Boeing Case Study Competition: Part I

The Boeing Case Study Competition, for those of you that don’t know, is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves with a real-life Boeing business case. During the next few weeks, the teams will use their collective knowledge of Supply Chain, Finance, Global Strategy, and Lean concepts to develop a solution to this business case which will be presented to a panel of Boeing executives on Friday, November 2. Out of the 8 teams chosen to participate in this competition, 4 of them are composed of Business Honors students! On October 18, the teams got together for the Case Study Kickoff Event, in which the teams gained an overview of Boeing, received details of the case study, asked questions and met their Boeing Mentors. Here is an inside look at why they all decided to work together.

 Team 1: Eric Don, David Peterson, Natalie Chau – “To aid our culturally diverse world, our team was specifically designed to achieve optimal performance and strategy through our eclectic strengths proven by work experience and leadership positions.”

  Team 2: Andrew Cavish, Brian Ross, Prianca Murthi, Flaviu Macavei – “We wanted to create a team that could bring in various business prospectives and expertise. Our group consists of 4 different majors: finance, management, accounting, and economics.”

Team 3: Irina Arora, Tyler Stewart, Steven Rodriguez – “Tyler, Steven, and I (Irina) have known each other for months and we are together in the Business Honors program, so we know each others strengths and weaknesses. That was the main reason we decided to work together. More over, all three of us were very enthusiastic about this competition and realized that nothing would be better than us forming a team.”

 Team 4: Neda Ghafourian, Elizabeth Garcia, Shastina Sarkosh, Jennifer Fletcher, Allison Fletcher – “Elizabeth Garcia and I (Neda) initially teamed up and decided to search our network to find students from various concentrations with strong individual characteristics to join our group. The individuals that first came to mind were Shastina Sarkhosh (marketing), Jennifer Fletcher (management) and Allison Fletcher (management). We were lucky enough that they accepted as soon as we extended the invitation. We believe that we have a diverse and strong group of women to lead the Boeing Case Study Competition.”

Check back with us in early November for an update on the winners of the competition!

~Paayal Bhakta