Food drive ~ holiday spirit

Talented, motivated, and dedicated. These are all words that describe the Business Honors students. And this coming week, we have decided to dedicate our time to people in need of help. The holidays are close and in the spirit of the season, millions of people will be holding canned food drives to distribute to families.  In the coming weeks Business Honors will also be holding a canned food drive as well as getting involved in philanthropy events to do our part. On November 3rd Business Honors will be working with Project Buddies, an on campus organization that holds events for special needs college students. We will be taking a trip to Disneyland and spending a few hours with these students. I have worked with them before and know for a fact that all the students have a lot of fun and it really means a lot to them. We will also be having decorated boxes in the Business Honors Center SGMH 1407 next week to collect canned food for donations. The boxes will be separated between the four years for a little competition since we are competitive business honors students! This is the first year that Business Honors will be holding this event, so come out and give your support and hopefully we will be able to turn this into a tradition!


Andrew Cavish, our Boeing intern

After a very interesting Careers at Boeing workshop, Caroline interviewed Andrew Cavish, senior Business Honors student about his 12-week internship at Boeing. Here’s what they discussed:

Caroline: How did you find out about the internship and what process did you go through to be selected?

Andrew: I’m a very proactive person so instead of waiting for internships to come to me I did some research and found this one. I applied online and they contacted me to go through several levels of interviews that were more behavioral based down at Seal Beach. After many follow ups I went through two final rounds of interviews and got a call from them two weeks later informing me I got the internship position.

Caroline: What type of responsibilities did you have as an intern at this company?

Andrew: I took the lead on a LEAN implementation. LEAN is a process of identifying ways Boeing can save money or make a task more efficient. DD250 notes were what I worked on the most, which is used when selling to the US government or any government. I also co worked with one other person to estimate job proposal hours for work orders on the C17, the P8, the international space station, and the F18 Super Hornet. I also worked on a team of pricers to negotiate prices on an order for Australia.

Caroline: How did this internship help prepare you for your career after graduating?

Andrew: I learned a lot with this internship and got some experience working for one of the largest businesses in the United States. I was also able to get accustomed to workplace etiquette which is really important in any company regardless of where you work in the future.

Caroline: Did you receive any additional opportunities or connections from the internship?

Andrew: I received plenty of connections including 60 professional contacts. I interviewed for one of their rotational programs and was able to get a job with the BCFP (Business Career Foundation Program) which is a 2 year, 4 rotation program. It is a highly competitive program, hiring only 10 college grads per year.

Caroline: What advice would you give to other students looking for an internship?

Andrew: Be proactive, go out there and look for what you want. Go to career fairs and search online for opportunities, internships aren’t going to just come to you. Have an awesome resume and cover letter ready to go. A good strategy is to think of five places you want to work and visit those websites and see what you have to do to get an opportunity with them. And finally, don’t just take something if it’s not what you want; make sure you go for what you want. Know your value and what you have to offer and never settle for anything less than your goals.



BH Speaker Series V: Careers at Boeing

On Friday November 9, we had an awesome guest speaker: Mark Tiffany with The Boeing Company. If that name doesn’t sound familiar to you, then the name Boeing might! Since CSUF just had a week of Boeing case study competitions, we thought it would be great to have someone from the company speak with the Business Honors students.

If you weren’t there, you definitely missed out on some great food and opportunities! The first thing that caught my eye as we sat down for the presentation was the slogan on the front page of the power point: “What others dream, we do.” And Boeing does just that. Anyone ever dreamt of flying? Well if you don’t know a single thing about Boeing, then one thing you should know is that Boeing makes airplanes! And not just airplanes, they make anything from satellites to aircrafts for the military.

How would you like to work for one of the leading companies in the world? Well you can! Our speaker shared with us many opportunities that business students can acquire with their company and what you should do to get started. So if this is something you’re interested in, I would definitely get on top of the information right now! If you happen to have missed the meeting, no worries. The information shared with us is all on the Boeing website – so feel free to check it out!

~Caroline Liang

Boeing Case Study Competition: Part II

So you all remember the Boeing Case Study you read about earlier, right? Well the results are in, and two of the top three winning teams are from our very own Business Honors Program! Taking first place was the “Boeing The Distance” team: Eric Don, Natalie Chau, and David Peterson. Following close behind in third place was the “Number Navigators” team: Irina Arora, Tyler Stewart, and Steven Rodriguez.

Now let’s find out what some of them got out of this experience. Senior Eric Don explained that he “learned how to capitalize on each team member’s strengths.” Eric and his group were invited to a private luncheon with top Boeing executives at their El Segundo facility. Not going to lie, but I’m pretty jealous.

After hearing about these student’s experiences, I definitely want to participate in this case study next year.

~Paayal Bhakta

BH Speaker Series IV: Internships and Community Engagement

How many of you know about the process you have to go through for internships? See, this is why you should come to our workshops! Last Friday, November 2, Robert Pierce with the Center for Internship and Community Engagement came to talk to Business Honors students about the steps to take for an internship.

First of all, you have to start looking for internships a couple months before you want to take the class. For those of you that need help looking for one, you can go to your student portal and look under Titan Connections, or you can always go to the career center. Just make sure your internship is in your concentration. The internship course that you have to take is 3 units and the professor in charge is most likely the department chair.

For those of you who are juniors and seniors, you better get on this internship ASAP! As for freshmen and sophomores, you might as well start early. So start applying and make sure to apply for multiple internships. You want to keep your options open when it comes to an internship.

~Paayal Bhakta