Mihaylo Student Achievements Promoted On Social, Local Media

Mihaylo has launched a program to recognize student achievements – such as making the Dean’s list, participating in student government, winning a scholarship, or placing in a national competition. The Merit program, which began in 2012, is a new way to promote student accomplishments to the local community and hometown newspapers.

When the College issues news stories about students’ successes, an online profile page is created for each student and he/she receives an email with a link to view his/her press release online. Students can then sync their profiles with Facebook and Twitter to share achievements with family and friends.

Mihaylo College created branded online badges to represent students’ achievements and activities. These badges accompany College-certified news releases. Students can identify their involvement and accomplishments on their profiles in the activity section using the generic Merit Pages badges.

Press releases describing student achievement published by local news media.

These Merit Pages profiles serve to celebrate students, encourage them to continue achieving and stay active at Mihaylo College, while creating a positive, professional online persona for them to share with employers. Even after graduation, alumni can access their Merit Pages accounts and add work experience and achievements.

An email inviting students to claim their Merit page and begin collecting achievement badges.

Students can visit Mihaylo College Merit page to see accomplishments from their peers and learn more about how the program works. Once students are granted an achievement, they will be notified via email and can log on to Merit to develop their individual Merit pages.

Students are not required to maintain their own Merit pages. Achievements will automatically be posted to their page once they are administered by the College.

Students, parents, faculty or staff who wish to submit news of a specific Mihaylo College of Business and Economics accomplishment can email mihaylo.readmedia@fullerton.edu with the subject line “Merit Submission.”

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