New Faculty Member Explores The Business Side of Social Media

Assistant Professor Ester Gonzalez

While obtaining her doctorate at Baylor University, Ester Gonzalez studied the use of internal social media and its impact on organizational socialization and commitment. As a new faculty member of Mihaylo College, Gonzalez hopes to put her practical experience to good use.

Gonzalez began her education at Southwest Texas Junior College by earning her associate’s degree in liberal arts and applied science. “I always enjoyed a challenge and was good in math, science and logic,” says Gonzalez. Business administration became her next focus when she earned her bachelor’s degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio.

Once Gonzalez obtained her degree’s, she served for two years as principal of Gabriel Tafolla Charter School where her daily responsibilities ranged from overseeing staff and budgets, to monitoring curriculum and writing grant proposals. From there, Gonzalez became an administrative information technology instructor at Southwest Texas Junior College.

“I loved and enjoyed teaching vocational classes but at the time I only had my bachelor’s degree and I realized that I was limiting myself without an advanced degree, so I entered Baylor University in Waco,” says Gonzalez.

While writing her dissertation at Baylor, her excitement for social media grew. “My study investigated the use of social media as part of a new program to socialize new hires and as a means of increasing employee commitment,” explains Gonzalez.

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