Meet Cat Hamer, your Business Honors blogger!

Business Honors junior Cat Hamer is taking over the Business Honors blog and we wanted you to get to know our newest blogger. Be sure to check the blog frequently for Cat’s latest posting!

Business Honors: What is your concentration? What are your future career goals?

Cat Hamer: My concentration is marketing. I would ideally like to work as a freelance copywriter when I graduate. There are so many websites that need content written and I have always loved to write. I tended to be a “fluffy” writer growing up and learned only a few years ago that this writing style lends itself nicely to advertising writing, which I have become quite good at. I’m excited for the future and am beginning to slowly branch out to gain writing jobs/experience while I am still in school to build contacts.

BH: Are you involved with any other activities or organizations?

CH: I am currently a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) on campus; there are so many opportunities to get involved it is overwhelming. I hope to get more involved after I have put in my first semester of Business Honors and get a feel for the workload!

BH: Do you have a hidden talent?

CH: I used to be a professional ballet dancer and lived and worked in Germany so I have always been very musical and fluid. After stopping ballet, I learned and explored Latin dancing which I enjoy very much. I can do a very good salsa ;)…..

BH: What hobbies/interests do you explore in your free time?

CH: I love writing in my spare time and listening to music. Music is a big passion of mine! I have the most eclectic mix of music on my iPod from Latin to Reggae to House and Jazz. When I have the time, I love throwing dinner parties for friends, and enjoying nice food and company. Traveling is a big part of my life as I lived in Europe for 5 years, so when I have the opportunity I enjoy getting away and exploring new places and cultures.

BH: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

CH: My grandfather was always a huge mentor to me. When I stopped dancing, he encouraged me to tap into my talents as a writer. He was a professional writer himself and always told me I had a gift with words and should really think about that as a career. When I was in the 6th grade, I entered a poetry contest on and was recognized with a poem I had written about ballet. He bought me the hard bound copy and was so proud – I’ll never forget that day. I still think about him all the time and although it has been a year since he passed away, I have no doubt that he is looking down on me – proud of where I have come and excited, like I am, of what lies ahead.

BH: If you had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with any person in the world (living or passed), who would it be and why?

CH: I would be interested to meet with Steve Jobs. I heard he did not complete school and yet, became so successful. I would ask him for “business advice” that I could apply in the real world. We all make ourselves so so crazy with school that sometimes speaking with someone who made it without killing themselves over classes may put things in perspective and may remind me to be a little less hard on myself. I tend to be way too serious and make myself sick over it every semester!

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