BH Speaker Series I: “How to Succeed in Business” with Brad Remillard (career coach)

How many of us are afraid that we won’t succeed in the business world? Notice how I said us? That’s because I know I am. So on Friday, September 21, I got to listen to Brad Remillard (executive recruiter and career coach) talk about “How to Succeed in Business”.

Let’s go over some of the main things I learned. First of all, if you can’t get a job interview, that’s pretty much it for you. So how exactly do you land that job interview? It’s actually pretty simple. Identify the company or industry you want to work for and then make yourself stand out. All of us are somewhat already doing that because we’re in the Business Honors Program, but we can’t just stop there. We need to go above and beyond (it’s okay, we’re used to it).

Next up are the three hiring P’s. Preparation, practice, and presentation. Preparation is not just coming up with good answers to potential interview questions. In order to prepare, you need to understand the company from the core so do some research, and ask some questions. Now we get to practice. We all know what we would say if someone asked us a specific question in an interview, but that’s not enough because in high pressure situations, my brain usually begins to melt and I can’t even remember my own name. So memorize those answers so well that it doesn’t even look like it’s rehearsed. Last, but definitely not the least, presentation. Getting hired isn’t necessarily about who is best qualified for the job. Let’s face it: at the end of the day, it’s not about that 4.0 GPA vs. the 3.6 GPA. It’s about who presents themselves better. It’s about the person who has the passion and energy that every company is looking for.

So there we have it, some of the best tips for how to land that job that you’ve always wanted. Can you even believe that we have these workshops every week? You can find me at the next workshop and I better be able to find you all too!

~Paayal Bhakta

Meet the BHS Co-Presidents: Neda and Brian

As Business Honors students, studying and getting good grades is a priority for us, but we all know that we can’t forget about having fun. That’s where the Business Honors Society comes in. A group of Business Honors students who not only work hard, but also play hard. So it’s time to put down the pencil for a bit and start getting to know your new BHS co-presidents, Neda Ghafourian and Brian Ross.


What made you want to run for the President position and what are your goals for BHS this year?

Neda: I ran for BHS President because I wanted to take an active role in uniting the four cohorts. Our overall objective is to provide opportunities for BHS members to establish friendships as well as a professional network. We plan to accomplish this through creating social and community involvements events.

Brian: I decided to run for the President position in the BHS to help continue the experience I received by being in the BH Program. Getting to know the younger and older students has really opened my mind to how much potential these students have and that is the environment I want to be in. Neda and I have planned out a series of social, team-building, and community service events this semester that are designed to increase interaction between students in BH. We are looking forward to executing these activities.

What kind of events do you wish to see?

Neda:  We are in the process of planning a beach clean-up day with Heal the Bay as well as a kayaking event.

Brian: Anything from study hours to dinners.

Have you done an internship anywhere?

Neda: I completed a client service internship with Price Waterhouse Coopers in summer 2012.

Brian: I have done a Marketing Training Internship through mUrgent Corporation, which is an email marketing company. Also, I have done an internship at Merrill Lynch where I was a Wealth Management Intern.

What future career goals do you have and what is your concentration?

Neda: I aspire to attain a financial executive position with a prestigious Entertainment Media company. I am double concentrating in Accounting and Finance.

Brian: My goal is to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Finance and Marketing. I hope to be a Financial Planner and help others invest wisely and be ready for the future.

What other activities are you involved in?

Neda: I have sat on the executive board of the Business Inter-Club Council since my freshmen year. I am currently the Vice President of Internal Marketing. I am the Entertainment co-chair for Relay for Life and have been volunteering for the event for seven years now.

Brian: Currently I am External President of Pi Sigma Epsilon Sales/Marketing/Management Fraternity. I am also on the Executive Board for Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity (aka PIKE).

After all that, I’m sure you all realize not only are our new presidents dedicated to the club, but also experienced in many other aspects that are important to succeed in the business world. So get involved, get connected, and start making the most our of your college years.

