For the Love of Basketball and Charity


Associate Professor Howard Forman has challenged six teams in his sports marketing class to create the best strategy to sell Los Angeles Clippers basketball tickets.

One team in particular has taken this task to the next level.

Ryan and James Fratzki in Associate Professor Howard Forman’s sports marketing class. -Photo credit Eleonor Segura / Daily Titan

The six members of the group include team leaders James Fratzke ’14 and Ryan Fratzke ’14, who are twin brothers both majoring in business marketing. Their idea to market the Clippers tickets was to pair basketball with charity.

“We saw this as an opportunity to do more than sell Clippers tickets,” says James. “Working and being full-time students, my brother and I try to find any opportunity to give back. The group was very excited about the idea, and the rest was history.”

The teams within Forman’s class are each given 50 Clippers tickets to sell however they wish at discounted prices. The Fratzke brothers’ idea was to sell the tickets at face value and use the difference from the potential discounted price and donate it.

The team chose Big Brothers and Big Sisters as their partnering charity.

“Ryan and I have a close friend who is heavily involved with the program,” says James. “We have wanted to get involved for a while now, and this was a tangible way for us to do that. We grew up with strong role models, and I know how important it was for my development.”

The team has made strides throughout the semester to get the word out to students. Along with an information booth that was set up during homecoming weekend, the team has created a Facebook page and has hosted events in the Mihaylo courtyard. You can also find poster advertisements on campus billboards and an article in the Daily Titan.

After a rigorous semester the team’s final donation to Big Brothers and Big Sisters is $170. This money will directly link 3 bigs with 3 kids.

Team at Homecoming Event

 On top of donating to a great cause, James has gained a lot from this experience.

“Personally, I have learned the strength of cause marketing, not only from a sales perspective but from a team building experience,” he says. “As a team, we developed a strong marketing plan, and we are very pleased with the results.”

James admits for him and his brother, Mihaylo’s slogan “Ready to work. Ready to lead.” is more than just a tag line, it is a way of life.

The tickets for sale are for Saturday, April 12, at 12:30 p.m., when the Los Angeles Clippers take on the Sacramento Kings.

To purchase tickets from the student group associated with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, click here.

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