Mihaylo’s Full-Time MBA Program Lands a Graduate at Disney

After graduating from Mihaylo’s full-time MBA program, Hai Ong ’13 works within The Walt Disney Company’s Corporate Credit & Collections department. “It is a great feeling to be part of a company that produces amazing products,” says Ong, who appreciates working for a company that provides a variety of experiences due to the number of different lines of business. “Our team works with ABC, ESPN, Licensing, and the Parks to put smiles on peoples’ faces in every corner of the globe.”

As a Credit Coordinator, Ong builds customer and department relationships while collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that sales and purchases are credit-assessed and evaluations are published in a timely manner. Ong also ensures that systems containing credit risk information are updated to support accounts receivable reporting and portfolio analysis.

Ong attributes his career at The Walt Disney Company to his education at Mihaylo College’s full-time MBA program.

Along with a comprehensive curriculum, Mihaylo also provides full-time MBA students with networking events and workshops connecting them with working professionals; this was how Ong landed his current job with The Walt Disney Company.

During a Meet & Greet at Mihaylo, Ong was introduced to Stephen Helper, North America Director of Corporate Credit & Collections, and generated a close professional relationship. While having coffee, Helper told Ong about a job opportunity at Disney. After three interviews, Ong was offered the position of Credit Coordinator.

“The interview process was challenging; but the key for me was to be myself, stay calm and relaxed throughout the interview,” says Ong. “The assessment was similar to what the position required– so I suggest studying the job description and doing your homework beforehand.”

Disney credit Mihaylo MBA

Ong joined the full-time MBA program in the fall of 2011.

“An entrepreneurial environment, along with action-oriented and innovative thought leaders, form the backbone of Mihaylo’s full-time MBA, which attracted me to this
program,” says Ong.

In addition to the comprehensive course work, Ong took the opportunity to participate in Mihaylo’s Leadership Academy, which focuses on the development of leadership skills. The academy strives to teach effective leadership practices through professional development seminars, workshops and experiential sessions.

Ong says one of his most exciting experiences was being selected to participate in the Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP). This program is designed to provide real-world, hands-on experience in securities analysis and portfolio management using real-world money

“At the end of the program, we generated very positive returns that went back to the school to support the tutoring center,” says Ong.

Ong’s advice for students who may be considering an MBA is simple: “Prospective students should take the time to reflect on their work experience, their abilities and their ambitions. Good self-assessment will help answer the question, ‘Is an MBA right for me?’” says Ong.

Ong adds that if an MBA is the right fit, then the degree can bring many benefits, which will enhance a candidate’s career path. Most importantly, MBA students will have great networking opportunities.“The MBA program held doors open for me, providing opportunities to meet and network with representatives from some of the world’s best companies,” says Ong.

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