A New Mihaylo Club Brings Leaders To The Campus

What does the human resource industry look like today? This is a question the Society of Excellence in Human Resources (SEHR) wanted to answer for Mihaylo students.

“It’s important that you have integrity,” said Richard Ramsey, vice president of human resources at Walt Disney International. “Keep people’s trust and ultimately people will respect you. But be a good business person first – if it’s not good for the business; it’s not good for HR.”After being officially recognized as an on-campus organization just last semester, SEHR held its first speaker event on April 7, 2014, which included Ramsey and two CSUF alumni.

SEHR Panelists: Richard Ramsey, Jocelyn Herrera ’96, and Frederica Weimer ’84.

The HR Leaders Panel and networking event aimed to encourage students to take a look at what a career in HR would look like. The SEHR board, along with their advisor, Management Professor Shaun Pichler, created an agenda that started with a list of questions asked to each panelist, followed by question-and-answer session with the audience. The event ended with mingling among the panelist and attendees.

Pichler invited three leaders in the human resources industry, all from major Southern California companies, to represent the panel.

CSUF alumni Jocelyn Herrera ’96 is the director of human resources for Kaiser Permanente in Orange County. Along with providing human resources and recruitment leadership to more than 7,000 employees, Herrera is also responsible for leading services, such as people strategy, workforce planning and employee and labor relations.

Richard Ramsey is vice president of human resources at Walt Disney International and is a strategic human resource leader who has traveled all over the world during his 34 year career with Disney.

Frederica Weimer ’84 is the director of human resources for Boeing engineering, program management, and supply and operations chain. Weimer and her team provide HR services to 44,000 employees.

Each of the leaders addressed student questions about how the industry is changing and gave advice on how to land a job in HR.

As president of SEHR, Amy Martinchek ’14 prepared for the clubs first speaker event by promoting the event around campus and was responsible for coordinating any loose ends.

SEHR Members

“As for the remainder of the semester, our plan is to hold an informal chartering event,” she says, “where we will be celebrating our affiliation with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).”

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