~Paayal Bhakta

First Career Development Workshop: “Your Personal Brand and Career Marketing Campaign”

On September 14, 2012, the Business Honors Program had our first Career Development Workshop! It was intriguing to see all the new faces that showed up to the workshop and meet new people. At the workshop we had a speaker from our very own Career Center come in to speak to everyone about Personal Brand Management and Career Marketing Campaigning. The workshop was not only interesting but also fun because our speaker, Lauren Klentak (Mihaylo Career Services), had a great sense of humor and got everyone to collaborate and get to know each other. A total of 17 people showed up at the workshop including the Co-presidents of Business Honors Society and many of our freshman class. It was nice to see them so eager to be involved in the society. There were also a couple people not from Business Honors that also came and got to know everyone. I believe the best way to get the most out of a college experience is to get involved and get to know as many people and go to any and every event you can! And not to mention all the knowledge that you can learn from your peers and of course there is always free food at everyone one of our meetings/workshops. So next time, instead of being lazy and doing something useless, come out to one of Business Honors Workshops.

~Caroline Liang

Mihaylo Magazine Photo Shoot

On Friday, September 7, Kathleen Drake in the Marketing Department brought together five business honors students, three MBA students, and Cal State Fullerton’s president, Mildred Garcia, for a photo shoot to be on the cover of MIHAYLO Magazine. I was lucky enough to be in on all of the action.

I got to the third floor of Mihaylo College all dressed up in my business professional attire only to walk into a room full of people I didn’t really know. As everyone introduced themselves, I realized that all of my peers were either fellow business honors students or MBA students. As all of us engaged in conversation, our stylist, Sourjya, walked around the room and called us to her station, one by one, to get our hair and makeup done. I’m pretty sure the girls enjoyed the process a lot more than the guys. After the final touch ups, we all went downstairs to start taking some shots right outside of Mihaylo. There, we all got to know each other better and also meet the President of university, Mildred Garcia. And let me tell you, posing for pictures that could possibly make it onto the cover of MIHAYLO Magazine definitely feels amazing.

At the end of the day, I met some new students, networked a little, and went home with a smile on my face. I guess it feels good to be one of the faces of the fall 2012 edition of MIHAYLO magazine.

~Paayal Bhakta

First Business Honors Society Meeting

Last Thursday, September 6, I stood in front of a group of about 30 to give a speech about myself.

“Hi everyone, my name is Caroline Liang and I am a sophomore in the Business Honors Program. I have a concentration in marketing and am also the BICC Representative for Business Honors Society.”

Just to give you some information about the Business Honors Program, it is a group of amazing students that come together to learn, network, and help each other grow. According to our Business Honors website, “The Business Honors Program at Mihaylo College of Business and Economics provides a socially and professionally stimulating academic environment to a select group of Business Administration students.” Having been in the program myself, I would have to say that the Business Honors is so much more than that! Just imagine having this huge family at school with people of all different cultures that would be there for you any way they can. That’s the Business Honors Program.

Anyway, back to the 6th of September. That was our Business Honors meeting for Selection of Officers. At the meeting, of course we had free food which is always a great attraction. But what was even better was seeing so many people in the program willing to take time out of their night to listen to what candidates had to offer. According to Katie Buehler, a senior in the Business Honors Program, “It was great to see such enthusiasm among all the members. Members from all the cohorts came together, eager to form new friendships and renew old ones. That was the common theme of the meeting.”

At the meeting, we had 11 dedicated members make their way to the front and talk about what they had to give to the program. In the end, the seven students that stood out the most were selected for the positions, including our new presidents, Neda Ghafourian and Brian Ross. We also elected Stephanie Martin and Emily Schade to be our VPs of Community Involvement and Social Activities.  The other positions were: Treasurer – Jackie Reynolds, Secretary – Arash Khoyloo; and BICC representative – Caroline Liang.

Being one of the candidates myself, I felt really appreciative that people wanted to hear what I had to say and that they care for the program and its future as much as I do. Honestly, any organization or program is only as good as the people in it and we have amazing people in our program. So whether or not you’re in Business Honors, feel free to say hi to us or come to our events! I assure you won’t regret it.

~Caroline Liang