Eric Don ’13 Hits All the Right Notes with Lollapalooza Marketing Plan

When Eric Don ’13 attended Lollapalooza in Chicago a few years ago, he could see there was great potential in expanding the multi-day music festival’s international presence.  So, Don embarked on a two-year academic journey to construct a new business marketing plan that would take the popular event overseas.

“Lollapalooza has already expanded to Brazil and Chile, but I chose Asia,” says Don, who graduated magma cum laude with a B.A. in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

“Overall, it’s an untapped market, which could potentially be successful.”

Don was one of the 52 seniors that presented senior projects for within Cal State Fullerton’s Honors Program, and Don was awarded the International Understanding Award in May, for his Lollapalooza marketing plan.

Lollapalooza debuted in 1991, and the demand for music festivals has increased over the years. There is an abundance of music festivals similar to Lollapalooza in terms of size and product offerings in the United States and European countries, says Don. So it is a very competitive market.

For the project, Don focused specifically on Singapore, where according to his research, music festivals are very popular, and the consumers are able to afford it. His target consumers are 15- to 34-year-olds, with high household incomes.

Don spent two years developing the marketing plan, gathering data, and producing a professional info- graphic. However, he found out that finding research based on the demands of people in Singapore was challenging.

“I was forced to investigate the topic and search for multiple sources to ensure the accuracy of my data, which overall heightened the level of my project,” says Don. “It was also difficult to gather information from Lollapalooza directly, because they are very careful about the information they release.”

Each honors student worked with at least one mentor from his or her individual academic departments. Don’s mentor, Marketing Professor Steven Chen, helped him bring the concept to fruition.

At the start, Chen admits he wasn’t completely sold on the idea of developing a marketing plan for Lollapalooza. He changed his mind when Don incorporated the international element to the project, and realized that the plan had interesting potential.

“Dr. Chen wanted me to make my own decision rather than blindly following his guidance, and in my opinion, this is an ideal trait for an honors project advisor,” says Don. “I am incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn from such an accomplished individual.”

Don pushed himself to develop a qualitative and quantitative analysis that would be respected by his marketing colleagues.

“As a result, the outcome was a sound marketing plan and an info- graphic displaying reflecting my professional abilities,” says Don.

Chen agrees and says Don’s presentation was strong.

“Don has a colloquial and easy delivery style. His use of the Prezi presentation and an info- graphic contributed to a more dynamic feel to the presentation to the presentation.”

Overall, the entire process of the honors project was gratifying for Don. He says that it helped him showcase his professional abilities and gain more research experience.

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