Marketing Alumnus Shows the Meaning of Not Giving Up

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Some might know him as Jerry Volomino. Others may know him by his stage name Justin Wilde or “Mr. Christmas.” Wilde, singer turned songwriter, earned his degree in marketing and advertising from Mihaylo College of Business and Economics in 1971.

In 1979, Wilde and a co-writer, set out on a mission to write a Christmas standard. For the next 12 years, he became obsessed with trying to launch it.

It took him five years and a total of 376 submissions, 375 all being rejections, to get his first record on It Must Have Been the Mistletoe. He landed the first cut with American country music singer, Barbara Mandrell. He says, “Her version gave the song credibility and it was the tool to help him put his marketing expertise to work.”

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe was first recorded in 1984 by Mandrell. Wilde goes on to say that, “it became a hit for her on Country Radio stations. Vikki Carr and Kathie Lee Gifford also cut versions of it in the mid 1990’s, and Barbra Streisand cut it in 2001.”

He now runs his own business to business website where songwriters can submit their songs to him in hopes of possible publishing.

He encourages not giving in to defeat but continuing to fight for what you want, “you can never win the battle until you know what you’re up against.”

Click HERE for the Streisand version of It Must Have Been the Mistletoe. Happy Holidays, Mihaylo!

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