Three Centers of Excellence Comment on the 2013 Outlook for Small Businesses

OC Register’s Jan Norman writes that the outlook for small businesses and startups in Orange County has gone from terrible to uncertain in the past and entrepreneurs could use some uplifting news for the New Year.  Therefore, she invited eight OC experts and longtime advisers of small businesses to give their predictions for 2013.

Three of the experts are a part of Mihaylo College’s Centers of Excellence. Edward Hart, John Jackson, and Leila Mozaffari gave some insight of what is to be expected economically.

Hart is the director of the Center for Family Business which is an education forum under the direction of Mihaylo College. Hart expects 2013 “will look a lot like 2012, people starting to regain confidence in the economy, more jobs being created and more investment in entrepreneurs.”

Jackson, the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, compares the fiscal cliff to a prairie for some small business owners. He says, “While the federal government officials may fear a ‘fiscal cliff’ with increased budget deficits, small-business owners may face a ‘fiscal prairie.’ The outlook is flat, dry and dusty.”

The Center for Entrepreneurship serves as an outreach center and support organization for Mihaylo Entrepreneurship.

The third expert is the director of the Orange County Small Business Development Center (OCSBDC). Mozaffari hopes that in 2013, “more small-business owners will want to define their business and less will be defined by the economy or other external factor.”

The SBDC lead center is based in Mihaylo College and works contractually with service centers in the region, like the OCSBDC, to deliver technical support to business owners.

All eight experts don’t stray away from the impact of the recession and the slow recovery but they do mention there is opportunity in any circumstance.

For more on the story and the other five experts’ thoughts, visit the OC Register

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