Finals week, a student’s perspective on ACCT 201A

For all you non accountant majors and even future accountants, let me tell you…Accounting 201A is hard! Unfortunately I have to admit, this class is definitely necessary for the future, no matter what major you are in, so it is absolutely necessary that you take it. It will depend on the professor you get but the workload for this class is not really heavy if you base it on homework, however you will probably have to read the book many times to get an A in the class. I went around and asked those that got an A in the class and how they did it. The one answer I got is read, read, read. Class is typically based on power points and examples and I highly recommend that you read the chapter for that class BEFORE you go to class….or likely you will not understand what the professor is talking about. So read and study hard! The good news is we’re all honors students so an A is definitely attainable! And if self studying isn’t really your thing, I would recommend tutoring which is very helpful! I have utilized the tutoring center a couple times myself and found it very helpful for homework or before a test. And if you ever find yourself having a hard time, just know that you are not alone and there are many of your peers that would be willing to help. And now that we come to an end about this class, all I have to say is, good luck!!