Mooove Ahead! Corporate Manager Turned Author Speaks at MBA Event

Courtesy of the OC Register

Are you leading the herd, or stuck somewhere in the middle? Tony Wong, author of “Mooove Ahead! Of the Corporate Herd” will speak at the MBA Personal Branding event on Wednesday, March 20, at 6 p.m. in SGMH 3230.

Wong was born in Macau, a small island a bridge away from China’s mainland. In the ’60s, he and his family immigrated to San Francisco’s Chinatown with only $200 in their pockets and one suitcase.

His father worked three jobs while Wong, his mother, and his twin brothers scrubbed floors at night. When his family eventually saved enough money, they relocated and started a business in what was then a farm town, growing chrysanthemum plants. However, the farm land eventually changed and instead of flowers sprouting, companies, like Apple and Epson, began to make their mark on the once rural town.

To Wong, who often quoted “Star Trek” episodes, it was “geek heaven.”

Wong earned his bachelor’s degree from Cal State East Bay and his master’s in business administration from San Jose State.

Wong has spent 27 years in corporate America. He started out as a young calf in the herd and has “moooved” his way to the front earning director level positions at several Fortune 150 companies.

In his book, again referencing “Star Trek,” he expresses the importance of poise and determination: “It didn’t matter if Jean-Luc and the crew of the USS Enterprise were in peril or not, Jean-Luc was calm, cool and positive. He never got too excited nor was he negative. He kept an even keel. He never stopped searching for a solution to a problem.”

Be sure to register and reserve your spot to hear Wong’s professional insight and his climb up the corporate ladder. Whether you’re starting out or at mid-career level, “Mooove Ahead!” teaches professionals the skills needed to move ahead of the corporate herd faster.

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