Opening the Door for Opportunity with a Product Created by an Alumnus and His Father

A Mihaylo marketing alum is assisting his dad in launching a new product that solves the age-old problem of keeping a door open.

Christopher Adrian with product

Christopher Adrian ’13 holding the “Sure Stop Wedge”

Christopher Adrian ’13 earned a degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and says the marketing courses he took at Mihaylo College provided him with the framework he needed to help his father launch the Sure Stop Wedge.

The product is a yellow, carrot-shaped door wedge designed to use the movement and pressure of the door to effectively stop and hold the door in place. According to their website, to use the Sure Stop Wedge, you open the door and drop the door stop on the floor. The product takes care of the rest.

His father, David Adrian, created this product after using other objects, like trashcans, to prop open doors. He wanted an effective door stopper that would actually do its job and not slide out of place.

Christopher’s main responsibility has been developing the marketing plan, and he’s also been responsible for the website improvement and conducting research in areas such as shipping and federal and state taxes.  Christopher Adrian

In an interview with the Orange County Register, David said his son has been invaluable in the launch of this business and used his education from CSUF to initially evaluate the viability of the product.

Christopher credits Susan Cadwallader, Mihaylo marketing professor, for making the greatest impact on him as a student at Cal State Fullerton.

Susan Cadwallader

Susan Cadwallader, Marketing Professor at Cal State Fullerton

“She was so passionate about her subject, and she really cared about her students,” Christopher says. “She also had us do projects that were very hands on.”

In one of Cadwallader’s courses, Christopher and his classmates created a marketing plan for the CSUF gerontology program. Projects like this helped him gain valuable marketing skills that he applies to this new business.

Christopher says the main challenge in getting this product out is that there is no roadmap for where to go. He didn’t know what to expect when he first immersed himself in assisting his dad, and he has been figuring things out as he goes.

He also says he wouldn’t change anything about how they launched this product.

“The decisions we’ve made have all added to the experience,” Christopher says. “I’ve been able to apply some of the concepts from business school to the real world.”

The main focus for this product right now is to iron out the process and concentrate on the little things, like the website and accounting information. Christopher says their long-term goals include figuring out a marketing and advertising strategy to gain more customer awareness of their product and eventually license the brand.

For more information on the Sure Stop Wedge, visit their website here.

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