How to Ensure You Have a Successful Academic Semester

Courtesy of Mihaylo Career Services

Do you ever catch yourself saying at the beginning of every semester – “I’m going to stay on top of my work”, and “I will not procrastinate!” – but then as the semester continues, you see those two statements fly out the window? Like a lot of students, the excitement dwindles and priorities begin to “fall by the wayside?”

With a few helpful tips, Mihaylo is here to ensure your priorities stay intact all semester and keep you focused on your education.

  1. Plan your future early. Be sure to visit the advising center in SGMH 1201, and feel free to visit it often. With their convenient walk-in hours, the advising center strives to provide students with the resources, guidance, and support to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.
  2. The Career Services Center is another great way to stay on track and prepare for the transition from college to a career. The Center is located in SGMH 1409 and offers daily drop in services from 11-2pm. They also offer workshops that help with resume writing and networking skills. Stop by their Open House during the second week of the semester and get familiar with the Center to learn more about their resources.
  3. Make sure you stay healthy all semester long! To do so, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy to fuel your brain. US News reports that the lack of sleep impacts the brain, which can lead to making poor decisions. It’s also important to eat a healthy breakfast, especially before a big test. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health stresses the importance of eating breakfast because, “It provides the energy and nutrients needed for increased concentration in the classroom.”
  4. Set up a study group among your fellow classmates because a group generally brainstorms more ideas than a single person, which is beneficial while preparing for a test. Also, if you missed out on an important concept in class, a member of your group can help catch you up if your professor is unavailable.
  5. Pick a good place! Places to study are also important to keep in mind so you can remain focused. The TSU and library are both worthy places as well as right here in Mihaylo Hall. Pick up your favorite Starbucks drink and sit at the tables while the sun is shining to feel relaxed and stay motivated!
  6. Reduce the distractions. Though finding a good study spot is essential, tuning out distractions such as social media while studying is also necessary. Jump on your Facebook as a study break to let your brain and eyes rest, but don’t let your studying be the break from your Facebook time. Stay focused on your books and use social media as a reliever.
  7. Stay connected with Mihaylo faculty. You want to maintain good relationships with your professors because they are here to help guide you to success. They also act as great networking contacts and can advise you along the way.

Good luck and stay focused because the semester will be over before you know it!

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