall entitled, “Before I Die…” The project, brought about by the Visibility team (a branch of the BH Brand Awareness team) was a great stepping stone towards achieving the long term goal of spreading the word about our program. Read on to hear more about what they had to say!

 Name: Genie Phan, BH Junior, Marketing

CH: How did you come up with the idea of this project?

GP: My Brand Management team leader, Cindy Kuan had mentioned it to me after talking to Professor Clark about it. I found out that it is actually a worldwide event that many people take part in so I researched the process of making the wall. After being completely fascinated by the whole concept of the “Before I Die…” Wall, I decided that this was a project that I wanted to help lead. I was so lucky to have such amazing leaders to help with this project.

CH: How many students did you hope to get involved?

GP: I never thought about a number as far as how many people we hoped to get involved, however I did imagine every student who passed by the Mihaylo building, business major or not, to be completely awestruck by the massive display at the front entrance. I pictured students writing their dreams or aspirations on the wall, taking pictures with their friends in front of the wall, or just simply enjoying what we have provided for them. This was just meant to be something different from their daily routine or walk to and from their classes.

CH: How many hours did you spend putting the wall together and what does it symbolize to you??

GP: We spent a total of 21 hours from Friday-Sunday, Feb 21st-23rd. I told myself at the beginning that it wouldn’t matter how long or how much work it was going to take to put this project together. My hope was that the Business Honors students would see how great and unique this idea was and how it would provide an unexpected reaction from the students at Mihaylo Hall. I definitely think that this is something students at Cal State Fullerton have not experienced before and hopefully were excited to find that this project was provided by our program. This project symbolizes the commitment of my peers to the program that we are so lucky to be a part of.

And now her Co-leader, Amber Jeanseau…

Name: Amber Jeanseau, BH Junior, Marketing (Aspiring to work for a financial company)

CH: So what was your role in this project Amber?

AJ: This is really Genie’s “baby”, but as her co-leader for the Visibility division of our Business Honors Brand Management Team, I was completely on board with her vision. Genie planned the materials and really got this project off the ground. It’s so great working with her and being co-leaders. Her work ethic and creativity inspires me to do more every day.

CH: What other ideas might you have to increase the awareness of the BH program at CSUF and how could you include the other BH students? What is the importance in including them in the project as well??

AJ: Well, our other ideas are hush hush right now. But make no mistake, BH students from all teams (Fall Fundraiser, Teamwork, Yearbook, Winter Gala, Recruiting, and Brand Management) will be involved. The importance of including all BH students in this project was to create a strong unit among freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Because we are all going so many directions each day, we often get too busy to really bond. Although Business Honors has been around for 4 years, I think we are really just now beginning to ramp up the Visibility of the program and that includes all our members being a strong unit.

CH: What is the goal/wish you want to get out of this project? Why is it so important?

AJ: Our focus is to make the Business Honors Program more visible across campus. We are not really a club or a campus organization per se, so we get a little lost in the crowd. This wall is only the beginning. We have other plans in the works and we’ll be doing something about every 6 weeks to keep reminding people that BH is here, we are strong and we are proud to be at CSUF/Mihaylo!

 **These ladies are truly inspiring and an awesome example of what committed students we have in the BH program. Thank you so much to Amber and Genie for taking the time to speak with me, the many BH students who were involved in this project, as well as the various Mihaylo business students who took the took the time to get involved and participate in this special project. There is definitely more to come from our program and we look forward to spreading the word about how unique and special our Business Honors program really is! Thanks for reading. CH

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