Meet David Schenker, Teamwork project group

I had the pleasure of interviewing David Schenker, class of 2015, who sits in a chair position of the Teamwork group. David came up with the exciting idea of organizing the biggest event we have ever seen in the Business Honors Program – an Anaheim Ducks hockey game, complete with broomball and fun on the ice afterwards. This is not a small undertaking by any means (150 seats are being held for our group), and did I mention it is OPENING NIGHT too?! What a gem. David has been involved with every step of this strategic plan, and I know I cannot wait to attend! The game will be on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7 PM. We still have a few tickets available, so please contact David so you do not miss out on this great opportunity!! (562) 225-2429.

**Check out my interview with David below to learn about his journey to the Business Honors Program, and the emotional intelligence that has helped him succeed in his educational journey.

David Schenker

Concentration: Entertainment/Tourism

CH: “What business skills have served you best in your current position for the Teamwork” group?”

DS: “My initial connections were very critical in the planning stages of this project. Because I work for the Ducks, I had the idea to incorporate Prianca’s (Senior, teamwork leader) idea of ice-skating, with this larger scale event. I felt this would be a fun opportunity for the Business Honors students to bond and get to know each other outside of the school setting. Additionally, organization has played a key role in the success of this project. I have had to create spreadsheets to keep track of the expenses and money collected, as well as allocating jobs to other members of my team to ensure the success of this event.”

CH: “I know you, like myself, transferred this year from junior college. How has this leadership position benefited you in the transition and helped you adjust to a larger scale university?”

DS: “The great thing with these project teams is that they allow you to bond over an organizational goal. I missed out on the initial bonding opportunity in the summer because I was unable to attend the Fall Kick-Off in August. Since then I have gotten to know people in my teamwork group through the planning of this event. Interacting with them, putting together what we have learned in our classes, as well as incorporating something that I am passionate about (the Ducks), has really given me so much pleasure, and has allowed me to get to know my fellow Business Honors students on a more personal level which has been a great transition to a larger school.”

CH: “What advice can you give to future transfer students and/or students interested in joining the Business Honors program?”

DS:  “Specifically for me, I had a long road to the Business Honors program. I attended Junior College in Long Beach, and initially wished to transfer to CSULB. I came to realize the Business focuses offered were more vast here at CSUF, and had to change my road plan based on the classes CSUF required. I had my eye on the Business Honors program, but because I was short on classes to be accepted, I needed to complete them immediately and it was virtually impossible to get them all finished over one summer in order to be a part of the program. I ended up hunkering down and staying at Junior College in Long Beach to complete the classes (something I was not too happy about), and eventually made my transition into the program. My major piece of advice to give anyone about this program is that it is not a race. At the end of the day it is about the way in which you set yourself apart, and the Business Honors program allows you to do just this.”

CH: “As juniors we are currently enrolled in Management 339. Have you come across any situations in your group project where you had the ability to utilize some of the skills we learned in class?”

DS:  “One of the first topics we discussed in class had to do with emotional intelligence which really grabbed my attention. This was so powerful to me because I feel there is a fine line between someone in charge who has this “power” attitude compared to someone who has a calm demeanor and is respectable. In our group and just in general, I try to work hard to not be that guy who is a loudmouth because it is easy to cross that line and get there when you are given power. Additionally, you have to know who you are working with because everyone is so different. I want to be like-able because that is important to me – like-able people are hired. It is easy to have a good relationship with people you come into contact here in this program because everyone is just so great.”

CH: “Where do you see yourself after graduation as far as career aspirations/goals?”

DS:  “I would like to take advantage of the doors that have opened for me (specifically with the Ducks). I am very interested in hockey operations, where I am hoping to land a potential internship in the near future. Here I would have the chance to work in the front office and interact with executives responsible for the day-to-day operational tasks of the organization. I definitely would like to go to graduate school, however I know there are opportunities when we graduate from this prestigious program to get a job and join a company where they may even pay for my higher education. Imagine that! “

CH: “Thank you so much for setting aside the time to talk to me today.”

DS: “Thank you Cat. I hope everyone comes out and supports the team and our program. It is going to be an exciting event in an electric atmosphere. Get your tickets today!“

Meet Cat Hamer, your Business Honors blogger!

Business Honors junior Cat Hamer is taking over the Business Honors blog and we wanted you to get to know our newest blogger. Be sure to check the blog frequently for Cat’s latest posting!

Business Honors: What is your concentration? What are your future career goals?

Cat Hamer: My concentration is marketing. I would ideally like to work as a freelance copywriter when I graduate. There are so many websites that need content written and I have always loved to write. I tended to be a “fluffy” writer growing up and learned only a few years ago that this writing style lends itself nicely to advertising writing, which I have become quite good at. I’m excited for the future and am beginning to slowly branch out to gain writing jobs/experience while I am still in school to build contacts.

BH: Are you involved with any other activities or organizations?

CH: I am currently a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) on campus; there are so many opportunities to get involved it is overwhelming. I hope to get more involved after I have put in my first semester of Business Honors and get a feel for the workload!

BH: Do you have a hidden talent?

CH: I used to be a professional ballet dancer and lived and worked in Germany so I have always been very musical and fluid. After stopping ballet, I learned and explored Latin dancing which I enjoy very much. I can do a very good salsa ;)…..

BH: What hobbies/interests do you explore in your free time?

CH: I love writing in my spare time and listening to music. Music is a big passion of mine! I have the most eclectic mix of music on my iPod from Latin to Reggae to House and Jazz. When I have the time, I love throwing dinner parties for friends, and enjoying nice food and company. Traveling is a big part of my life as I lived in Europe for 5 years, so when I have the opportunity I enjoy getting away and exploring new places and cultures.

BH: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

CH: My grandfather was always a huge mentor to me. When I stopped dancing, he encouraged me to tap into my talents as a writer. He was a professional writer himself and always told me I had a gift with words and should really think about that as a career. When I was in the 6th grade, I entered a poetry contest on and was recognized with a poem I had written about ballet. He bought me the hard bound copy and was so proud – I’ll never forget that day. I still think about him all the time and although it has been a year since he passed away, I have no doubt that he is looking down on me – proud of where I have come and excited, like I am, of what lies ahead.

BH: If you had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with any person in the world (living or passed), who would it be and why?

CH: I would be interested to meet with Steve Jobs. I heard he did not complete school and yet, became so successful. I would ask him for “business advice” that I could apply in the real world. We all make ourselves so so crazy with school that sometimes speaking with someone who made it without killing themselves over classes may put things in perspective and may remind me to be a little less hard on myself. I tend to be way too serious and make myself sick over it every semester!