Zappos Steps into Mihaylo

A Zappos marketing team visited a Mihaylo management class to talk with students and discuss how they conduct consumer research and analyze the results.

They began their presentation with a broad overview of the company. Zappos places a large emphasis on company culture and values, “If we get the culture right, then everything else, including the customer service, will fall into place.”

The presentation then coasted into what the marketing team actually does for the company. With the help of diagrams, they explained that testing is a major part of their job. These tests aren’t the typical tests you witness in a classroom setting, but instead they determine what works and what doesn’t work for customers.

The Zappos team discussed the importance of the customer experience and how user-friendly their website must be.

Management professor Jennifer Chandler found the Zappos research panel to be informative, “It is invaluable to involve industry executives in classroom curriculum in a way that is continuous over the course of the semester,” Chandler said. “We are so grateful that Zappos was able to offer our students an informative and practical look at the use of market research in the development of user experience and corporate strategy.”

Students also found the panel to be engaging.

“The research panel of the Zappos executives was great,” said business administration- accounting and finance major, Brian Ross. “It was interesting to hear how in-depth they go to understand their target consumer.”

The marketing team wrapped up their visit by asking the class questions about shopping online and thanking the class for being their focus group for the day.

“Kevin, Matt, and Katie from Zappos were fantastic role models in that they were professional, and knowledgeable, yet fun,” said Chandler. “They will be sharing the results of their study with us in December!”

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