Chasing The American Dream


ROTC cadet Julius Hardi

As an immigrant from Indonesia, Julius L. Hardi had only heard the phrase “with liberty and justice for all” referenced in films. This was a foreign concept for a boy living in a third- world country.

“My dream was to go to the United States of America to have a better life than the one my parents struggled to survive,” says Hardi. “I knew the pathway would be through education.”

Now a top graduate at Cal State Fullerton, Hardi is proof that hard work pays off. While balancing a career with the Army’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, Hardi has achieved exceptional accomplishments in his academic career as well. This year, the Executive Council at Mihaylo College presented Hardi with the prestigious Outstanding Student Award.

“I feel humbled to be recognized,” says Hardi of the award.

The Executive Council is a network of alumni and business executives who help increase the recognition of Mihaylo College, its students and their organizations.

Once a year, the council nominates three of the top students based on scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership and full-time enrollment.

Among the three students only one graduating senior is selected.

Along with the Executive Council Award and his distinction as a Summa Cum Laude graduate, Hardi has also excelled as an ROTC cadet.

“During this time, I heard about the opportunities available to me through military service, and I could be helped with my education in the medical field,” says Hardi. “Therefore, after completing my associate’s degree and obtaining my green card, I enlisted in the Army and trained to be a combat medic.”

Julius Hardi ROTC Business student

His first ROTC scholarship, the Green to Gold Scholarship, gave him the financial means to continue his education at CSUF. At graduation on May 25th, Hardi was commissioned a second lieutenant and was selected as one of three top cadets graduating from CSUF.

Hardi also earned top merit as a distinguished military graduate, which places him in the top 20 percent of all Army ROTC graduates nationwide based on scholarship, evidence of high moral character, military aptitude and demonstrated leadership ability.

To accomplish his ROTC commitments as well as his academic work, Hardi knew he had to stay focused on his priorities. He explains the ROTC framework is what led him to accomplish his goals.

“ROTC wants cadets to be balanced on the three pillars of being a scholar, athlete and leader.”

Moving forward after graduation, Hardi is excited to take the next year to apply and interview for medical schools, and he hopes to begin studies in fall 2014.

“I plan to attend medical school with the financial help of an Army Health Professions Scholarship Program,” he says.

After attending medical school, fulfilling his internship and residency, Hardi will have a full-time career as an Army Medical Corps officer.

“My goal, my dream, my ambition is to be able to serve in the United States Army as a medical doctor taking care of soldiers and their families.”

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